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June 5th, it will be 2 years since beautiful Karen left the constraints of earth, and went to join her Lord, and Family…I share this Eulogy because we always need to remember those who have brought joy, hope, and peace into our lives.  I miss my dear Cousin, Karen.   I hope you will enjoy hearing of who she is.


Karen Rosalie Cox Johnson
by Lloyd Ann Caston

I am here today to tell you a little about the Life of Karen Rosalie Cox Johnson. Some of you will know some of what I have to tell you and some of you will leave here knowing more about her than you ever did. Others of you will have unique memories of her, that I never knew of, or that were just between the two of you or that time will not allow me to mention.

Karen has affected each of our lives in so many different ways, it is difficult even knowing where to start, so I will start with my first real memory of her….

When Karen was just a kid, She was definitely a Daddy’s girl and a little spoiled. She was used to being (more…)