What about today?

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Here it is, the end of another day. I still have dishes to wash, but supper is ready! Who knew today I would finally write again after such a long time. It is the 26th of February 2022…. Over a year, I think, since I last entered a post.

Tonight I was wondering where the days seem to disappear and where they are going. Perhaps they seem shorter because I am 76 years old now. I am more tired than I was when I was 40.. That is for sure. Perhaps they are shorter because I seem to need a nap every day. Sleeping consumes time that could have been spent on something else. I have less hours left between now and eternity. I should fill them with all the things I want to accomplish, all the things I ever dreamed of doing, or all the things I never even imagined.

Today, I began to remember days from long ago. I remember playing in the yard as a kid, building mud roads for my cars, and I remember the barrel that Dad made me to ride on like a horse. Such fun. I remember jumping off the garage roof, and falling off the barn roof….. that almost killed me, but I never told my folks about it. After all, I wasn’t supposed to be on the stack of baled hay next to the barn, and who knew that the barn roof was going to be so slippery that I would just slide off it.

I remember taking mud coffee to my Dad, and him drinking it while we sat on a old log. He took a break from splitting logs to sit with me.

I remember what chicken looked like when you chopped their heads off and they jumped around slinging their blood all over the yard, and I remember how good those chickens tasted when Mom fried them up.

I remember my skinned knees from learning to roller skate. I remember when as a tyke, my Mom would take me to the kitchen and set me on the oven door to get dressed, because it was warmer. We had an old cook stove, and Dad always had wood to keep it going so Mom could cook. I remember the shadow pictures we would make on the walls because there was no such thing as electric lights, just kerosene lanterns that hung on the wall.

I remember my little Sister who could eat candy fast…. I was always slow. Tried to save some for later, but then she would cry and cry, and Mom would always make me give her some of mine. She learned that trick very young. LOL.

Today, I read a few of my posts on here, and had forgotten I had even written them. Some of full of the pains of my life and some the joys.

Why am I writing all this, knowing that soon the internet will probably be no more and everything I have written in the past will be gone forever… who knows. Just seemed like the thing to do. Today there is a battle going on in the Ukraine. Putin, of Russia is busy destroying the global cabal there, although few people understand what exactly is happening. The world is about to change drastically. It is hard to believe. I do believe we are going into 1000 years of peace, however I also think there will be a time of great tribulation before that occurs. I think we are on the brink. I may be wrong, but then I have been wrong so many times in my life, that it doesn’t much matter anymore. We will see what happens. I am not God and I am not a puppet master who pulls strings.

Today, I took time to dance to some music… It was fun. No one saw me… the dogs thought I was playing with them, and the music was being played by someone else.

My heart is at peace. Whatever will be, will be. The best part is knowing that God is in control, no matter what it looks like or feels like. HE KNOWS BEST. He knows the plans HE has for me, plans for good and not for evil to give me a hope and a future, and I am reminded that even in old age, I will remain vital.

Well that’s it for now. Have a good one! Be blessed! Trust in the Lord and seek HIM with your whole heart! He is the only one you can totally trust and rely on! And he is the one who loves you more than anyone else that exists!

