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Prayer for Japan

Posted: March 15, 2011 in Prayers
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Reports are coming out that those who have been in the nuclear plant, attempting to contain the radioactive material have now been called out of the plant. What is happening is anyone’s guess, since there is no specific info that I have been able to obtain. (right now anyway)
Since we don’t know how to pray specifically, we must seek the Lord for Wisdom and pray in the Spirit. We must ask Holy Spirit to pray for us to put His words in our mouths and direct us as we pray, since we don’t have the answers.

Lord in the name of Jesus, we ask that You will guide our prayers. Lord, We know you know how to deal with this. We ask you to provide your great wisdom to those who are in charge of this nuclear Reactor and can do what is needed to prevent the radioactive material from affecting the earth and the air, the water and especially the people and the animals. Father, Your word tells us to pray without ceasing…we ask Holy Spirit to pray through us, without ceasing. You know what this nation needs, you know how to stop the spread of radioactivity. You also know of other things going on in our world that need prayer right now too. Everyone is focused on Japan and their needs and we also need to pray for our Nation and the peoples of this country. We pray too for our leaders who appear to not have a clue as to how to help and what to do. We pray for our military that is in Japan right now, and we ask for your protection upon them. We pray for our ships, and for those navigating those ships. We pray for the people who are coming on shore, and having to gather the bodies of so many dead. Lord, we pray for protection for this nation from the diseases caused by unclean water, and bacteria that seems to be such a horrifying danger in situations where tsunami’s have ravaged the land.

Lord we pray for the various groups that are sending people and supplies for help. We pray especially for Samaritan’s purse who is funded by donations and gifts and ask that they might be blessed with all they need to assist these people. Lord, we ask for blankets to reach those so hurt by this evil, and we pray for food for them and clean pure water. Lord, open the doors that these people might be helped.

Above all Lord God we pray that you will reveal yourself and Your great love for each of them. Lord, reveal Jesus to them so they might find the love and peace and salvation that is available through you.

Lord, we place this land and these people into your capable and loving hands and ask for miracles for them. Lord we ask for the meltdown of the rods to be stopped. We pray for water to cool these rods, we pray for restoration of all the safety mechanisms that protect people from the radiation. Lord, into your hands we commend all this and whatever else is needed. You are a mighty and Holy God, and we love you. We give you all the praise and all the glory for all that you are doing even this moment. Lord We thank you for entering in and protecting the people and for protecting the land, and we thank you for all you will do in our future. Father it is in Jesus Holy Name that we pray. AMEN and AMEN