You Choose……Act Now…or regret it and wish you had!

Posted: March 23, 2015 in Prayers

Could something written over 3000 years ago possibly be the reason America seems to be in such serious trouble? If so, then what in the world do we do about it? I really appreciate when someone takes a specific message and breaks it apart, and then compares it to the happenstances of this nation.
Of course I am talking about the Bible. I am a believer in Jesus. It is Jesus who entered my life as a little child and has always been there directing and guiding my life. It is Jesus, who has revealed truth to me, and it is Jesus who has bailed me out of so many situations I have found myself in…most because of the choices I have made, but many because, I either didn’t follow his instructions, didn’t recognize his voice, distrusted him, and thought I could do it better myself, or was in the wrong place at what seemed to be the wrong time.
I find it amazing that God even bothers to work in the life of people. Who would care that much? He is the God who can create a person from scratch at any given moment should he choose. He is the god that works everything to our good. How in the world does he keep track of everyone of us that loves him and wants to talk to him all at the same time. Can you even imagine the cacophony? Why would he care about our lives…they are so short in comparison to eternity. He places each of us in places, just like he put Esther in the Kings court at “such a time as this.” So why am I here? Why are you here? How do our worlds intermingle. I am always amazed as where my readers come from….I look and someone in Taiwan read my blog, or Brazil or chili or Sweden. It absolutely amazes me. Who could possibly care