Only God can be trusted

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Good Morning all! May your day be blessed. This morning I asked God to direct my day, and what should I do. Clearly he brought to mind something I had not thought of in many years. So today, this story is for one of you who are reading it. I don’t know who you are, but God wants you to know this, about HIM. Sharing painful memories is not easy, but sometimes we are called to do just that, because God has a plan for someone, and they need hope!
It was many years ago when my Son was in jail. He thought it was the end of his world and he told me on the phone that he loved me, but that he was planning to take his own life that night. He had nothing to live for. My Mother protection circuit was triggered. What to do, oh what to do. I considered calling the jail to tell them of my Son’s plan, but in my heart of hearts I knew that they could not prevent what he had planned. Yes, they could maybe stop it for awhile, but it was not the solution. That night I realized that calling some person, some group, someone, anyone would not necessarily prevent was was about to happen.
What I did know is that there is ONE who is able to accomplish everything, change anyone, protect everyone who trusts in HIM.
That Night I prayed…. Who could I go to for help! It was Jesus. He has never let me down, Nothing is impossible for Him, and so that night, I released by Son from all the worldly solutions and put him squarely and securely in the hand of Jesus. I chose to trust the one… The one who had loved me so deeply he died and rose again for me. Who forgave my sin, and gave ME a new life. He was the one who saved the life of my Father, when he had been shot in the head, and He was the one, who restored his mind and his body, exactly how I had asked, when I prayed.
This day… I placed my Son in his hands, TRUSTING that he would care for him, and that he would complete the plan God had for his life.
Morning came, and morning after morning came… My Son lived…. Years have taken a toll and I do not know what God’s plan is for my Son… But I trust Jesus today, and every day, and I pray for miracles, that life, love, healing will come to him and all those that have been touched by him, all those he loves, and all those who struggle to find a why and a what for.
All I can tell you, if you are thinking of this solution, it is the wrong one. The Jesus that protected My Son that night, will also protect YOU and will give you a new Life If you ask. Peace comes when we lay aside our plans, our solutions and totally rely upon him…When we trust HIM with our lives and the loves of our lives. I share with you this from the Word of God. “I know the plans I have for you. Plans for good and not for evil. Plans to give you a hope and a future! Just ASK!”

Dark to Light…..

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I remember these Words that God seemed to be telling me…. “Whatever makes you angry, I am calling you to change!”

Angry today! I was yesterday too, and the day before. Who or what is bothering me, as if anyone really cares, except me…it seems…. Well, I am mad at “holier than thou” Christians. I am mad at Christians who refuse to get involved, I am mad at those who call themselves Christians but aren’t Christ-followers, and I am mad at me…. Maybe I am not actually angry, but rather disappointed, because I look and see the evil going on in our world with trafficking, and think…. Why can’t you at least post the arrests of those Traffickers? Why can’t you comment when you see something YOU HAVE TO DESPISE? How do you wake up others to what is going on if you don’t speak? If you don’t write, if you don’t comment? HOW…

Are you sitting there seeing the evil and just thinking Lord Jesus Come… and expecting the rapture to happen now, so you don’t have to deal with this stuff?

What if God is calling you to make a difference? What about voting? Are you going to sit back, and pray that God moves and the party that is best for America gets voted into office? Isn’t that what we as Christians have been doing for far too long? How has that been working for us? Think about it.

Is it true that we, as Christ-followers believe that God is in control? Yes, it is! But doesn’t the Bible clearly say that if we fail to bring attention to the evil, we are just as guilty as the ones doing it? Silence is not an option! We need to vote our values. We need to vote our morals, and we need to vote according to God’s word. To fail to do that is to fail our duties to Christ himself. He died for us…. and our Children and Grandchildren. SO…. What about all those generations to come should the rapture not happen soon? Will our children have to live a life of never knowing Christ, because we thought the rapture would happen soon, and we were wrong on the timing? Did we rely on the imminent return, and decide our vote didn’t matter?

The choice is very clear this year. There is only one person, one party, that can and will protect our freedom to worship, and it is not the party that had no American flags at their convention or the party that has nominated someone who can’t keep his dirty little hands off children, and even does the touching and kissing and nipple pinching when the cameras are rolling? Seriously…. Only one party is proclaiming Jesus Christ, and if you choose to vote for the other party, you will be answering for your actions.

That other party also promotes and praises the killing of unborn children, even promotes the killing of them after they are born, by voting to let them die rather than feed and care for them. What kind of evil is that?

