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Could something written over 3000 years ago possibly be the reason America seems to be in such serious trouble? If so, then what in the world do we do about it? I really appreciate when someone takes a specific message and breaks it apart, and then compares it to the happenstances of this nation.
Of course I am talking about the Bible. I am a believer in Jesus. It is Jesus who entered my life as a little child and has always been there directing and guiding my life. It is Jesus, who has revealed truth to me, and it is Jesus who has bailed me out of so many situations I have found myself in…most because of the choices I have made, but many because, I either didn’t follow his instructions, didn’t recognize his voice, distrusted him, and thought I could do it better myself, or was in the wrong place at what seemed to be the wrong time.
I find it amazing that God even bothers to work in the life of people. Who would care that much? He is the God who can create a person from scratch at any given moment should he choose. He is the god that works everything to our good. How in the world does he keep track of everyone of us that loves him and wants to talk to him all at the same time. Can you even imagine the cacophony? Why would he care about our lives…they are so short in comparison to eternity. He places each of us in places, just like he put Esther in the Kings court at “such a time as this.” So why am I here? Why are you here? How do our worlds intermingle. I am always amazed as where my readers come from….I look and someone in Taiwan read my blog, or Brazil or chili or Sweden. It absolutely amazes me. Who could possibly care (more…)