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Well…another terrorist attack!  This time in Nice.  the body count is at 80 and may increase.  Over a hundred have been injured.

Who takes a truck and drives over people?  Our God is weeping over the loss of life and the inhumanity of man.  He is broken-hearted….  He brings life and these terrorists only know to kill.  Our God is NOT the god they worship by killing everyone they don’t agree with.  What a terrible thing that even little children are brought up to hate, when Jesus left heaven and came to earth so that we could be free from Sin and Death.

My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Nice, all those who have lost loved ones, friends and neighbors.  The pain of this evil, will continue to forever in their hearts, minds and memories.  It is heartbreaking!

Is it enough to pray?  What do we do now?  Will we pray for peace for those that mourn. Of course!  However there is nothing we can do at this point to reverse the attack, remove the pain and sorrow.  So what can we do?  Are we willing to do it?

There has to be a new plan.  The old one is not working.  Yes, it brings comfort and peace in the midst of all this trouble.  Many will write “words” that deliver peace, but they have no answers.

One of the things we Christians are called to do is to share Jesus and his forgiveness, healing,  and Grace.  Someone reading this today, may not even wake up tomorrow.  We never know which day we will leave this earthly life.  If people don’t have a personal relationship with JESUS, they are not going to enjoy eternity at all….they may think they are, but they are not.  As Christians we need to be sharing this fact with others.  Their eternity can be changed by our sharing Christ’s forgiveness and love with them.  So just do it.

As Christians we have a responsibility to make a difference while we are here on earth.  The battle against Satan (and this cannot be disputed, because the Bible clearly says that Satan came to KILL, STEAL and DESTROY)  must be fought in the spiritual realm, not in the physical.  You and I are not going to be called to go out and kill terrorists.  But we are called to go to battle in the spiritual realm against them.

There is armor for this battle.  You will find it in Ephesians 6.  There is a helmet of salvation, there is a breastplate of righteousness, there is a belt of truth, there are shoes to protect our toes from being stepped on.  There is also a SWORD OF THE SPIRIT, WHICH IS the WORD OF GOD.  Yes…the Bible is our SWORD.  We have to learn how to use it.  And there is a Shield of FAITH.  What kind of fool would we be if we, knowing that Jesus died for us, and loves us more than anyone, even ourselves, is not trustworthy.  He is able to teach us his ways, He provides WISDOM to fight the fight.  So it is time for us to begin to pray with power.

We seem to play this little game, not quite truly believing that God answers prayers.  We pray or say something like, Lord please heal so and so.  Or please keep us safe.

The Bible says that the Kingdom of HEAVEN suffers violence, and the violent take it by force.   What in the world does that mean?  Well it means we need to fight for what God wants us to fight for.

It is finding the scripture that deals with an issue and praying it back to God.  Reminding him of that scripture and that he made the promise.  Sometimes we just have to demand that God answers our prayers.  An example would be…”You said God, that if I have  faith the size of a mustard seed, that I could move mountains.  This Mountain needs to move.

Right now, God wants us to move some mountains.  We need to pray for our countries…they are under terrorist attacks.  Not just America, but France, Germany, and numerous other places.  The Word of God says…A fire goes before you, Oh Lord, and burns up your enemies.(Psalms 97:3)  Go before us Lord and burn up your enemies who are destroying your creation, your people and the people who have not yet heard of you.  Let your fire protect me and cover me.  (exodus 14:24)  Release the spirit of burning to burn up the works of darkness(Psalms140:10)    Lord, Let righteous men with YOUR WISDOM sit in the high governmental places of my City and Nation (Proverbs 9:3)  Father cause these men clothed in your Righteousness to arise and serve according to your Will.

Lord, teach us to pray.  Teach us your ways.  Teach us how to defend our families, our churches and our nations.  Teach us how to use your Sword of the Spirit to change our world.

Lord….Your word says in 2 Chronicles …..If my people, who are called by my name will HUMBLE themselves and Pray and seek my face and TURN from their wicked ways, Then you will HEAR from heaven, You will FORGIVE our Sin, and YOU will HEAL our land…..Lord your Word says it….There are millions of Christ followers calling out to you.  Heal our Land.  Our Land and our people are in desperate need.  We need you and we need your divine protection.  Move Lord…according to your Word!  WE ASK AND PRAY in the MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS!

You and I are called to further the Kingdom of our Lord.  We do that by taking our relationship with Jesus seriously and being willing to do what he has for each of us to do.  We do that by learning the Ways of God, and Learning the Word of God, reaching out to others and fighting an unseen war with the enemies of God.