Who kills children? the Bible clearly talks about those who have. Mary and Joseph were sent out of the country by God, and shortly thereafter the King ordered the deaths of all the children under two years old? the Bible also says not to be drinking blood…. Only now we are learning that children are being terrorized and tortured so that their adrenalized blood can be consumed…. WHY???? Because it causes people to get strength, and beauty…

Ever wonder what it must feel like to a child to be raped by an adult, to be cut, to be skinned? to be bitten and chewed on? to have their body ripped apart while still attached to their mother? God forbid, we sit by any longer and allow this evil to continue! EVER THOUGHT ABOUT THAT? WHAT KIND OF SICK, DESPICABLE ACTION IS THAT? I have no compassion for anyone who would condone that or do that or promote that. I would pray for them to seek forgiveness of our Lord Jesus who died that all might call upon him…. But God knows, those people are probably not going to do that, and they are probably sacrificing children in Satanic rituals, which means they have sold their souls to Satan himself. Only God can help them, and he most likely has let them follow their deprived ways, and they will, in the end, suffer the consequences.

But you and I…. We walk under the KINGDOM OF GOD banner (if you are a Christ-follower). What we say and do matters.

Why I do I speak of this evil, that many will not mention? Because I believe that is a calling that God has placed on my life. He told me long ago, that whatever makes me angry…. HE is calling me to change. That is why I post stuff most people don’t even know is going on. It is why some would say, that I have lost my first love, inferring that because I do this, and because I am concerned about who people are voting for, that I have turned my back on Christ!

God forbid…. I would have preferred to never know the depths of evil that God has allowed me to see! I would prefer not to think about the ritual abuse, the sacrifice of children, the cannible clubs that eat people, the evil doers that seek to use all of us as a food source. REALLY…. YES, really!

Shake your head…. Think about this. Weep until you are broken and distraught, and then ask JESUS what to do about it. YOU and I are the difference makers. WE MUST Follow JESUS… and you can bet your boots, and your fancy designer shoes that JESUS does not promote the evil that Satan loves. Wake up…. GET UP…… Stop thinking those of us who are bringing you this information are deceived, stupid, making this stuff up or have just been fooled by Satan. WE haven’t! This evil is real and there is a war raging in the heavens’.

PRAY, and PRAY and PRAY some more. Pray for America, Pray for the World, Pray for the President, Pray for those rescuing these Children, Pray for the children, teens and others who are rescued. Pray that God will heal their bodies and their minds. PRAY for each other. Pray for Christians to Awaken! Pray for the Greatest Awakening this World has ever known. PRAY as though your life depends on it! Pray as though your Children and Grandchildren’s life depends on it….. BECAUSE it does! Pray, and then speak, then stand…. fully clothed in your Armor, because you will need to have it on! This is a war that we must win… and in the End… GOD WINS! In the meantime we fight the battles….

Fear is the devil!

