Fear is the devil!

Posted: April 28, 2020 in other
April28th, 2020
What are you thinking? Here is my take on a few things. It seems to me this c virus is intended to scare us to death. Yes, it is certainly deadly, but out of it has come some really unique info we never had before. The drug the President mentioned that has been attacked crazily…. is one, UV light destroys it, and has been put into ventilators to kill the Virus in those who have it… and it is working. We have also learned that masks really don’t work… They only prevent those that have it from spreading it as quickly. We have learned that Doctors who disagree with the world H O, are being censored so they cannot get the message out. Doesn’t this all seem strange? Wouldn’t you think that if there are cures for this, the news media would want to share it, rather than stop the information from being shared?
That would lead us to another question…. Is it possible that our news media is complicit in the cover-up… Why a cover up? Is it possible that someone or some group, had access to this virus and purposely released it for nefarious purposes. Possibly to tank our economy? Possibly to spread so much fear in the country, that the people would agree to any change in laws and rules? Look at us. We have given up freedom, and agreed to stay at home, because we are safe there. But that is not entirely true. If this sickness is so contagious, then what help will it be if we all go out in a few days, and it is floating around in the air? Will we catch it then? They tell us we have to stay home so that the hospitals are not overrun.
They have made ER Rooms and hospitals a dangerous place. Even people who need to see a Dr are not going in because they are afraid. Seems to me that this whole pandemic has the makings of converting us to communism in a quick and easy manor.
It is time for businesses to reopen. It is time for us to go about our business. It is time for us to cast fear aside, and live free again.
Now what about the next Fear they are raising? They evidently want us to think that food is going to be an issue. There won’t be meat, or milk or veggies, because dairy farmers are dumping milk, cattle ranchers are killing their stock, Vegetables are rotting. Yep… Sounds like another plan to make us afraid.
Now the government has released info on flying saucers. Actual footage, so they must suspect that someone is going to tell us soon that we are under attack from another galaxy… The experts are explaining that we have had these vehicles for some time. That we have created anti-gravity vehicles that travel faster than light. Which then brings us to the question… Are these going to be showing up in our skies, and who is going to tell us we are under attack.
So many things going on, and all the while there is a swamp that is being drained and the crocs are getting mean and attacking everything and every one they can. Perhaps, that is a good side effect of this C virus and us being home. There have been no school shootings, and no attacks on major venues…. Did we unknowingly get protected from the deep state attacks that were intended to make us afraid?
Yep, I have so many questions… but I am also pleased to see the high number of pedophiles being arrested. I am pleased that we have had time to spend with our families. I am pleased that God is still in control and I am pleased that the Bible tells us secrets. One of those secrets, is “I have not given you a spirit of fear, but of power, love and sound mind”. So let us speak to fear and tell it to leave us, and let us look for the good. Let us seek out truth, because it seems the media will not give it to us. Let us stand our ground and not give up freedom. We live … Here… in the land of the free and the home of the brave! Let us live up to this. Let us be the brave. Question everything, seek truth, it can be found, but we will have to do our own looking. Let us walk tall, like the Americans we are! It is Time! At least in my honest opinion!

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