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Only God can be trusted

Posted: September 5, 2021 in other

Good Morning all! May your day be blessed. This morning I asked God to direct my day, and what should I do. Clearly he brought to mind something I had not thought of in many years. So today, this story is for one of you who are reading it. I don’t know who you are, but God wants you to know this, about HIM. Sharing painful memories is not easy, but sometimes we are called to do just that, because God has a plan for someone, and they need hope!
It was many years ago when my Son was in jail. He thought it was the end of his world and he told me on the phone that he loved me, but that he was planning to take his own life that night. He had nothing to live for. My Mother protection circuit was triggered. What to do, oh what to do. I considered calling the jail to tell them of my Son’s plan, but in my heart of hearts I knew that they could not prevent what he had planned. Yes, they could maybe stop it for awhile, but it was not the solution. That night I realized that calling some person, some group, someone, anyone would not necessarily prevent was was about to happen.
What I did know is that there is ONE who is able to accomplish everything, change anyone, protect everyone who trusts in HIM.
That Night I prayed…. Who could I go to for help! It was Jesus. He has never let me down, Nothing is impossible for Him, and so that night, I released by Son from all the worldly solutions and put him squarely and securely in the hand of Jesus. I chose to trust the one… The one who had loved me so deeply he died and rose again for me. Who forgave my sin, and gave ME a new life. He was the one who saved the life of my Father, when he had been shot in the head, and He was the one, who restored his mind and his body, exactly how I had asked, when I prayed.
This day… I placed my Son in his hands, TRUSTING that he would care for him, and that he would complete the plan God had for his life.
Morning came, and morning after morning came… My Son lived…. Years have taken a toll and I do not know what God’s plan is for my Son… But I trust Jesus today, and every day, and I pray for miracles, that life, love, healing will come to him and all those that have been touched by him, all those he loves, and all those who struggle to find a why and a what for.
All I can tell you, if you are thinking of this solution, it is the wrong one. The Jesus that protected My Son that night, will also protect YOU and will give you a new Life If you ask. Peace comes when we lay aside our plans, our solutions and totally rely upon him…When we trust HIM with our lives and the loves of our lives. I share with you this from the Word of God. “I know the plans I have for you. Plans for good and not for evil. Plans to give you a hope and a future! Just ASK!”