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Happy New Year 2019

Posted: January 2, 2019 in other

OUR LORD and our GOD, we come giving thanks for your Love and your GLORY. We give thanks for your Forgiveness and your healing. We give thanks for our President, and our First Lady and for his family and for all those you have placed in areas of support in such a variety of ways. We give thanks that you have given him YOUR WISDOM, your Divine Knowledge of what is going on in our nation. Lord, you have allowed him to see the evil that has taken over our Land, and We give thanks that you have shown him the manner in which it must be cast down and defeated. We thank you LORD that YOU have shown him the actors in this drama, and have revealed who must be removed, and who is to stay.
Lord, Your Word in so many places tells US to “Prepare the way for the LORD.” You spoke in Isaiah 40:3-5 and in Isaiah 57:14, and in Luke 3:4-5 and Mark 1:1-8. Lord, over the ages you have called men to clear the way so that the Lord may come. To make the way straight. To fill in the ravines and bring down the mountains.
Lord, we know it is time to remove those who hate you from positions of power both in America and Worldwide, We know it is time in this NEW YEAR to prepare the way for you to open people eyes, ears and hearts to receive you.
Father we thank you! We know our Nation will be changed and all we have ever known will never be the same, but we give you thanks that even though the transition will bring pain, it is according to your Word and your Will. Let us recognize the way being made straight. Let us hear your words, “Prepare the way for the LORD… ” Prepare the way for the Lord of Lords and the KING OF KINGS. Thank you for your servant, President Trump. Bless him Lord and keep him and those who stand beside him safe and secure according to your Word in Psalms 91. You LORD…Are the mighty God and the Everlasting Father, Happy NEW YEAR Lord….Let us, and LET THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA AND THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD BOW BEFORE YOU AND WORSHIP YOU. BLESSED BE THE NAME OF THE LORD! We decree the way cleared in the Name of Jesus! Amen and AMEN