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April28th, 2020
What are you thinking? Here is my take on a few things. It seems to me this c virus is intended to scare us to death. Yes, it is certainly deadly, but out of it has come some really unique info we never had before. The drug the President mentioned that has been attacked crazily…. is one, UV light destroys it, and has been put into ventilators to kill the Virus in those who have it… and it is working. We have also learned that masks really don’t work… They only prevent those that have it from spreading it as quickly. We have learned that Doctors who disagree with the world H O, are being censored so they cannot get the message out. Doesn’t this all seem strange? Wouldn’t you think that if there are cures for this, the news media would want to share it, rather than stop the information from being shared?
That would lead us to another question…. Is it possible that our news media is complicit in the cover-up… Why a cover up? Is it possible that someone or some group, had access to this virus and purposely released it for nefarious purposes. Possibly to tank our economy? Possibly to spread so much fear in the country, that the people would agree to any change in laws and rules? Look at us. We have given up freedom, and agreed to stay at home, because we are safe there. But that is not entirely true. If this sickness is so contagious, then what help will it be if we all go out in a few days, and it is floating around in the air? Will we catch it then? They tell us we have to stay home so that the hospitals are not overrun.
They have made ER Rooms and hospitals a dangerous place. Even people who need to see a Dr are not going in because they are afraid. Seems to me that this whole pandemic has the makings of converting us to communism in a quick and easy manor.
It is time for businesses to reopen. It is time for us to go about our business. It is time for us to cast fear aside, and live free again.
Now what about the next Fear they are raising? They evidently want us to think that food is going to be an issue. There won’t be meat, or milk or veggies, because dairy farmers are dumping milk, cattle ranchers are killing their stock, Vegetables are rotting. Yep… Sounds like another plan to make us afraid.
Now the government has released info on flying saucers. Actual footage, so they must suspect that someone is going to tell us soon that we are under attack from another galaxy… The experts are explaining that we have had these vehicles for some time. That we have created anti-gravity vehicles that travel faster than light. Which then brings us to the question… Are these going to be showing up in our skies, and who is going to tell us we are under attack.
So many things going on, and all the while there is a swamp that is being drained and the crocs are getting mean and attacking everything and every one they can. Perhaps, that is a good side effect of this C virus and us being home. There have been no school shootings, and no attacks on major venues…. Did we unknowingly get protected from the deep state attacks that were intended to make us afraid?
Yep, I have so many questions… but I am also pleased to see the high number of pedophiles being arrested. I am pleased that we have had time to spend with our families. I am pleased that God is still in control and I am pleased that the Bible tells us secrets. One of those secrets, is “I have not given you a spirit of fear, but of power, love and sound mind”. So let us speak to fear and tell it to leave us, and let us look for the good. Let us seek out truth, because it seems the media will not give it to us. Let us stand our ground and not give up freedom. We live … Here… in the land of the free and the home of the brave! Let us live up to this. Let us be the brave. Question everything, seek truth, it can be found, but we will have to do our own looking. Let us walk tall, like the Americans we are! It is Time! At least in my honest opinion!

April 2nd 2020 Prayer

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April 2, 2020

Our LORD and OUR GOD, we come to you tonight to Pray for our beloved President Trump. Father we see the tiredness within him. Yet he stands strong and courageous.. He stands to speak to the people about the battle going on in our land. It seems I have about prayed every prayer you have placed on my heart for our President and our Nation, and yet tonight it seems you have concern for our President in a different way because he has need of strength for those in his Military and the people.

He has spoken of an invisible enemy. Tonight Lord, we put on your Armor mentioned in Ephesians 6, and we take the sword of the Spirit, and the shield of faith. We ask for guidance of your Holy Spirit as each of us seeks your face this night. Lord, for President Trumps Military we ask your to cover them in the Blood of Christ. We pray for their hearts Lord, that they will call out to you in their hour of need, seeking you with everything within them. We ask you to provide strength to the job, their President has called them to do. There is an invisible enemy that needs to be defeated, that needs to be cast down. We dispatch angels to every one of them to wield a sword both in the spiritual and in the physical. Father, war is devastating. Lord God, it can destroy the mind, the heart and soul of every one involved. We ask Lord, that you will protect the minds of our Military and those in the front line of whatever battle they are waging and wherever they are waging it. We ask for divine protection for each of them. We ask for divine wisdom, courage and strength for both their body and their mind, as well as for their hearts.

Father, President Trump is doing everything possible to help the medical people that have been called for such a time as this. Father, We ask you to cover them with the blood of Christ. Protect them from the evil. Protect them from all germs and virus and all sickness and disease. We ask for divine protection for their families and those they are in close contact with. We pray that you will minister to their hearts, minds and souls as they struggle to provide the care that is needed for their patients. Lord God, we pray they will have all the medical supplies they need for this mission of mercy. We dispatch angels of healing and mercy, grace and love to them and to their patients.

Father, the President is so concerned about the people of this nation, and we ask you to comfort him as he goes about doing what can be done in the physical realm for each of them. Father, we pray that the people will see the good in President Trump despite the main Stream media trying to prevent them from seeing the truth.