Let’s all learn more, grow in HIS Grace and be wise.  Lord, this is our prayer…Teach us how to pray with power and integrity. ….Always listening for your voice and walking with you where you go!


What is the answer

Posted: May 26, 2016 in other

Well, the answer is always JESUS!..

In daily life the questions we have are…. should I?  How can I fix this?  Am I ever going to get this done?  How do I change the world I live in?  Who is going to even hear what I have to say.

Today, I just want to mention LOVE.  Love is interesting!  Sometimes we meet someone and totally fall head over heals in love with them…That is a feeling or perhaps a divine appointment.  It is good, and it makes our hearts flutter and our stomachs turn.  This love will change over time…the flutters will cease and the turning stomach will settle.

At that point one has to figure out if this is a person you want to spend the rest of our lives with.  It is like any other decision we make.  We should be weighing the pros and cons.

Sometimes we just have to make a list of each and then choose the one that has the most advantages.  It is pretty much how we live our lives.

We are basically talking about love and marriage, commitment, lives spent together.

I chose my dear sweet hubby when I was 18 years old.  I am now 70….we have spent a lot of years together.  He still tells me every day that he loves me…sometimes it seems to get old…and I think…well then why don’t you do this or do that to show me.  Sometimes I think what life would be like had we never met and fell in love, and made a commitment to love each other.  Yes, it was a choice we made many years ago.

Today we are getting old.  There is less energy in us.  We are not able to do the things we once did.  I long for a night to dance to the old Rock and Roll.  We danced beautifully together…When we danced, it wasn’t long before the dance floor was totally ours and people just watched.  I loved the dance.  Still do, but now it is only in my memories and in my heart.”

I want to say to all the couples out there.  It is a “choice” who you will love.  Choose wisely, but never think that because things get a little rocky that you have chosen wrong.  Our lives with our mates, need to be a firm commitment.  A choice to love, to care for, to be kind to, to cheer on, to give hope, to laugh…Yea….Selfishness on our part is never becoming, and making ugly comments about your mate, makes you look like a fool.

So if you have “someone” in your is up to you to make it work.  Just Love them and be kind.  It solves tons of problems!

Blessings to you all


God’s tears raining down….

Posted: May 25, 2016 in other

Today is the 25th day of May in the Year of our Lord, 2016.  Today Franklin Graham (Billy Grahams son) will be in Bismarck (State Capitol of North Dakota) for a Prayer Rally.  The time of the Rally will be between 12 noon and 1 o’clock and will be held on the South side of our Capitol Building.

I was planning to be there, but things happen and I am unable to go.  Many Christ followers from around the State will be there to offer up prayers of Praise for our great State and Nation, and seek God’s intervention in our lives.

Crime has become rampant, lying is considered, just normal, children and women are being sold by the hour for those who wish to use them, pornography is destroying marriages.  Disrespect is in the air, hate flourishes, love is not understood, but only considered a feeling, oftentimes without commitment.  Fear is in the air.

Today, Prayers will go out for this State, the people in it, those who run the government, those who have families, the hungry, and those who have lost hope.  Today, we as Christ Lovers can make a difference.  Unity in Prayer is a Winning Service to mankind.

If you can be in Bismarck today, please go.  Please join in Prayer.  Please lift up those who who so need a touch of the love and freedom of our Precious Jesus.

Today it is raining….after days of beautiful weather.  Today I believe God is weeping for the World.  the Children, the loss, the hopelessness…and He stands ready …..waiting for us to come to him, rely on him, trust him, and ask him to save our children, marriages, unborn babies, our State and our Nation….

Do something powerful and life-changing today….PRAY!

Wishing doesn’t make it so…

Posted: March 8, 2016 in other

I truly hope that if you are the Mother of little kids, you will get a chance to watch the movie shown on Dish this past week.  It may be available elsewhere but that is where I saw it.

The movie I am talking about is “Gifted Hands”, The Ben Carson Story.

WOW…just WOW!  What an amazing story.  This story is the story of Dr. Ben Carson…and I do not want to take anything away from all he accomplished and how far he has come.  He is the Man who spoke at a Prayer Breakfast and relayed the difficulties of the Obamacare system in front of the President.  When that speech took place you could almost feel the cringing the President must have felt.  It felt really good to most of the rest of America, but I am sure there was some screaming in the Whitehouse when the cameras were turned off.

