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There comes a time in our lives, where we either make a difference or we don’t. We have, on our Side…the God of the Universe, to which NOTHING is impossible.

The riots in Baltimore are an act of Satan. He came to kill, steal and destroy? Recognize the signs?

What about the earthquake in Nepal? Destruction and death…stealing of a future for those living there…Most of us miss that…we think an earthquake is just what happens when plates shift, and the result is an earthquake…sometimes followed by tidal waves, mud slides and on and on. Who caused the plates to shift and the earthquake to happen? It for sure wasn’t God…so must have been Satan. He is the one who came to kill, steal and destroy. Fits the criteria, doesn’t it?

How about raging muslims who are killing Christians, and others who disagree with them, their god foremost in their minds. Who is their god? It is the god who says to kill infidels(anyone not believing as they do), they steal the lives of little boys and girls to asuage their pedophilic desires. They destroy everything in their way. ***light bulb*** their god is none other than satan, under a different name. GOD gives life, hope, love….can’t be GOD!

So what do we as Christians do about it? Do we run and hide, when God’s written Word tells us to be strong and courageous. Our God calls us to “fear not!” Our God calls us to pray for those who despitefully use us.

There are ways to pray effectively without “just” pleading with God to do something. In Psalms 149, we are told that it is our honor to do the work of God.
So how do we do that? Our job,…well read it here: Psa 149:5 Let the saints be joyful in glory: let them sing aloud upon their beds.
Psa 149:6 Let the high praises of God be in their mouth, and a twoedged sword in their hand;
Psa 149:7 To execute vengeance upon the heathen, and punishments upon the people;
Psa 149:8 To bind their kings with chains, and their nobles with fetters of iron;
Psa 149:9 To execute upon them the judgment written: this honour have all his saints. Praise ye the LORD.

These words can be taken literally, or Spiritually. If need be we must be literal in our place, to take care of, protect, hide, secure…those who are in danger, by any means necessary to do so. Even if it means physical protection!

We, however, are NOT in Baltimore, nor are we in Nepal, or in Syria, Iran, Iraq, and all the other places where people are being put to death, in the most horrible of ways.

It then stands to reason that our job as Christians may not be Physical…It may be that we must go to battle in the Spiritual Realm…which will ultimately change the physical realm.

So here is one plan…Let’s Pray! Let’s Pray the way Jesus Prayed. Let’s Pray the way Elijah Prayed. Let’s Pray how David Prayed.

Let us not “think” this is just prayer…good thoughts for people. Prayer is not, nor has it ever been “just” good thoughts for people….It is a systematic, faith filled, committed, trust in God to change circumstances according to HIS directions.

Once we have recognized that we are not fighting against other people…the bible says “flesh and blood,” then we have come a long way toward recognizing how to pray. If every request we make of God is based on his way, then things will come to pass according to HIS WAY.

In Baltimore, then we can pray in specific ways to deal with “satan” who is in charge of the evil actions of people. First, let’s pray for the Pastors, and other Christians in the area. Lord, we ask for your hand of protection upon the Pastors and your children who live and work in the Baltimore area. We cover them with the blood of Jesus, just as you instructed the Israelites to put the blood of an innocent lamb on their doorposts so that the death angel would pass over, and not take the firstborn of their families. We ask you to remind them to put on the full armor of God from Ephesians 6. We ask you to make them strong, courageous and unafraid. We declare and decree according to your written Word, that YOU are their “high tower,” and You will keep them safe under your wings or feathers. We pray that you will fill them with your Holy Spirit and Power, and give them prophetic words, and words of power from your WORD. Remind them of who the enemy is. Let they stand strong and “rebuke the devil,” and he will flee. Rebuke, Rebuke, Rebuke in the Mighty and holy name of Jesus…and Love, Love Love because that is the bridge to JESUS!

Baltimore can either become the place where martial law will eventually be put in place or in the Name of Jesus we quell the powers of darkness and send them scurrying away in shame. For let it not surprise you, that those evil spirits of death, rebellion, lawlessness, blasphemy, murder, killing, dis-respect, and all other facets of evil, will RECOGNIZE the Name of JESUS, and his POWER. They will recognize that The King of Creation is in control.

As for the people who are fulfilling the acts of evil. We must love them, but that love does not mean allowing them to run rampant upon the city. They have chosen to follow satan, whether they know it or not, and each person is responsible for the choices they make. If they have been “fooled” into this destructive mode, then it was still their choice. We have laws and rules for a reason. It is the only way our society can work expeditiously.

We must also pray for those who have lost their homes, their apartments, their pharmacies, their senior living centers, and other losses. We must pray that God will heal their hearts, and bring them through the chaos, with faith, and peace in their hearts. We must pray that their hearts will not fail them for fear. We must pray that God will pour out his peace, blessing and mercy upon them, and take care of their financial needs as well.

