Prayer for April 1, 2020

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April 1, 2020
Heavenly Father, we come today on behalf of our President, whom you have chosen for this hour in our history! Lord, you know best, and you have told us to be the watchman on the walls. So today I am here asking for special assistance for President Trump.
Lord, I pray for Strength that comes from you. There is not enough strength in the World to supply him, so we call on you to instill in him Godly Strength from your Kingdom. We pray for strength of mind. Help him to think clearly, to breathe deeply of your breath of life. Let him see clearly what the future brings should he go one way, or the other way, and give him the wisdom to choose wisely.
We see that President Trump is hesitant to accept the doom of over 100,000 deaths from this disease. We see that he is calling for hope. We pray that he will stand strong against this sickness that is permeating our world. Lord, in the name of Jesus we CURSE the sickness that is raging. We command it to die, and that people will be allowed to get the drugs that will cure it.
Father, we see the governors of states putting roadblocks in the plans to send forth the healing of the Z pack and the hydroxyChloroquine. Father, we cast down that roadblock in Jesus Name.
Father, in the midst of this evil that has come on our Nation we also see that there are political games being played and we are fed up with that. We dispatch angels right now to silence the voices of those who are acting in ways to bring disunity to the nation. We dispatch angels to grab these beings by the ankles and turn them upside down and remove them from the scene. Lord, the powers of darkness chose to crucify Peter(I think, but can’t remember at this moment…. you know Lord) upside down…. Father as your angels turn them upside down and angels silence their voices, remind them of the evil that their god has done to YOUR CHOSEN ONES>. Let the vengeance of the Lord fall upon them.
Father, Where have they hidden the masks and the ventilators? Why are they being held for a later time, when they are needed now? Lord, open the storehouse and let the supplies needed go forth into the hospitals and clinics and wherever they are needed.
Father we pray for the Doctors and the Nurses, and the CNAs and the laundry people, and those who clean the beds and the equipment. Father we cover them with the blood of Christ, whether they are yours or not. We do this that they might be protected from this virus. Enough is enough Lord,… We pray they are kept healthy and well, and we pray that through this time, if they do not know you, have not sought your forgiveness and given there love and loyalty to you, that they will see Jesus clearly and fall on their knees before Him. Father we claim all these souls for your kingdom.
Father, there is a ship sitting offshore where people are dying. We pray that President Trump will push all the right buttons so that the medicine can go to them so they can be healed, and no more deaths will occur.
Father, at every turn there is a snake in the grass trying to destroy your President so he will be abhorred and hated. We cancel the plans of the snakes and the plans of the Rats who spread evil. We command that every snake, every Rat, every vermin, every wolverine, every animal spirit that the enemy has will be destroyed, in the Name of Jesus.
Father, I know I heard you say a short prayer… LOL… This is not a short prayer on earth, but I expect it is a short prayer in heaven. You know what we are going to pray even before the words leave our mouths or in my case, my fingertips. So, Lord, I will continue, until you tell me we are finished for now.
Yes, Lord, I hear the sound of boots on the ground…Our military Lord, Our law enforcement personel, those who are serving up justice, and bringing evil doers and treasonists to justice. Lord, we pray for divine Protection upon each of these people. We pray they will have supernatural instinct to not be caught in traps, or have anyone or anything be able to prevent them from doing the work YOU have called them to do.
Father, we pray you place angels around each one, and we pray they will be wise, and powerful. We pray that they will not be overwhelmed by the task at hand, but let the exuberance of the joy of the Lord be upon them as they remove evil-doers from the land.
Father, I pray for the children. Lord, there are many who are being held hostage by those who seek to do harm to them. Lord, some have been captives for a very long time, so we pray for their minds to be restored to health. We pray that the spirit of fear is cast far from them and they will know they are safe. Father, you love the little children and have said to let the little children to come to you. Father, we call forth the children to come to you. To let the light of our countenance heal their bodies and their minds. We pray for a miracle for each one of them, and pray they will be rescued soon.
Father, We thank you that President Trump loves the children and wants the best for them. We thank you that he saw what was happening to them, and chose to accept your invitation to leave his cushy lifestyle, to enter the lions den and slay the dragon! Father God, we give thanks for President Trump and Melania and for this family who are giving all they have. We pray that soon the World will know of their great sacrifice on behalf of YOU and the children of the World. Father, we ask all these things in the Name of our beloved Jesus. AMEN
  1. Marv says:

    So timely and necessary and in no way too long. Thank you.LA


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