It was this speech which raised awareness of this quiet and thoughtful man who loves the Lord God Almighty and cares about the people of America and the world.

Today, I just want to talk about Ben Carson’s Mother.  I watched the entire movie, but at this point I don’t even remember her name, but I do remember her.

It was Ben Carson’s Mother’s story that made me think…I wish with my whole heart I could go back to the days when my kids were little and have the gumption to fight for her kids like she did.

She had every disadvantage, but despite being a Mother at 13, and eventually stuck with raising kids alone, without any education.  Her work would be keeping house for someone “with” money, to provide for those two boys.

Ben’s Mother never pitied herself or her situation.  She had a pride about her, that spoke volumes, that made you straighter your spine, that made you say to yourself…”YOU HAVE NOTHING TO EVER FEEL STEPPED ON”.

You could watch how her boys were beginning to run with the crowd of kids who were troublemakers and would end up in life as losers and criminals.

She was not about to put up with that.  She was the head of that household.  She was the one who was tasked with raising responsible kids that “could do anything, and better” than anyone else.  She was the one who determined that TV was a “future stealer”, probably just like Video games are “future stealers” today.

She pulled the plug!  Never mind what “all the other kids got to do!”  She made sure those boys did their homework.  She insisted they were smart enough to get good grades.  She made sure they broadened their horizon by insisting they read two books a week and write a report on them.  She couldn’t read the reports or the books they read, but they didn’t know that.  She always said…”You will have to sound it out”…I don’t have reading glasses.  Yes, she was not about to admit she couldn’t read and eventually learned in her later years to read.

She taught those kids, that they could do anything.  She taught them that hard work is what it takes to be successful.  She taught them that Jesus loves them, and they needed to do more than just acknowledge that he exists.  She taught them that a personal relationship with Him is essential.  She taught them that the mind they were born with had the capacity to remember, to memorize, to recall what they had read and what they had learned.

I love this Mother!  I am honored that I got to see her story in the middle of Dr. Ben Carson’s Life Story.

If I had little kids now…I would be much better equipped to stand up to the world and the false narratives that tell us that we have to let our kids learn at their own pace.  I would not put up with grades that weren’t as good as “I thought they should be!”  I would never let my child drop out of school because of someone bullying them, or teachers that told them they would never amount to anything.  I would not let my children spend near as much time with friends and insist they make friends with books.

I don’t get to raise my children all over again.  I will never have more children to raise.  But if I did, I would do better than I did.

It is true that we all do the best we can at the time.  That is true.  I did the best I could raising my Children.  I do wish I had intervened more in their lives, been more responsible, encouraged more, said “no” more…but overall, My Children have grown into adults that I am incredibly proud of, even without the skills of parenting I wish I would have had.  They have done well.  I am honored that they think I was and am a great Mother.  I am honored that their friends spent hours in our home and called me Mom and ate our food.

I think there will always be regrets, when we look back on our lives.  There is, however, no condemnation from God, about what I did and how I raised them.  I am honored that God gave me children to love.

Today, I have to encourage you to think about how you are raising your kids.  Don’t get so busy taking care of them, to not realize what you are teaching them.  Take time today…YES…Today, to sit down and decide what it is you want them to grow up knowing and then devise a plan to accomplish that.

That is the most important thing you can do TODAY….Tomorrow….Time to start on the plan!  You can do this…


Poor Pitiful Me

Posted: February 23, 2016 in other

There are times when instead of going forward full speed, we need to back-up.  Just like the brake in your vehicle is there for a reason, so is reverse.

Sometimes we just have to stop.  Back-up,  then go again.

When your life is out of control or you are feeling sorry for yourself, you are headed toward a cliff.

Feeling sorry for ourselves is like standing on the edge of a cliff….Stop!  step back!

Look for Jesus, He is there!  My Strength

And if you need to cry….do it on his shoulder!

Head’s Up

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I am working very hard at following God’s direction in my life to complete the plan HE HAS FOR ME!

Doing it HIS WAY has always been a challenge for the self-willed me. fotografía,woman,warrior,blood,mood,thought-e79814ac1850c4489830e3f9e6c4d6d6_h

I have changed my Screen Name to my real name….  Lloyd Ann

Prayyior was for a different time and place and it was for a different purpose.  It was a combination of Prayer and Warrior….so it fit exactly with what I was doing.

Now my on-screen presence will be seen as Lloyd Ann, and Prayyior’s God Talk may be a secondary page to whatever.

