Dark to Light…..

Posted: August 29, 2020 in other

I remember these Words that God seemed to be telling me…. “Whatever makes you angry, I am calling you to change!”

Angry today! I was yesterday too, and the day before. Who or what is bothering me, as if anyone really cares, except me…it seems…. Well, I am mad at “holier than thou” Christians. I am mad at Christians who refuse to get involved, I am mad at those who call themselves Christians but aren’t Christ-followers, and I am mad at me…. Maybe I am not actually angry, but rather disappointed, because I look and see the evil going on in our world with trafficking, and think…. Why can’t you at least post the arrests of those Traffickers? Why can’t you comment when you see something YOU HAVE TO DESPISE? How do you wake up others to what is going on if you don’t speak? If you don’t write, if you don’t comment? HOW…

Are you sitting there seeing the evil and just thinking Lord Jesus Come… and expecting the rapture to happen now, so you don’t have to deal with this stuff?

What if God is calling you to make a difference? What about voting? Are you going to sit back, and pray that God moves and the party that is best for America gets voted into office? Isn’t that what we as Christians have been doing for far too long? How has that been working for us? Think about it.

Is it true that we, as Christ-followers believe that God is in control? Yes, it is! But doesn’t the Bible clearly say that if we fail to bring attention to the evil, we are just as guilty as the ones doing it? Silence is not an option! We need to vote our values. We need to vote our morals, and we need to vote according to God’s word. To fail to do that is to fail our duties to Christ himself. He died for us…. and our Children and Grandchildren. SO…. What about all those generations to come should the rapture not happen soon? Will our children have to live a life of never knowing Christ, because we thought the rapture would happen soon, and we were wrong on the timing? Did we rely on the imminent return, and decide our vote didn’t matter?

The choice is very clear this year. There is only one person, one party, that can and will protect our freedom to worship, and it is not the party that had no American flags at their convention or the party that has nominated someone who can’t keep his dirty little hands off children, and even does the touching and kissing and nipple pinching when the cameras are rolling? Seriously…. Only one party is proclaiming Jesus Christ, and if you choose to vote for the other party, you will be answering for your actions.

That other party also promotes and praises the killing of unborn children, even promotes the killing of them after they are born, by voting to let them die rather than feed and care for them. What kind of evil is that?

Who kills children? the Bible clearly talks about those who have. Mary and Joseph were sent out of the country by God, and shortly thereafter the King ordered the deaths of all the children under two years old? the Bible also says not to be drinking blood…. Only now we are learning that children are being terrorized and tortured so that their adrenalized blood can be consumed…. WHY???? Because it causes people to get strength, and beauty…

Ever wonder what it must feel like to a child to be raped by an adult, to be cut, to be skinned? to be bitten and chewed on? to have their body ripped apart while still attached to their mother? God forbid, we sit by any longer and allow this evil to continue! EVER THOUGHT ABOUT THAT? WHAT KIND OF SICK, DESPICABLE ACTION IS THAT? I have no compassion for anyone who would condone that or do that or promote that. I would pray for them to seek forgiveness of our Lord Jesus who died that all might call upon him…. But God knows, those people are probably not going to do that, and they are probably sacrificing children in Satanic rituals, which means they have sold their souls to Satan himself. Only God can help them, and he most likely has let them follow their deprived ways, and they will, in the end, suffer the consequences.

But you and I…. We walk under the KINGDOM OF GOD banner (if you are a Christ-follower). What we say and do matters.

Why I do I speak of this evil, that many will not mention? Because I believe that is a calling that God has placed on my life. He told me long ago, that whatever makes me angry…. HE is calling me to change. That is why I post stuff most people don’t even know is going on. It is why some would say, that I have lost my first love, inferring that because I do this, and because I am concerned about who people are voting for, that I have turned my back on Christ!

God forbid…. I would have preferred to never know the depths of evil that God has allowed me to see! I would prefer not to think about the ritual abuse, the sacrifice of children, the cannible clubs that eat people, the evil doers that seek to use all of us as a food source. REALLY…. YES, really!

Shake your head…. Think about this. Weep until you are broken and distraught, and then ask JESUS what to do about it. YOU and I are the difference makers. WE MUST Follow JESUS… and you can bet your boots, and your fancy designer shoes that JESUS does not promote the evil that Satan loves. Wake up…. GET UP…… Stop thinking those of us who are bringing you this information are deceived, stupid, making this stuff up or have just been fooled by Satan. WE haven’t! This evil is real and there is a war raging in the heavens’.

PRAY, and PRAY and PRAY some more. Pray for America, Pray for the World, Pray for the President, Pray for those rescuing these Children, Pray for the children, teens and others who are rescued. Pray that God will heal their bodies and their minds. PRAY for each other. Pray for Christians to Awaken! Pray for the Greatest Awakening this World has ever known. PRAY as though your life depends on it! Pray as though your Children and Grandchildren’s life depends on it….. BECAUSE it does! Pray, and then speak, then stand…. fully clothed in your Armor, because you will need to have it on! This is a war that we must win… and in the End… GOD WINS! In the meantime we fight the battles….

  1. Marv says:

    Amen and Amen!


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