Lord, our President has said the next two weeks will be brutal. Father, give President Trump sleep that is sweet and multiply the hours he gets even though he may only sleep an hour or two. You are the God multiplication and we ask you to multiply his sleep, his time, his prayers, the number of people praying for him, multiply the success of all things concerning him.

We give you all the Praise, all the Glory! We thank you for President Trump who you have chosen to destroy the unseen enemies of the world and bring the light of your glory to the earth and especially to this nation under YOU. We praise you Lord, for guiding, protecting, healing and delivering all those in the fray, and we pray that Truth will come forth. Your Word tells us that We shall know the truth and the truth shall set us free. We pray for every captive, that they may be set free, their chain broken off and those who have held them captive to be cast down, and that justice on earth will come. We TRUST you Lord! We love you, and We thank you for Your Love for our President Trump, for his family, for those who serve you for your Prayer Warriors throughout the land and the earth. Lord, we pray… Set the captives free, and Let the truth come forth and you light bring the Great Awakening. We pray in Jesus Name. Amen

A prayer for the children

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Father God, I pray for these children. Lord, revive those who need to live and take to your bosom those who you want to release from all this earthly misery. We know that every child is loved in your kingdom and will be held and nurtured and healed. We pray for those you are leaving here who have need of food and love and people who will care for them. Father, we pray for wisdom and strength, and love for those who will care for these children. Oh Lord, provide every thing they need. Let them know that they are safe and in your loving hands here on earth. Father, we pray for those entering the tunnels and caverns. Father, we pray they will have the strength and stamina to do their job. Lord, we pray for your peace to be upon them. We ask you to let the horrors of this work be something they will be able to lay down once this is complete. Father, we ask that you will heal their eyes from what they have seen and heal their hearts from the horrors they have witnessed. Father, we pray that whatever they are in need of, YOU will provide. Lord God, what a horrible job for anyone to do, and what a sacrificial blessing for those children to receive. To be coming from the darkness into the light. Lord, we have no idea how many dead are inside, but there are many. The smell of death never leaves nostrils, it seems so we pray that you will clear the air in every person and every child that is involved in this rescue mission. Oh Mighty God… We call out for you because YOU have seen this for so long. Thank you for setting the Children free… All of them, Young and Old. Lord God Almighty we praise your Holy Name! Thank you for hearing and answering our prayers…. In JESUS NAME let the children come…. Amen

