April 2nd 2020 Prayer

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April 2, 2020

Our LORD and OUR GOD, we come to you tonight to Pray for our beloved President Trump. Father we see the tiredness within him. Yet he stands strong and courageous.. He stands to speak to the people about the battle going on in our land. It seems I have about prayed every prayer you have placed on my heart for our President and our Nation, and yet tonight it seems you have concern for our President in a different way because he has need of strength for those in his Military and the people.

He has spoken of an invisible enemy. Tonight Lord, we put on your Armor mentioned in Ephesians 6, and we take the sword of the Spirit, and the shield of faith. We ask for guidance of your Holy Spirit as each of us seeks your face this night. Lord, for President Trumps Military we ask your to cover them in the Blood of Christ. We pray for their hearts Lord, that they will call out to you in their hour of need, seeking you with everything within them. We ask you to provide strength to the job, their President has called them to do. There is an invisible enemy that needs to be defeated, that needs to be cast down. We dispatch angels to every one of them to wield a sword both in the spiritual and in the physical. Father, war is devastating. Lord God, it can destroy the mind, the heart and soul of every one involved. We ask Lord, that you will protect the minds of our Military and those in the front line of whatever battle they are waging and wherever they are waging it. We ask for divine protection for each of them. We ask for divine wisdom, courage and strength for both their body and their mind, as well as for their hearts.

Father, President Trump is doing everything possible to help the medical people that have been called for such a time as this. Father, We ask you to cover them with the blood of Christ. Protect them from the evil. Protect them from all germs and virus and all sickness and disease. We ask for divine protection for their families and those they are in close contact with. We pray that you will minister to their hearts, minds and souls as they struggle to provide the care that is needed for their patients. Lord God, we pray they will have all the medical supplies they need for this mission of mercy. We dispatch angels of healing and mercy, grace and love to them and to their patients.

Father, the President is so concerned about the people of this nation, and we ask you to comfort him as he goes about doing what can be done in the physical realm for each of them. Father, we pray that the people will see the good in President Trump despite the main Stream media trying to prevent them from seeing the truth.

Lord, our President has said the next two weeks will be brutal. Father, give President Trump sleep that is sweet and multiply the hours he gets even though he may only sleep an hour or two. You are the God multiplication and we ask you to multiply his sleep, his time, his prayers, the number of people praying for him, multiply the success of all things concerning him.

We give you all the Praise, all the Glory! We thank you for President Trump who you have chosen to destroy the unseen enemies of the world and bring the light of your glory to the earth and especially to this nation under YOU. We praise you Lord, for guiding, protecting, healing and delivering all those in the fray, and we pray that Truth will come forth. Your Word tells us that We shall know the truth and the truth shall set us free. We pray for every captive, that they may be set free, their chain broken off and those who have held them captive to be cast down, and that justice on earth will come. We TRUST you Lord! We love you, and We thank you for Your Love for our President Trump, for his family, for those who serve you for your Prayer Warriors throughout the land and the earth. Lord, we pray… Set the captives free, and Let the truth come forth and you light bring the Great Awakening. We pray in Jesus Name. Amen

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