We must pray for the Police and Security and Military personnel that are trying to bring peace. We must pray for their protection, for them to not become bitter, that their lives and bodies will be preserved. We must pray for their families. It is very hard to have a loved one go into harm’s way and maintain peace in their hearts. FEAR has to go in the Name of JESUS!

I think there are not enough words in the world to cover every aspect of the trials this nation and Baltimore in particular, are dealing with. So I would ask that you take the time to ASK GOD, how HE wants you to pray and for whom he wants you to pray….and then pray accordingly. Even if it seems strange, because our God doesn’t just use a specific formula for any adversity…He is a specific God with Specific plans. Obey his Word, Hear with your ears and with your heart and just follow directions.

In the end, it is up to the Christians of this Nation to save this Nation through the prayers God has for us to pray. We can change things….But we have to pray and we have to seek Jesus with our whole heart, with our whole mind and with all our strength. The future is up to us…. We make the choice….and must accept the consequences!

Love you all!

What am I supposed to do with this?

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Day 14…Page 29. The very first thing my eyes focused on…

Dear Uncle Jack,

You amuse me. Your letter was a riddle and a mystery. How would you happen to know the nearest book to me at the moment I opened your letter. How could you have known the very first thing I saw was Beam Splitter? What in the world do you want me to discern from this item?

Why do I want to split beams? What exactly is a beam splitter anyway? What am I supposed to do with it, and what is the significance of this in my work? I am a writer, as you well know? What am I to do with something that splits a beam of light…Or is that the message.

Writing is like shining a bright light on something you want others to see as you see it…So what you are saying to me is that sometimes you need to shine the light on more than one thing in an article.

So, if I am telling a story about a dog, and his love of fun, I perhaps have to shine the light on the work that dog does.

Or if writing about frogs…perhaps the lily pad he landed on? Or the Bluejay that comes to my deck for his peanuts every day, and GreyCat who sits in wait!

Thanks Uncle Jack….You have always made me stretch my thinking and once again you have done that!

I will work hard at beam splitting in the future, so keep on reading my “stuff” and you will recognize your wise advice.


PS…I still don’t know how you could possibly know that the only book near me at the moment I read your letter, was a copy of Modern Essentials A contemporary guide to the Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils….and page 29 would show a beam splitter…Think about it…these two just do not go together. You are so “quirky”…and I just love that about you!

Our assignment today is to write about our favorite meal and or the people that we enjoyed it with.

The reason I am a “tad” overweight is because I really do like food. I think I always used food to celebrate life. Whenever something good was happening it was always surrounded by food. I am working on the theory…that I have to start eating to live, rather than living to eat!

My family and I were totally blessed, because as a kid, we always had food. When I think of those days, one in particular stands out.

My Dad and I went out to the chicken yard and caught some chickens. We always grabbed the roosters because the hens were for egg-laying. The roosters…well they were only good for keeping the hens happy, and baby chicks which we never raised from eggs, just bought them and they came in boxes filled with yellow fluff. When we went to the Post Office to pick them up, you could hear their little “cheap, cheep, cheep,” calls. It was fun to get new chicks every year…They were one of our very best meals, once they grew enough to be tasty and had some meat on them.

But, getting back to my story….My folks had invited the whole family to come for a Sunday Picnic. So that morning Dad and I went about getting those roosters. First we had to catch them because they ran loose on our farm. Dad had a long stick which had a hook on the end of it. He would sneak up to the chicken and slide the hook over a leg….and basically bring him in. When we had several birds, enough to feed everyone, he grabbed his trusty axe and proceeded to cut their heads off. Then he would throw them out into the yard where they would jump around as they died. The jumping was the last jumping they would ever do, but it got all the blood out of them. Once they stopped jumping, we gathered them up, and headed to the house.

At the house, Mom had a big kettle of water boiling….That went into a pail, and was taken to the yard, where we dipped the chickens in it. When they had been thoroughly heated and dunked…the feathers would come off easily…and one of the neatest things about this, is that even though those chickens walked in chicken poo and other yuck in the yard, and had the dirtiest feet ever, once you dunked those feet in the water, the skin including the toenail would all come off and there you had the cleanest prettiest little chicken feet you could imagine…at least in my “farm kids” heart.

Well, once that was done it was time to cut them up and get the innards out. Then wash them well in very clean and ice cold water.

At this point they went to my Mother, who was a champion Chicken cooker! She could make the best fried chicken in the entire world.

