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It is a strange, vacant feeling that has come over me tonight. It is almost a duplicate of the day we were going to have to evacuate our home, because the dam was being opened and the floodwaters would come. Too much water, in too many dams, and incompetence were causing us to have to leave, not knowing if there would even be a house left when we returned.

That day, there were so many things I needed to do. Things I needed to grab so they wouldn’t be destroyed when the waters came. Papers that needed to be taken with. The car titles, the title policy and abstract for the house, loan papers, checkbooks, insurance policies. Then there were the other things. Pictures….family keepsakes, family history, help with loading out what could be loaded. Piling “stuff” on top of other stuff.

So many things to do…but I was absent, vacant….missing in action. Where was I? I was there in body…but still totally gone. Here it is…once again I am absent, vacant, missing in action, in shock. The only real difference is I have no idea what is coming… All I really know is that trigger that would mark the beginning has just occurred.

On the wall hung a white board…on it was written a message to the water that my daughter had written, refusing it permission to come up… was prophetic in a way…the water only was going to encompass the lower part of the house. It stopped an inch or two below the sign.

I had prayed for the land. I had taken the kids and marched the entire perimeter of our property, claiming it in the name of Jesus. Praying for it, Pleading the blood of Christ over it, Praying for us, praying for the animals….actually I am not really sure what all I prayed for…but I prayed. The flood would not touch my house. Despite the dream, I was certain the water would not get into my house.

Five years earlier I had received a call from my friend Susan. She woke having had a dream that she was standing in my house and looking out….all she could see was water. It wasn’t moving, the water just sitting there glinting in the sun like a mirror, picking up the colors of the sky and trees. Hmmmm

The warning had come…I knew I was supposed to move away. God had another plan…I wasn’t sure what it was, but I was not supposed to remain in this house. The house should have been sold. As strange as it sounds, God did not want me here for this flood that was to sweep through here.

I tried repeatedly to make people in my family understand that we were supposed to move. No one would listen. This was our home. I tried again and again…but nothing. I should have been more forceful, more determined, more demanding….shoulda coulda woulda…too late. I missed the blessing.

The evac sirens would be going off anytime now. When the siren sounds you must leave immediately, your life will depend on it. Make sure you have what you need, but when the siren sounds you must get in your vehicle and leave your property. We were all concerned. We would have to cross the river to get out. Our safe place was south of the city…. There was only one road still open, and they were fighting to hold it. Miles of traffic was backed up, all waiting to cross the bridge. Some would go south, others would go north. Two way traffic. The Bulldozers and heavy equipment were moving huge boulders into the river by the bridge to try to hold it in place. Those huge boulders were being moved by the water, and were not going where they were needed. My Grandson was standing just off the side of the bridge…his company needed him. He would not be able to leave now. He would be required to stay until it was shored up or it was gone. Danger hung in the air. The smell of fear was real. It emanated from most of the people. High levels of adrenaline was causing unending stress, strength and courage. Amazement! Sorrow! Fear!

The evacuation happened on the 22nd of June 2011….This time four years ago, we were safe, living in a camper at the lake….watching every minute as the tv showed the water that was taking over our homes and our community. The sun set and the water came…by morning…well by morning everything in our lives had changed for the worse. Perhaps changed so much that we may never go home again.

BUT….I did come home. A month later, when the water had gone down, I came home. It was a strange world. I had to wear boots to reach the house, because it was still surrounded by water. It was a land of make-believe. The sun glinted off the water, the reflections of the trees and the clouds and the bright blue sky made it beautiful to behold…the damage, however was done.

Months later I sat in a chair on the driveway, praying. Oh God, what am I to do?

I heard his voice very clearly that day. “You are encamped here, until I move you!” just like the Israelites were encamped under the cloud…I too was encamped. So I stayed where I was. God arranged for the house to be rebuilt, and whenever the money ran out, he would send a little more.

The main floor got finished so we could live here again, but the basement didn’t…in fact there are still boards over the basement window openings…funny…

The feeling of that pre-evacuation time is here tonight. Something else is happening. The message was given about 5 years ago….just as the dream foretold the future, this message came clearly today.

Yes….this time I know I will NOT be leaving my house. I am encamped.

Tonight the siren came again…Oh not the siren we all heard when it was time to leave our homes. It was the warning…it is time…..Clearly the warning signal occurred. The trigger had been shown and the sign had been revealed on world news.

What is the future? How long? How soon? All I really know is that Jesus will never leave me…leave us or forsake us. And I….WE…YES…..WE can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. My task….KEEP the faith, Trust Jesus… be strong and courageous.

The trigger that marks the beginning, has been given.
I stay where I am.
Make sure there is oil for my lamp.
I pray.
Jesus takes care of me….you and so many others. Praise God!

OH, and most important….Jesus is coming again!