There is so much I don’t know about setting up a website, and buying a domain and doing the things that make an online presence effective.

My goal is to help Christian Women to get through the tough times.  It is to help them walk in faith, and turn to Christ when all looks so hopeless.
the victorious lady 538x590

I have lived so many of those times, and Jesus has always been there for me.  He has NEVER let me down and he won’t let you down either.

The hard part is trust…and we just have to “decide” to trust him, and repeatedly tell ourselves we are not taking back this worry…We are not only planning to but  committing to Trust our Strong, Powerful and fully capable Savior to take care of us.

We also must remember that whatever he has for us to do…It is our job to follow instructions….IT IS HIS JOB TO PRODUCE THE RESULTS HE WANTS!

Thanks for following me, and when I figure out how to do it, this page name may change too!

Discontented? Really?

Posted: February 17, 2016 in other

As Christians, it seems discontent is different for us than it is for non-Christians, although who knows…I have not been “Non-Christian” since I was a kid in grade school.

There are days that it seems I want something more. Just dis-satisfied … I prefer to have more money than I have, am I discontent about that? Am I worried? Do I really trust God to take care of me? What do I really need?

Each of us may have differing areas of discontent, but I am betting there is at least 1 area we all fall into. I long for someone to say, or recognize what I do, day in and day out.

The food gets prepared, it usually takes me an hour to prepare a meal. The people who eat it, just expected it to be there. They may say things like. That was pretty good. I really don’t feel like eating right now. I am going to watch this show while I eat.

It takes a few hours to do laundry. The words you usually hear are not…Thank you for washing my clothes, but if you haven’t done it you hear…I don’t have any clean underwear. Didn’t you wash my jeans? So where is my favorite sweatshirt?

Cleaning the house is the same. Did anyone mention that they noticed, or is it just expected?

Discontent arises from someone’s failure to appreciate us. We do all the things we have always done, but it isn’t noticed. We begin to pity ourselves…feel sorry for us. Yea…

The bathroom can get terribly disgusting. Especially if you have men splattering all over. Amazing how they can take out a deer with one shot, but can’t hit the toilet. I get tired of pee on everything near the toilet. It hits the walls, runs down the front of the toilet, gets build-up between the toilet and the seat. Has anyone every taken it upon themselves to clean it off? How many days or weeks before anyone would do that. Will I wait them out? Not likely!

These are things that make me discontent. It just seems sometimes I can find other things that would be more beneficial than cleaning pee off the toilet., more beneficial than sitting at the kitchen table alone and eating while the people you fixed the food for run off to interact with the TV.

These are just the chores. We talk about lowering our expectations, which will lessen our disappointments.   When we have expectations that someone else will do something, we are sadly mistaken. Rarely will someone see what we need in our lives. That means WE have to take care of us!

One of the first things I learned in Real Estate is that “nobody cares about who you really are or your family or what you want!” They care only about what their needs are. Don’t share your personal life with them unless they specifically ask, and then it is probably not something they care about, they are probably just making conversation. It helped a lot to know that. Knowing the truth about a situation makes living it easier.

One other thing I learned in Real Estate is that, “nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care!”

So, I thought I would just list a few things that will help with the discontent issue, whatever it might be.

1. Only God really cares!

2. If you want something different from what is happening, ask for it.

3. Eliminate your expectations of others. What do you want for you?

4. Talk to yourself. Tell yourself, that even though you aren’t appreciated you love someone enough to do what you do.

5. Laughter is a great healer. Remember the time your little boy was learning to hit that toilet and turned around while he was talking and the whole bathroom, walls, floors and counters, not to mention you, were covered in pee? It wasn’t funny then, but it sure is now. Little boys have the funniest stories…there is the diaper change. Diaper off, a torrent, and how they gasped and tried to get away when that torrent hit them in the face.

6. Remember the song….I’m not home yet, this is not where I belong…. Yea, our mental attitudes affect how we come through these areas of discontent.

7. We “feel better” when we have encouraged someone else, so do that often! You help them, and in turn have helped yourself even more!

8. Most importantly….JESUS REALLY DOES CARE, and HE APPRECIATES ALL we do….

9. As you have done it unto the least of these, you have done it unto me. YES, JESUS Cares and appreciates us! Love on HIM! And welcome Him to love on you!

Remember it is not the “stuff” that makes you crazy, it is what you allow the “stuff” to do to you that makes you crazy!