about what I have to say?
Last year I read the book, “The Harbinger” by Jonathan Cahn. #Shemitah It was intriguing. It spoke of the instructions given to Moses….Blessings for obedience, but judgment for disobedience. It spoke of the “Harbingers” or warnings of what was to come in the event the nation turned away from God. Step by step it went through the various warnings, and the disobedience to God that would bring judgment. Israel got prideful and arrogant and forgot that their God was their provider. They forgot that the blessings they enjoyed, had all come from God. He WAS THEIR PROVIDER. HE WAS THEIR PROTECTION. HE WAS THEIR GOD. He had led them to the promised land, he had fed them in the desert, he had provided their manna, he had placed a cloud over them to protect them from the hot desert sun, the same cloud that provided heat when the desert turned cold. What an amazing story…He even threw back the waters that allowed them to pass from one side of the Red Sea to the other on DRY ground. It was nothing less than a miracle. Imagine a bridge that appeared, not over the water, but through the water. It’s walls were walls of water, held back by an all powerful God who loved them more than they could ever know.
The Promised land was theirs! The food in abundance, a glorious nation completely blessed by God. There was nothing they had to worry about, because God provided everything…..
I think when life is too easy, it is EASY for us to forget that we didn’t provide those blessings. That it wasn’t by our power that the blessings came. It seems easy to forget our God, because he has placed at our disposal everything we need.
I look back over my life and I see that the times I am closest to God are the times I am in deep do-do. It is when I don’t know which way to turn. It is when I recognize that I can’t fix this. Yep…those are the times I go running to God because I know HE CAN!
Today, I finished the sequel to the Harbinger. It too was written by Jonathan Cahn, and it is called, “The Mystery of the Shemitah.” WOW….reading it is like taking a punch in the gut. It follows the history of America and how this Nation was dedicated to God, and tied inexplicably to Israel. We are Israel, since the day of our dedication to God, with the founders placing our nation squarely in God’s hands…..the hands that cared for Israel would also care for America…provided we followed his instructions.
Like Israel, we didn’t any more than Israel did. Israel turned their back on God, and the result, even after many warnings from Prophets, to turn back to him and follow his guidelines. They refused, and the result was a takeover by the Assyrians, which resulted in the Jews being spread all over the world, a nation first in disarray, and then in absolute destructions. Their building cast down, and their land removed from them. Is America headed down the same path?
At what point did God remove his protection from America? Why….well, probably because we won’t follow his rules. We got prideful and thought we were invincible. We are not. One of the reasons that judgment came upon Israel is that they began to worship other gods, and they began to sacrifice their children to those gods. Our God Treasures the children….all the children. Harm to Children will bring judgment! It doesn’t matter if it is a pedophile or whether it is sacrifice or whether it is abortion.
A society that kills its children deserves judgment. Even those in prisons find child molesters, child rapists, child killers to be despicable and oftentimes submit those people to “prison justice.”
It is at this point that I have to come to God and ask forgiveness. When I was much younger, Roe vs Wade had just become the law of the land. I remember going to the State Fair, and there was a group of people who were looking for people who would stand with them to fight this evil. I walked by. I am ashamed that I did that. Forgive me Lord Jesus for walking by. I should have stood even then. Perhaps one more voice would have made a difference. Perhaps if you had stood then, together it would have made a difference and we could have stopped the evil of baby killing. A nation that condones the murder of innocent babies (whatever others would call them to make it sound better…zygote, fetus)….Liars….those are and were babies…they were human life!”
I can’t change the past…I didn’t stand…but I stand now! I don’t cast judgment on mothers who have chosen abortion. They didn’t truly understand any more than I understood so long ago when I walked by. We are not speaking of personal choices here, but as a nation, we condoned it. At what cost? The broken hearts of millions of mothers, the death, the horror of guilt. People KNOW what is right and what is wrong in their heart of hearts. It is only after many days of lying to themselves do they then begin to believe their lies.
Abortion is not the issue here…Disobedience to God is. When a nation fails to follow the rules set down by the God who placed them in their land, blessed their socks off, and provided everything they needed, then the problem is that God isn’t going to put up with their disobedience forever. Just like children. We expect our kids to obey. We know better than they do what is best for them. We know they need to “STOP” When we say stop. Failure to listen, can mean death. Ever seen a disobedient child run into the street? If only they would have obeyed the instruction.
Nations as well as people need to be obedient. We all need to work hard at hearing God’s voice and following his instructions. Our leaders need to be Men and Women of the Word. We need to know he loves us so much that he would give his life for us…and in fact HAS ALREADY done that. He took my sin of not standing up, and many others, and he took yours and everyone else’s. Forgiveness is not automatic however. Each of us needs to go to Jesus (Yeshua) and ask him to forgive us, and we need to give him our lives, our hopes, our dreams and our future. In return, we get HIM. All of him. We become a new creation, just like America became a new creation. We belonged to HIM…WE still belong to HIM. When we grow lazy, and don’t follow directions, or rebel and refuse to do it his way, then it is just like our children, we take steps to correct that. We are his children. America is His Nation.
As Americans and especially as Christian Americans we have much to repent for. We have not voted or have voted for someone who does not take seriously the Word of the Living God. We have been lazy and refused to step forward to hold offices in the various places of authority. We have stepped back and allowed those who don’t know Jesus personally, or are outright enemies of his to take positions of authority and rule. We think we have too much to do already. Some of us have “skeletons” in our closets and don’t want the media to broadcast those skeletons across the airwaves. In our failure to take our responsible positions, others who have different agendas step up and into the positions that we as Christians should have fought for.
Those who God has counted on to lead a nation have failed to obey. The result. Ungodly rulers, and a mindset that they are “all powerful” and answer to no one. As Christians we need to set aside any disputes we have with other Christians and Pray for Godly Men and Women to stand and serve, and we need to pray for them and support them financially and we NEED TO VOTE FOR THEM! Staying home from the polls is NO LONGER AN OPTION!
The years pass, and Christians don’t even stand for themselves or their God. They allow the press to slander our God. We don’t even stand for our God with our friends and family….much less, not with the general public. We are afraid of being scorned. In actuality, God doesn’t need us to defend him. He is all powerful and can defend himself when and however he chooses. What the Bible tells us though, is that those who are “ashamed” of him….He will be ashamed of. Another sin, I have to repent for…failure to stand when someone was “bad-mouthing” my beloved Savior. Shame on me.
Ok…so what DO I have to say today? I must say that if you are Christian and you haven’t read “The Mystery of the Shemitah” then you need to get it and read it immediately. You can check it out on Facebook at Jonathan Cahn (Official Site) (The Internet address is It will explain way more than I ever could. Barnes and Nobles sells it, or order it on line and download it to your phone….whatever…just get it and read it immediately(There is not much time left) The Mystery of the Shemitah talks about the stock market crashes, the loss of jobs, the loss of productivity, it talks about the resting of the land, and it talks about forgiveness of debts and speaks of our system of credit, and debt. It talks about “what” the Shemitah is, when it occurs and when it will occur next. It tells us the signs of judgment, and as Christians we can see it. It isn’t a formula, but a glimpse of what we can expect if we don’t turn back to God, and trust him and follow his rules.
Some of the signs of judgment the book describes are: Ungodly leaders, a government passing immoral laws, division, violence, a desolation that comes from far away, an enemy attack, fire on the land, destruction.
I don’t know about you, but I see all these things. I see ungodly leaders in our government, I see immoral laws being placed upon us without our consent, I see a nation divided by race, wealth, by sex, by morality. I see violence in our streets, in families, in schools and in hearts. I see an enemy attack…and more on the way. I have seen destruction in so many areas of our nation. Floods, wildfires, hurricanes….What I haven’t yet seen are a desolation that comes from far away, nor have I seen Fire on the land, other than the wildfires in our forests…but the entire nation is not “on fire” yet. I don’t see the destruction that is taking buildings and schools and communities down and causing desolation throughout the land.
Is there any hope for America? Do we just throw our hands in the air and proclaim it is too far gone? Do we lay down and try to survive what is coming or do we do something, and if we choose to do something, what does that something look like? How do we bring our Nation back from the brink of disaster? We must remember that Israel was removed from their land for 2000 years. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to see that for America. I want us to turn back to God and do it his way. I don’t want my children and Grandchildren and their Grandchildren to live in a land that is unsafe, dangerous and under God’s judgment. I don’t want to see them having to run for their lives, and I don’t want them beheaded or gassed as what happened to the Jews during the holocaust.
Today, before it is too late….Today before time runs out, I want to ask God what to do, and I want to do it. I want other Christians to make that same choice. It was the day of 9/11 when I first seriously prayed the Scripture from II Chronicles 7:14

2Ch 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

This One single Scripture tells us there is hope for America. It doesn’t call on the world at large to get right with God, but it does call for those who are called by HIS NAME (us) to cast down our prideful ways and become humble, to pray, to seek God, and to stop our wicked ways…..It is then and only then that God will hear our prayers and will forgive our sin and heal our land.
We MUST begin seriously to correct ourselves and our families. There are so many of us….There are so many of us who have allowed our walk with God to be neglected. We must pray for our nation and we must pray for a massive revival here in America. We must Pray that God will heal our land. That God will restore to us his protection, that he will restore our families, and restore our love for one another. We must pray for our churches that they will obey God’s Word and walk in HIS WAYS, and not the way that someone deceives us into believing that the word of God means something other than what it says, or twists the Word to mean something it doesn’t. We must seek truth. We must Pray that God’s truth shall arise and his Glory fall upon us once again.
Without God restoring our Nation, our Nation will not be restored. Without God in America, there will be no America. Without you Praying, and asking others to join you in Prayer for America, no one will be asking God for help or showing him that we DO want him in AMERICA.

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