Keep the Faith…

The Hunt…

Posted: April 15, 2015 in Interesting

GreyCat hesitantly scanned the landscape as he contemplates a hunting trip. No bears, no dangerous dogs, no stalking enemy cats. Safe…he perceives. Time to go in search of the perfect trophy.

Silently he stalks the back yard, quickly across open patches, stopping to watch, scanning for any movement.

He crouches, and watches, his tail twitching in anticipation of the perfect distracted bird, or squirrel or gopher…or perhaps a snake parting the grass, or a mole raising a groundswell. He is patient. He waits. His eyes are fixed on something in the distance.

Quickly, he hides himself behind “cover” and moves as a sniper, into position for the kill. Patience, patience…heart beating wildly, but outwardly as still as a statue.

Creeping, he advances…the grass jiggles, His ears perk, alert, listening for the slightest squeek.

Like radar…honing in on the target, he creeps quietly along the grass line…not much cover. Closer and closer.

Waiting, watching again, as still as a stone before an earthquake. His eyes focus, his muscles begin to swell as he moves cautiously into a crouched position.

The time is soon…his prey is hunting too. Searching for a few kernels of grain, or seed. Anything to survive another day. Anything to feed the babies. Life or death struggle. Daily, hourly..Second by second.

The question remains…will that mouse survive to tell its story…or will GreyCat…play with his evening meal?

If it weren't for Jesus…I would totally hate Christmas….

Mom’s are wonderful…It is Mother’s Day soon. Everyone who has a Mother should honor her. Not just on Mother’s Day but every day.

How do Mother’s teach you things? What did I teach my own kids? Where did I do good, and where did I do wrong? What else should I have taught them? Have I now gotten so old that I no longer teach them anything? Or are the tables now turned and they are teaching me? Do I teach them by example or do I just say it and expect them to do it the way I say, even if it is not how I am?

I taught my children not to “puke” anywhere near me! (more…)

A few thoughts for the day!

Posted: March 19, 2012 in Humor, Interesting

I am not sure why I have decided to write today….I guess the news, and the leftover flood debris, the inability to have a magic wand to make the mess leave or Calgon to just take me away! (I don’t have a bathtub either….well, I do have one, but it is in the garage and not hooked up to water) Whatever the case, I have things to say, and you are welcome to listen. If however you have better things to do than read my musings, then go do it! I am not sure you will gain anything by what I have to say…but I am going to say it! (more…)

I woke up Angry this morning….perhaps because I was angry last night when I went to bed, or perhaps because I have been angry for days.

There is a litany of reasons why I could be and am angry, but today, it is over a fund that many people gave to and was created to help the people of the Minot area who were flooded out.

It now appears that those who are managing this fund have determined the only people eligible to receive any of it have to be homeOWNERS. No renters will receive a penny. To top that is the fact that ONLY those homeowners who are rebuilding and have receipts for what they have done will be allowed to receive any of the funds.

There is certainly a need for pre-screening of those receiving any of the funds from this program, because we are all aware of those who want to scam the system, that want to get something for nothing, and don’t care who they are hurting in the process. Those would be the people who see themselves as victims and figure in their own minds, that there is money there, all I have to do to get some is say this or say that.

Now it would seem in most of our minds that 6 million dollars is a lot of money! It most assuredly is. If there were only 6 people injured by the flood, each would get a million…If there were 12 then the amount anyone would receive would be cut in half…and if there 24 then it would be cut by another ¼. Each group that gets funds from that fund, reduces the amount any one person would get if all things are equitable.

Now when you consider the number of homes damaged, the number of renters that had to move, and the number of people who are paying exorbitant amounts of rent just for a place to live, it is horrendous.

If you are the decider of who gets what, every time you eliminate one group from the mix the group that is left gets more. Most people sit by and complain but do nothing when they see injustice happening.

I can tell you that injustice is happening in the Minot Community right now. Everyone was asked to fill out a form detailing how they were affected by the Flood of 2011. The information in those forms is probably the most comprehensive study of how a community is affected by a tragedy of this magnitude, ever compiled.

I was not involved in determining how to give out the money that was donated. I am sure there were many good people who did their best to determine how to give the funds out. I am not sure when it changed from how can we best help the people who were flooded out, to how can we best help our community.

I would expect there was some serious soul-searching in making the decision as to how to distribute, but I think there had to also have been some other serious concerns. Perhaps the questions asked was not “who was hurt the most?” But what can we do with these funds that will assure the status quo. Perhaps the first decision was….Well lets not give it to the renters…they may take their money and leave the area. What if we lose more of our work base? We already have a problem with finding workers for the local businesses. If we give them money they just may pack up and move out of the area. Then who will work for the lowest wages?

Then I suspect they said…Well, what about those who got their campers and Mobile homes out of their parking places before the waters came….They spent a bundle to do that, they found no place to put those homes that were moved, yet…they lost nothing! REALLY????? REALLY???? Because they got their camper or Mobile home out, because they did everything they could to protect their property (this is being responsible) they did not qualify for ANY funds from FEMA , and they have no place to live either. They ended up with friends and relatives or in a place that had no water, sewer, electric or gas. This was the group that thought they were doing things right, and in the end it cost them dearly.