Well, this day company was coming, and Mom got out her old cast-iron chicken frying skillet which had years of baked on black, and very high sides. Because the chickens were “really” fresh they had lots of moisture in the meat. What that meant is that Mom always ended up getting burned by the hot grease that popped out of the skillet when she was frying them.

Getting back to my favorite though…On this particular Sunday, we had been up very early, and Dad and I were starving…but Mom wouldn’t allow us to eat any of the chicken she was frying, because it was for company.

This day, we begged for chicken…so against her best wishes, but with Dad and i harrassing her, she agreed to put in the chicken feet for us to snack on before people got there and it was time for the picnic.

She never liked to cook the chicken feet with the toenails on, because she always thought one of us kids would accidentally choke on one of those toenails…but I suppose she was in a rush and just wanted to get us out of her hair.

She fried them up and gave them to Dad and I to eat…OH MY GOSH…There was nothing that ever tasted as good as those Chicken Feet…We did have to eat them quickly because she wanted those chicken feet in the trash before any guests showed up! After all, What would people think if they saw us eating chicken feet, especially with the toenails on.

Dad and I gobbled up the delicacy…got rid of the feet and welcomed our guests within minutes of enjoying them.

I don’t remember how wonderful the actual fried Chicken was that day…but I do remember that the Chicken feet were AWESOME! And to top it off…nobody choked on the toenails!

The little Red Sweater

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She knew she was supposed to be here. Just sitting on this bench, knitting a tiny red sweater. She knew what her work was. She had been on this mission a very long time. Every since the day her handsome, loving, precious husband had left this world, she had come here. First to remember the days they had sat upon this bench, but then later as she prayed for “her” purpose in life, and why she was left alone with no one, but her beloved Jesus, who would never leave her or reject her. Her time on the bench became a time of renewal. With each stitch she would pray for those who came down the path. Perhaps they would say “hello,” or perhaps not. It didn’t matter. She was not alone. Jesus was with her, and she talked to him.

She talked about those who came by. It was her mission to change the world and she could only do that through prayer.

Today it was a young couple, hand in hand…strolling quietly. Not whispering like so many other young lovers, just walking, looking around, watching, listening to the chirps of birds and sounds of spring.

“Lord,” she whispered, “touch their lives, and let them know you.” Send your angels to heal the brokenness that is within them…the kind of brokenness that exists in each of us. Heal the sorrows, and remove the pain. She had learned so long ago, that there were no perfect lives. Each person suffers something. She would pray for those people, because perhaps, they had never in their lives had anyone who cared enough, or understood the importance of prayer. Her mission in these, her last days on earth, was to open the doorway for others to know her Savior. She continued her heartfelt and vibrant petition to her Jesus.

As the young couple approached the old woman, the young woman spoke to the man she loved so deeply. “Look,” she said. “Isn’t she beautiful?” “Oh Yes,” he replied. “I wonder,” if I will be that beautiful when I am that age,” she chuckled, knowing full well, with the cancer eating away at her body, she would never be that old. Her love, knowing she was just playing this game of life, held her hand tighter, and spoke those words of endearment that just made her love him more. “Sweetheart, you are that beautiful and you will always be!” “Nothing can change how glorious you are.”

“Reality, is strange,” she whispered. “I don’t want reality.” “I want to dream of a life with you, holding you, loving you, believing that one day I will be totally healed, and perhaps, just perhaps, I will be that old woman sitting, knitting….a snuggly little sweater for my grandchild!”

He held her hand with renewed strength, but his heart was tortured, tears welling up… “Oh, God…if you exist.” “Help my beautiful bride…and show us how to get through this.”

The forth, unseen person, smiled…”Yes, he whispered to the old woman…I love your heart, and I have heard your prayer…”I am the way, I am the truth…and I am the life!” “Be it unto them as you have prayed.”

The old woman heard his voice…nodding she replied…”I love you Jesus!” “Thank You!”

The Hunt…

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GreyCat hesitantly scanned the landscape as he contemplates a hunting trip. No bears, no dangerous dogs, no stalking enemy cats. Safe…he perceives. Time to go in search of the perfect trophy.

Silently he stalks the back yard, quickly across open patches, stopping to watch, scanning for any movement.

He crouches, and watches, his tail twitching in anticipation of the perfect distracted bird, or squirrel or gopher…or perhaps a snake parting the grass, or a mole raising a groundswell. He is patient. He waits. His eyes are fixed on something in the distance.

Quickly, he hides himself behind “cover” and moves as a sniper, into position for the kill. Patience, patience…heart beating wildly, but outwardly as still as a statue.

Creeping, he advances…the grass jiggles, His ears perk, alert, listening for the slightest squeek.

Like radar…honing in on the target, he creeps quietly along the grass line…not much cover. Closer and closer.