Prayer for April 1, 2020

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April 1, 2020
Heavenly Father, we come today on behalf of our President, whom you have chosen for this hour in our history! Lord, you know best, and you have told us to be the watchman on the walls. So today I am here asking for special assistance for President Trump.
Lord, I pray for Strength that comes from you. There is not enough strength in the World to supply him, so we call on you to instill in him Godly Strength from your Kingdom. We pray for strength of mind. Help him to think clearly, to breathe deeply of your breath of life. Let him see clearly what the future brings should he go one way, or the other way, and give him the wisdom to choose wisely.
We see that President Trump is hesitant to accept the doom of over 100,000 deaths from this disease. We see that he is calling for hope. We pray that he will stand strong against this sickness that is permeating our world. Lord, in the name of Jesus we CURSE the sickness that is raging. We command it to die, and that people will be allowed to get the drugs that will cure it.
Father, we see the governors of states putting roadblocks in the plans to send forth the healing of the Z pack and the hydroxyChloroquine. Father, we cast down that roadblock in Jesus Name.
Father, in the midst of this evil that has come on our Nation we also see that there are political games being played and we are fed up with that. We dispatch angels right now to silence the voices of those who are acting in ways to bring disunity to the nation. We dispatch angels to grab these beings by the ankles and turn them upside down and remove them from the scene. Lord, the powers of darkness chose to crucify Peter(I think, but can’t remember at this moment…. you know Lord) upside down…. Father as your angels turn them upside down and angels silence their voices, remind them of the evil that their god has done to YOUR CHOSEN ONES>. Let the vengeance of the Lord fall upon them.
Father, Where have they hidden the masks and the ventilators? Why are they being held for a later time, when they are needed now? Lord, open the storehouse and let the supplies needed go forth into the hospitals and clinics and wherever they are needed.
Father we pray for the Doctors and the Nurses, and the CNAs and the laundry people, and those who clean the beds and the equipment. Father we cover them with the blood of Christ, whether they are yours or not. We do this that they might be protected from this virus. Enough is enough Lord,… We pray they are kept healthy and well, and we pray that through this time, if they do not know you, have not sought your forgiveness and given there love and loyalty to you, that they will see Jesus clearly and fall on their knees before Him. Father we claim all these souls for your kingdom.
Father, there is a ship sitting offshore where people are dying. We pray that President Trump will push all the right buttons so that the medicine can go to them so they can be healed, and no more deaths will occur.
Father, at every turn there is a snake in the grass trying to destroy your President so he will be abhorred and hated. We cancel the plans of the snakes and the plans of the Rats who spread evil. We command that every snake, every Rat, every vermin, every wolverine, every animal spirit that the enemy has will be destroyed, in the Name of Jesus.
Father, I know I heard you say a short prayer… LOL… This is not a short prayer on earth, but I expect it is a short prayer in heaven. You know what we are going to pray even before the words leave our mouths or in my case, my fingertips. So, Lord, I will continue, until you tell me we are finished for now.
Yes, Lord, I hear the sound of boots on the ground…Our military Lord, Our law enforcement personel, those who are serving up justice, and bringing evil doers and treasonists to justice. Lord, we pray for divine Protection upon each of these people. We pray they will have supernatural instinct to not be caught in traps, or have anyone or anything be able to prevent them from doing the work YOU have called them to do.
Father, we pray you place angels around each one, and we pray they will be wise, and powerful. We pray that they will not be overwhelmed by the task at hand, but let the exuberance of the joy of the Lord be upon them as they remove evil-doers from the land.
Father, I pray for the children. Lord, there are many who are being held hostage by those who seek to do harm to them. Lord, some have been captives for a very long time, so we pray for their minds to be restored to health. We pray that the spirit of fear is cast far from them and they will know they are safe. Father, you love the little children and have said to let the little children to come to you. Father, we call forth the children to come to you. To let the light of our countenance heal their bodies and their minds. We pray for a miracle for each one of them, and pray they will be rescued soon.
Father, We thank you that President Trump loves the children and wants the best for them. We thank you that he saw what was happening to them, and chose to accept your invitation to leave his cushy lifestyle, to enter the lions den and slay the dragon! Father God, we give thanks for President Trump and Melania and for this family who are giving all they have. We pray that soon the World will know of their great sacrifice on behalf of YOU and the children of the World. Father, we ask all these things in the Name of our beloved Jesus. AMEN