The choice to exclude renters from the funds is what makes me the most angry…..I can tell you that had people known what was going to happen with these funds, there would have been nowhere near 6 million dollars to distribute. If people knew that the “little family in the crappy rental” wouldn’t get any of the funds, they would not have given. I have never heard such underground rumbling about anything like I have about this.. First they explode in anger that it isn’t being distributed to those who they know really need the help, (this is not to say that homeowners don’t need help, because they certainly do). The perception of this is that never again will I give to any of these organizations that say they are going to do one thing and then turn around and exclude some of the people who need it so much. In the future, if I ever give to a needy cause it will be given directly to the people who need it, and it will be cash.

In the first days after people started getting back into their homes, there was someone out passing out envelopes with cash in them. It was a gift. It was hope. It was not given to protect some theory of how to save the city. It was a true gift, even though in the grand scheme of things it didn’t do much more than give a few people money for gas, money for food, money for one night in a motel….but it was received with gratitude, and could be used for whatever that person wanted.

Now we have only homeowners that get funds. No help for the renters, no help for those who had to move out of the area because of allergies, no place to live, no jobs. Many jobs were wiped out in the flood too, and those employees had no way to care for themselves except to get in their cars (if they had one) and find another place in another city to live and to work.

So….What to do about it? Is that a question? How does one fix something they have no vote in and no say in? Does it do any good to complain? Probably not. Is it worth fighting for those people? They are saying out of the 6 million that each homeowner that fixes their house and can provide receipts, can get up to two thousand dollars. First you have to fix…then you get some back. What about the people who are waiting until spring to rebuild, because they are quite aware of the fullness of the Canadian Dams, and the inability of the Corp to manage the river flow to prevent flooding. Will there still be funds available in the spring for them?

It is true that those who are not making house payments and living in a fema trailer in FEMAVILLE, probably have the best shot at getting ahead. Think about it. They were in a rental, now they are in free housing. If they set aside the amount they were paying for rent for the period of time they are in that FEMA trailer, they will have a nice little nest egg, to buy something…..when there is something to buy. They will have enough for a down payment on a house….(ie were renting for $1500.00 per month, stay in FEMA trailer for 12 Months…save the $1500. Per month at the end of the year they have $15,000. In Cash) If they are wise, they will come through this OK…Others who are renting on the open market are not as likely to be able to save anything because they are spending money on rent.

In this world nothing is really equal. People don’t receive equally, nor do they give equally.

This is Thanksgiving Week….We need to focus on what we are thankful for….I am thankful for so very many who cared about this little burg called Minot and the surrounding areas. I am thankful for the Salvation Army and Red Cross and First Pres, and others who provided food for thousands of meals, who brought food to the work sites, and for shelters for so many. I am Thankful for Josh who did so much to raise money for this area, I am thankful many days of warm weather so things could get done. I am thankful this flood did not come in the middle of winter. I am thankful that everyone got out alive, even though many have found it a hopeless situation and cashed in their chips so to speak. I am thankful for people who have gathered sheetrock and coats, and have taken names from the angel tree to help those less fortunate. I am thankful for FEMA and their trailers that are housing so many. I am thankful that the workers who have come to work are cheerful and begrudging the work they are doing. I am thankful that the internet is available so people can touch base with others. I am thankful for family and friends and for food and hope.

I am thankful to God for never leaving us…for providing all that we need. The injustices of the world and this situation, make me angry, but I know the “experts” tell us that is all part of the healing process. So I will work through my anger, and look to God for continued hope in every circumstance and Praise Him in the midst of my anger, and ask…..What is it Lord, you have for me to do today?….

We will move forward….one day at a time…sometimes just an hour at a time…but we will continue to look to the needs of others, and look less at ourselves. When we see the smile on their face, and the peace that comes one minute at a time into their lives, and the hope that can be given and the encouragement that so many offer. Those are the things we have to look to. Those are the things that make life worth living. So for today, and tomorrow, let us find JOY in helping others, and in providing hope, and in loving, and doing what we can to help each other through this process.

Yes, we will survive this, we will succeed and we will go on! Yes, this week I will truly start looking for those things I am thankful for….I hope you will too!

The Guilt of Survival……..

There is a time that strikes our hearts with a sense of guilt…for surviving something. It could be life, it could be having a house when others were flooded, it could be for keeping a job when others were laid off, it could be living when someone else died.

It is not an easy road, this life we live. “In this world there will be trouble” and wherever we go and whatever we do we will run “face first” into it. The question is not what the circumstances of the trouble are, the question is how do we deal with it. Do we scream and curse, or do we help out, oftentimes going beyond what we even think is possible, or do we collapse and crumble under the onslaught. (more…)

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