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No FEAR….Trepidation

Posted: September 3, 2012 in Hope, Prayers
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I refuse to be afraid….how many words are there that describe fear…Lots and Lots…..“Trepidation” is one I seem to be experiencing. It has nothing to do with God…for His Word says to not be afraid….Do not fear….

Yet I look at our Nation, this Nation that was formed because our God brought it into existence through the hearts and minds of men and women who loved him and sought a place of refuge and strength. Formed through prayers to, and direct leading from a God that loved us, and desired for us a place that was blessed and full of PEACE!

What has happened to America? How in the world have people failed to recognize what they have been given and think it will just go on forever without their help?

I am concerned for the younger generation when I see that their lives revolve around the games they play. Every minute that is available is spent playing games. Few of them watch the news or analyze the activities of the government. A dumbed down generation cannot conceivably (more…)