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I encourage you all to read this blog.

I got swamped
and I have been unable to finish the work for Blogging 101, so I am just now finding some of the things that have happened over the past week. One of the things that Blogger’s do is to nominate those Blogs that they find impressive, and think others would like to know about. I think that is a great idea! I know I have found some pretty sensational blogs during this Blogging 101 class.

I was nominated for an Infinity Dreams Award by NinaKimini11….Awesome! Thank you so much Nina! I have enjoyed your blog as well. Please do take the time to read her blog at Unfortunately, I am unable to find the rules for the Infinity Dreams Award, but I expect it is about the same as the others.

Next I was nominated for the Liebster Award by K E Garland. I read your blog regularly too, because I liked it. You can check out her awesome site at: Thank you so very much K E for nominating me for this distinction. I am amazed and very pleased. I hope you all reading this will take some time and check out her site as well as a few of the others that I have found amazing. Thank you again, K E and Nina.

Part of this award allows me to submit between 5 and 11 other blogs. Several of these people may have already received and agreed to accept these nominations, and if so, they may participate again or choose to repost what they have done in the past. And…there is the option of totally ignoring this! I do realize it is considerable work to complete. If it stresses you, then just don’t do it! The SKY will not fall. In the meantime, do take time to read some of the different blogs…there are amazing writers all over! Thank You once again K E and Nina for nominating me.

Here are some of my favorite Bloggers…I trust you will enjoy them as much as I have!

KE’s Questions (first answer that pops into your head and then explain):

Plastic or paper? Paper…Plates that is…saves lots of dish washing!
Book before movie or movie before book? Movie…takes less time, but if it’s good, I will read the book!
Oprah or Ellen? Neither….except for an occasional clip, which I usually like! so Either works for me!
Writing in public or writing in your home? In my home…it’s the distraction
Married or single? I like both…If you haven’t met the right should stay single…but if you have you should probably marry them.
Dog or cat? Cat….I have one named GreyCat…but my dog Ebby was a sweetheart..He has crossed the Rainbow Bridge
Healthy lifestyle or who cares? I have an app for that…It usually tells me I am needing to cut back on calories!
City or Suburbs? Neither….Country! Freedom, Peace, Quiet….
Limited choice or complete freedom? The only way to be free is trusting in Jesus…I am for FREEDOM!
Rainy day or snowy day? Snow is pretty when it is fresh…but rain brings forth life…I like that!
Writing on a device or writing by hand? HUH…Guess!

OK…my questions: Same instructions as above

Why do you write a blog?
Your Biggest Fan?
Did you like doing this?
How much time did it take you?
Your favorite sport?
Do you like to cook?
if you had 24 hours to do anything you want, What would you do?
Have you taken a blogging class?
Did you like it?
Fox or CNN?
Who do you want to win the Pres Election coming up?

Thank You again!


I am blown away…who would ever think that my blog would earn an Award? I surely never did, because I just write what I care about, and what I think, and what I think others should think….And above all the Story of Jesus and his Love for us!

I was nominated for this prestigious Award by A Writers Helper. Her blog is found at Now I don’t know her “real” name but what I do know is I love her stories. I especially love the one where she lived for 5 years without electricity, and had to carry water. I think you will find her blog entertaining, and intriguing, and it goes without saying, excellent writing! If you want to be a part of the story, then you have to visit her site and read some of her posts! Thank You so much, A Writer’s helper for this awesome award!

Part of the nomination process, is to tell 7 things about myself, that most people do not know. And the next part is to locate and post on here several other Blogs that I have enjoyed, are top quality writing, display love, and the quality of the blog. Those would be people I may nominate for this award.

The specifics of the Nomination come from Carly. This is from her Blog: “When you consider nominating a fellow blogger for the Versatile Blogger Award, consider the quality of the writing, the uniqueness of the subjects covered, the level of love displayed in the words on the virtual page. Or, of course, the quality of the photographs and the level of love displayed in the taking of them.

Honor those bloggers who bring something special to your life whether every day or only now and then.

And, have fun!” Her Blog is full of information regarding this award.

So Here goes….7 things you probably don’t know about me.

1. Sometimes, in the summer, when the nights are warm I go out into my yard, and look up into the sky and Sing, “How Great Thou Art” to God….I love that he says…The Heavens display His Glory! Yes, Yes they do!

2. I am the “crazy oil lady”. I discovered the many uses of doTerra Essential Oils, and the purity of them, and I am always telling others about how they have worked to help me be healthy, and how they contribute to a healthy lifestyle. When you tell me what is wrong with you, I say…”I have an oil that may help you!” I even have a webpage for them. That site is: .

3. I have 2 kids, 8 Grand kids, two of which are twins and 2 Great Grand Kids….And I love them all! I miss seeing them, and am so thankful for Facebook, where I can keep in contact and see their faces! I of course love a video now and again.

4 I manage a group of Prayer Warriors. We pray for people who request prayer, and we pray for the needs of our nation, states, and families. We handle emergency prayer requests. It is a no-guilt prayer group. If you get an e-mail asking you to pray, and if you do not have time at that moment, you just turn it over to Jesus for him to handle. Prayer is a great honor…We are honored to be people of faith, who trust God for Miracles! This Site has articles about Answered prayer.

5. I am a blood donor…going in today to give blood again. What an honor to have the blood of Jesus being passed on in the physical realm to someone else. Lord I pray that whoever receives my blood, will come to know the saving grace of Jesus, if they do not…and if they do, I ask for healing and wholeness for them! Amen

6. I wear flip-flops even when I shovel snow….have to be careful though, because snow on your feet is cold!

7. I always thought I would write books for a living, but God had different plans. He got me fired from a job so that I would quit arguing with him, and become what He had for me to be. That is a Real Estate Agent. Yes…that is my real job… I am honored to help people make their dreams become reality. It seems one of the biggest dreams for some people is home ownership! I LOVE my People…because that is who they become when they start out as my client!

OK…so you know much more about me right now…and it is time to tell you the blogs that I most enjoy.

It’s a Panda Life…. I especially love the letter about the hummingbird! Very good story…and you would never know(unless she told you, and she told me) That she has never seen a hummingbird!

M J Chatters… I especially like her article, “You’ve got to stand for something!” It brought tears to my eyes.

Darlene’s Corner I especially like her story… “Nightmare!” Yep it brought more tears.

There are many more blogs out in bloggerville that will touch your heart, make you cry, bring forth laughter, and teach you about history, love, hope and peace…It is an adventure…I hope you will go explore!