A Prayer for March 31, 2020

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MARCH 31st, 202Q
Our Father, we come to you today, because significant things are taking place in the Spiritual Realm, and I know that President Trump, must be protected, and that the powers of darkness are in an all out war to remove him now. So Father, I decree here and now that NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST PRESIDENT TRUMP, HIS LOYAL TEAM, HIS FAMILY, THE MILITARY, THE MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS YOU HAVE PUT IN PLACE, WILL SUCCEED AND ALL …. YES, LORD, ALL WHO RISE AGAINST HIM WE CONDEMN.
THERE IS MUCH TO PRAY REGARDING PRESIDENT TRUMP…. THIS DAY AND IN THE DAYS TO COME.. We come to you Lord asking you to lead us to pray in the SPIRIT and in YOUR POWER, for President Trump and this Nation and Your Children and YOUR WARRIORS!
1. We pray that any voices that President Trump is currently receiving counsel from concerning COVID-19 that are not from YOU, GOD would be silenced and exposed.
2. We pray that any agenda, whether it be economic or political that is trying to attach itself to the COVID-19 pandemic would be torn down.
3. We recognize that there is a fight for “authority” in the spirit realm. YOU have anointed this President and the decrees that he makes must not be disarmed and reversed by the enemy. Donald Trump made a decree that by Passover, many sectors and spheres would open up. Days later, that prophetic decree was overturned and reversed. The enemy is at work and an alarm must be sounded. Keep your eyes and ears specifically on this battle for his “words”. We decree the President’s decrees will stand, and that HE will speak YOUR WORDS of TRUTH to the Nation and Nations.
4. We pray that any muzzle trying to be placed upon Donald Trump’s mouth be broken. We are currently in the Hebrew year 5780 which is the year of the open mouth. May the President’s mouth be open and may he make righteous and wise decrees in the United States. We decree the Church open up their mouth and speak forth the WORD of God.
5. We pray for the spirit of Jezebel to be thrown down in Washington D.C. This public assassination attempt on President Trump will not succeed. We declare that any financial crisis and hardship that the USA endures will not turn people unnecessarily against him. We decree that all will rise, and the Glory of the Lord will be revealed to all, even those who have scoffed at YOU and your Kingdom.
6. We pray for our Governors and local authorities. We are aware of the spirit of division and mutiny that will seek to cause confusion and chaos in the months ahead. We decree it null and void!
7. We pray for the ability to carefully guard our own mouths and choose to speak life, blessing, and prosperity over our cities and nation. We decree that the words of your children will be profound, easily understandable, and they will be filled with such power that the earth shall shake in the glory of YOU!
Lord, let us remember that we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places. (Ephesians 6:12)
WE call forth divine Intervention into the plans of those who seek to take down our nation and our President. We decree they have no power in this realm.
We decree that every plan YOU HAVE, for PRESIDENT TRUMP will be fulfilled, and that your Divine Wisdom will come forth from him.
We cast away from him the rats, and the snakes and the evil entities who are trying to trap him and cause him to fall. We decree that President Trump is Safe, secure, hidden, protected, covered in the Blood of Christ, Along with his family and all those previously mentioned who are loyal to him and YOU.
We decree that all equipment the President needs will work, and even though the enemy may make a temporary gain, they will fail utterly and their shame will be proclaimed worldwide.
Though Darkness would come to America, YOU are the LIGHT OF the WORLD… and will dispel the darkness at YOUR CHOSEN TIME!
Lord, I thank you for the prophetic call to arms I received this morning from one of your chosen. I thank you that through that person you have opened the door for us to pray according to your will. We Thank you Lord.
Father, I ask that your children will feel compelled to copy and print this prayer for the days ahead, where we may not be able to transmit through our computers, and phones.

A Prayer for Today

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March 28th, 2020

Our Lord and our God! We come to you giving Praise for our President and for your safe-keeping of him, in the midst of the hatred. Lord you are Mighty and we are grateful for you and for this protection you have placed upon YOUR chosen Ones. Lord, we pray for continued safety, protection and favor for President Trump and his family and all those you have placed in position to accomplish your plans upon our earth in this time. Father we are grateful that even though the President and we your children walk through the valley of the Shadow of death, that you will open the way into the glorious light of Christ in our Nation. Our Lord, let us remember that Passover is near, and we should follow the lead of those who placed the blood of the sacrificial lamb on their doorposts, and we, in the Spirit anoint the White House and Mara-lago and all places, including AF One and everywhere our President is, with the blood of Jesus, We too take our oil of Frankinsense or Olive and place it on our doorposts, that the death angel will passover.

Father, we pray for divine wisdom for our President and his team during this time of darkness in our land. We pray that he will be as wise as a serpent and as innocent as a dove. We pray that through him and his team that equal justice will come upon America and all those who have plotted the destruction and take-over of this land will be brought into the open and that You justice will come upon them. We pray they will repent, and turn from their wicked ways, and follow Jesus, but if they refuse then we pray for Swift Justice to come upon them.

