If it weren’t for Jesus…I would totally hate Christmas…

Posted: December 19, 2012 in Christmas, Hope
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I am so glad that we celebrate Christmas because of Jesus…because without him and his story, I would not make it through. What does it take to bring happiness at Christmas time? Is there a present that would do it? Is it being with a certain person or people? Is it being in a specific place? Is it entertaining guests? Personally I don’t think presents matter, although they do show people we love them…or at least are thinking about them…

I wonder what it really takes to get out of ourselves, and enjoy the days of Christmas….I think our expectations are too high. We always want this fairy tale Christmas, and it seems it is never that way.

I am not sure when I began to hate Christmas (Except for Jesus Birth) and began to struggle with the day. When I was a kid, it seemed wonderful…great food, family friends, watching for Santa, a special present perhaps…..so when did it change? Once I had a family of my own…. I always remember struggling with the guilt. There wasn’t enough money in the world to be able to buy the presents I wanted to give. In most cases it was a struggle even to have a few presents for the kids. I see now that people spend thousands of dollars on presents and it makes me sad, because there are so many kids who probably will be lucky to get anything. It makes me sad that the parents of those children are struggling with the guilt of not having money to buy their kids what they want. I struggle with kids going back to school and swapping stories of what they got for Christmas, and I know that way in the back is the little boy or girl who can’t talk those stories….who stand there embarrassed because they didn’t get anything good like that. Yes, Christmas is a most difficult time of year.

We need to pray for those kids, those parents, for those who are alone, hungry, without a home and without hope. Only Jesus and his gift of love can heal the brokenhearted and only Jesus can remove the guilt and only Jesus is the reason we celebrate the season! I pray that people will find the hope that is in Jesus, and put aside the presents in their minds, and I pray that each of us will truly understand the beauty of the angels proclaiming that the Christ Child was born….that we, as the Shepherds did, look up in amazement, and proclaim those beautiful words…Glory to the New Born King!

Wishing you a Blessed Christmas full of the Glory of the Lord!

  1. Cathy says:

    Well said.


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