Resurrection Sunday is soon! Get ready!

Posted: April 3, 2015 in Prayers

As I ponder the Glory of Resurrection Sunday, I can’t help but think of the many people who are under assault. Whether it be Christians being murdered in the name of satan or victims of the evil in the form of cancer, or other illnesses which came upon all of mankind since the loss of fellowship with God in the Garden. I think on those little ones who we pray for, for Justin, for Charlotte, and for the many many others we have prayed for over the years. My heart breaks when I think of the sorrow of the parents who either struggle with illness in their children and for those who have died and gone onto their eternal life. My soul mourns over the sin I piled on Jesus at the Cross, and then compound that by all the sins of mankind. I can’t imagine a love so great that HE would not only die for us, but be cast away by God for a time, when all along no one had been so close to their Father. I can’t imagine the sorrow of the Father for his Beloved Son. I do not know if I could ever have given up my children for such a cause, even knowing that it was not the end, but just the beginning.

I am reminded of the Word which says, that by his stripes we are healed. I believe it…I know it…but my eyes do not see it except on rare occasions. I want to reach out with the Frankincense that was given to Jesus at his birth and touch those who are ill, dying, hanging on by a thread and say…Be healed in the Mighty Name of Jesus…so Tonight I say that! Be healed in the Name of JESUS!
I long to change the sorrows of our world, but I am not called to do the work I request…I am called to claim the Word of God, and Pray the prayers, and seek God in what I am to do, what exactly I am to pray, when to pray (without ceasing of course).

I have a deep sadness tonight…beyond deep. Perhaps it is that over 2000 years ago now, our Jesus was hanging on a cross with his life seeping away, his weight so heavy and his heart so broken and yet his determination to stay on that cross and let the plan be fulfilled.

I pray that as we move through the day of darkness, that we will see the glimpses of light begin to break through. I think of the time Jesus spent in hell and I am thankful that he brought many out of that horrible pit of despair. I think we know nothing of the despair. We cannot know…but we can know the Light of Christ. We need only come to Jesus, ask him to forgive our sin, and invite Him to enter our hearts, and then follow him.

Jesus is so unique. He is God, He is hope, He is love, He is mercy, He is grace, He is the only one who can bring us peace. Today is a good day to receive the gift of life with Christ. It is available, but we must ask. It is like getting a beautiful gift, but if we don’t open it, it is like it is not ours, and it isn’t until we receive it. I urge you to not let another day go by without choosing Jesus. It may be the last time you get the opportunity. I do not know where I would be without Jesus.

Tonight, I want to pray especially for those who are sick, and especially tonight I want to pray for Baby Charlotte…..I know that the God who has said that by his stripes we are healed, and who died to forgive our sin, and who rose from the dead, and was seen by many witnesses, is the God who perhaps this day, will touch the body of little Charlotte and make her whole. Perhaps tonight God will touch Justin and make him whole, and his body will be re-manufactured to the Glory of God. Perhaps tonight those people who are battling Cancer will be set free from satan’s grasp. Perhaps tonight millions will fall on their knees and give their lives to Christ. Perhaps….Perhaps the world will awaken to Christ Alive, Perhaps tonight the Nation of Israel will recognize Yeshua, will be able to see the truth. Perhaps on Resurrection Sunday, it will be a NEW WORLD on earth where the Glory of the Lord is proclaimed in every Nation. Perhaps…I pray it is so. Please join me!

Thank You Jesus for dying for me…Thank you for forgiving my sin, Thank you Jesus for Loving me….Thank You Jesus! Thank You Jesus, for touching hearts throughout the world and bringing millions to your Kingdom! My words come to an end…but You Lord Jesus, know my heart, and it is in YOUR NAME….the name of Jesus, or Yeshua, I pray….Amen and AMEN!

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    everything that you have been by way of.

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