Lord, we thank you for Melania, Lord. You have given her such a gift of grace. Help all of us to learn from her. Let her strong support of her husband be a sign unto the Nations of your Love for our President and for Her and for those who love and support him. Let us remember to pray as the Spirit leads us in these difficult times.

Father, We know that the world is trying to use the CoranVirus to destroy President Trump and we decree that all their plans, their curses, their schemes, and all attempts to destroy him in any way will fail. We pray for the health of the people. We ask for healing from you either by divine authorization, (You speaking the Word) or through the use of medicines so that the people will be made well, and this disease dies immediately. We decree that this virus is cancelled from spreading throughout the land or into any and all communities.

Lord God, we thank you that the Fed is now in the hands of the Treasury. We thank you that the deep state will no longer be able to steal our funds, in any way. We thank you and praise you. We thank you that the money system will be reborn in America, and that every dollar printed will be backed by Gold or Silver or precious metals that you have placed on the earth for our Use. Here on earth it is considered very valuable, and in heaven you pave the streets with it… in its purest form that makes it translucent! Thank you for giving President Trump the understanding of how all this works.

Lord, as darkness comes upon the earth for a few days, let not our President or your people fear. We cast down fear in the Name of Jesus. Lord, we thank you that soon those days of darkness will be over, and you will reveal great truths that many do not know. During this time of darkness let us all be strength and love to those who are panicking. Let us reveal to them the plan of Salvation, that they might repent of their sins, and believe on Jesus, and follow him. Lord, your Word tells us the fields are white unto harvest! Help us to have doors opened that we might bring that harvest in.

Father, before I started this prayer for our President, you reminded me that YOU are God and you speak those things that are not, as though they are. So we take your lead Lord…. We decree that America is fully and completely Yours… That President Trump will speak your Words of Wisdom and Divine revelation to the people. That Our future is bright, as you desire it to be. That we will worship you with such fervor and power and joy that the world will be rocked! Arise, Oh God and scatter the enemies of President Trump and his team, and of your Children. Send that spirit of fear away from this earth and let us proclaim the Glory of YOU…..We decree it done… In Jesus Name. AMEN

Happy New Year 2019

Posted: January 2, 2019 in other

OUR LORD and our GOD, we come giving thanks for your Love and your GLORY. We give thanks for your Forgiveness and your healing. We give thanks for our President, and our First Lady and for his family and for all those you have placed in areas of support in such a variety of ways. We give thanks that you have given him YOUR WISDOM, your Divine Knowledge of what is going on in our nation. Lord, you have allowed him to see the evil that has taken over our Land, and We give thanks that you have shown him the manner in which it must be cast down and defeated. We thank you LORD that YOU have shown him the actors in this drama, and have revealed who must be removed, and who is to stay.
Lord, Your Word in so many places tells US to “Prepare the way for the LORD.” You spoke in Isaiah 40:3-5 and in Isaiah 57:14, and in Luke 3:4-5 and Mark 1:1-8. Lord, over the ages you have called men to clear the way so that the Lord may come. To make the way straight. To fill in the ravines and bring down the mountains.
Lord, we know it is time to remove those who hate you from positions of power both in America and Worldwide, We know it is time in this NEW YEAR to prepare the way for you to open people eyes, ears and hearts to receive you.
Father we thank you! We know our Nation will be changed and all we have ever known will never be the same, but we give you thanks that even though the transition will bring pain, it is according to your Word and your Will. Let us recognize the way being made straight. Let us hear your words, “Prepare the way for the LORD… ” Prepare the way for the Lord of Lords and the KING OF KINGS. Thank you for your servant, President Trump. Bless him Lord and keep him and those who stand beside him safe and secure according to your Word in Psalms 91. You LORD…Are the mighty God and the Everlasting Father, Happy NEW YEAR Lord….Let us, and LET THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA AND THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD BOW BEFORE YOU AND WORSHIP YOU. BLESSED BE THE NAME OF THE LORD! We decree the way cleared in the Name of Jesus! Amen and AMEN