Waiting, watching again, as still as a stone before an earthquake. His eyes focus, his muscles begin to swell as he moves cautiously into a crouched position.

The time is soon…his prey is hunting too. Searching for a few kernels of grain, or seed. Anything to survive another day. Anything to feed the babies. Life or death struggle. Daily, hourly..Second by second.

The question remains…will that mouse survive to tell its story…or will GreyCat…play with his evening meal?

The argument…

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“So what are you doing?”

“Good grief, can’t you see what I am doing? I am running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off.”

“did you get the vacuuming done yet?” How about the potatoes on to boil?”

NO!…I haven’t, but I will…It will be done in time!”

The potatoes are boiling! I even put a wooden spoon on top of the pan so they don’t boil over!”

“Well…that’s good…at least for once you are thinking ahead….”

“I always think ahead!” “You should know that!” You’ve lived with me long enough to know that not only DO I THINK AHEAD….I run every scenario known to man before I am finished with the task at hand.”

“Wow…you are a little testy today…”

REALLY? Whatever gave you that idea? Right now all I want to do is get the potatoes boiled, manage a shower, and clean off the table.” I have no idea how so much junk accumulates on that table!

When will they be here?

About 4:00 this afternoon….

It will be awesome to see them, won’t it?

Yes, yes, it will….” “It has to have been 10 years or thereabouts since they were here last.”

“Yea, I know…

“I just want everything to be clean and neat and peaceful when they arrive!”

“I am so excited!

“Yea, Me too….” and whether everything is just right or not,” “it will be Okay!”

“OH WOW” “I really do have to quit talking to myself like this…” It’s even worse when there is an argument.”

“No Kidding!” “I got that!”

“So have you managed that shower?”

“aaaahhhh …NO…Where is your brain?”…Waiting, waiting, waiting…for the potatoes to be done…”

“So go, check the potatoes…just get’er done!”

“going, going, going” Hmmpf! “Sheesh!” “Just leave me alone!”

Day 6 – Someone who has affected your life, that you have met in the last 4 months. Is that easy? Who have I met that I have spent even a short time chatting with? Is it someone whose path has crossed mine and there was little interaction? Is it someone who I saw from a distance, who caught my attention and I watched? Who could it be? Perhaps there is more than one. Yes, people who have changed how you think, how you act, or how you are. Let me introduce to you Rachel….

Rachel, came to our table in the restaurant to find out what we wanted. A waitress! Rachel is not her real name, because I don’t know her real name. Her smile was half-hearted, her hair disheveled, although you could tell she had tried to get it to stay up, away from her face. Not curly, not straight, just a slight unmanageable wave, coming loose from it’s tie. She was pleasant, but seemingly distracted. Perhaps she had too many tables to care for, but it didn’t seem like that was it. Something else was bothering her. You could pick it up in the slight slump of her shoulders. Just a hint of defeat, something going on in her world. Something that laid heavy upon her. She was…maybe 20’s or 30’s…since I am not a good judge of age, I just have to guess at that. Her service was good, except for the iced tea she forgot, and she got my order wrong, but it was OK…(she gave me the senior citizen sized order instead of the regular). Probably a blessing in disguise. I didn’t complain, it just didn’t matter, this would not be my last meal, and I was in no danger of starving to death.

Even knowing that money can’t fix everything, Ileft a substantial tip….hoping that perhaps, somehow she would know that someone cared. That was the last I saw her, except in thoughts. My memory keeps bringing her to mind. I can’t fix her, but I can help her. I may never see her again and it doesn’t matter. The crossing of paths was enough. It was enough for me to take time to pray for her. Here is my prayer for her.

Lord, I do pray for Rachel. You know what she needs. You know what is affecting her heart. You know what is happening in her life outside of work, and you know if something is occurring inside of work. Today, Lord Jesus I ask you to bring her comfort, to reveal clarity to her situation, to give her peace in the midst of chaos. I ask for healing for her hurts, for her wounds, and for her heart and soul. I pray that whatever occurs she will find joy in life and a relationship with the only one who cares for her more than she cares for herself. I pray Lord that she will find hope in each new sunrise. I pray she will find happiness in the laugh of a child, the song of a bird, or a drifting tumbleweed crossing the road in front of her. I pray she will find someone to hold her tight, and that she will make right choices. I pray she will find joy in being a blessing to others. I pray that she will be blessed financially, and that you will speak to her in a way that she recognizes as beyond “worldly”. I pray for healing for her body, her soul and her spirit. I pray that she will become a new creation, and when she does, I pray she will find a life full of plans for her future, a path designed especially for her, and that her life will be blessed with more than she could ever hope or dream.

Yes, Rachel made a difference in my life. A passing stranger, a unique appointment planned ahead of time to touch her life that would change her future….and mine.