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If it weren't for Jesus…I would totally hate Christmas….

I am so glad that we celebrate Christmas because of Jesus…because without him and his story, I would not make it through. What does it take to bring happiness at Christmas time? (more…)

When it is time for this Holy Day…..I wonder, what can I do or say that touches your heart? Thank you God for coming here, taking on the heartbeat of a human baby, for coming into a world where everyone was looking for you, and so many never noticed. Thank You that the Shepherds noticed! Thank you for Angels that declared your Glory and your Entrance into the world that would cost you your earthly life.

I cannot even think of your birth without thinking of your words….those most important ones that tell us there is “no other name given under heaven, by which we must be saved, except for Jesus.
I think you knew that people wouldn’t like that much….they much prefer their own way to heaven, and have convinced themselves that they are right. It is interesting that just because we believe something does not make it so. (more…)