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A Prayer for March 31, 2020

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MARCH 31st, 202Q
Our Father, we come to you today, because significant things are taking place in the Spiritual Realm, and I know that President Trump, must be protected, and that the powers of darkness are in an all out war to remove him now. So Father, I decree here and now that NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST PRESIDENT TRUMP, HIS LOYAL TEAM, HIS FAMILY, THE MILITARY, THE MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS YOU HAVE PUT IN PLACE, WILL SUCCEED AND ALL …. YES, LORD, ALL WHO RISE AGAINST HIM WE CONDEMN.
THERE IS MUCH TO PRAY REGARDING PRESIDENT TRUMP…. THIS DAY AND IN THE DAYS TO COME.. We come to you Lord asking you to lead us to pray in the SPIRIT and in YOUR POWER, for President Trump and this Nation and Your Children and YOUR WARRIORS!
1. We pray that any voices that President Trump is currently receiving counsel from concerning COVID-19 that are not from YOU, GOD would be silenced and exposed.
2. We pray that any agenda, whether it be economic or political that is trying to attach itself to the COVID-19 pandemic would be torn down.
3. We recognize that there is a fight for “authority” in the spirit realm. YOU have anointed this President and the decrees that he makes must not be disarmed and reversed by the enemy. Donald Trump made a decree that by Passover, many sectors and spheres would open up. Days later, that prophetic decree was overturned and reversed. The enemy is at work and an alarm must be sounded. Keep your eyes and ears specifically on this battle for his “words”. We decree the President’s decrees will stand, and that HE will speak YOUR WORDS of TRUTH to the Nation and Nations.
4. We pray that any muzzle trying to be placed upon Donald Trump’s mouth be broken. We are currently in the Hebrew year 5780 which is the year of the open mouth. May the President’s mouth be open and may he make righteous and wise decrees in the United States. We decree the Church open up their mouth and speak forth the WORD of God.
5. We pray for the spirit of Jezebel to be thrown down in Washington D.C. This public assassination attempt on President Trump will not succeed. We declare that any financial crisis and hardship that the USA endures will not turn people unnecessarily against him. We decree that all will rise, and the Glory of the Lord will be revealed to all, even those who have scoffed at YOU and your Kingdom.
6. We pray for our Governors and local authorities. We are aware of the spirit of division and mutiny that will seek to cause confusion and chaos in the months ahead. We decree it null and void!
7. We pray for the ability to carefully guard our own mouths and choose to speak life, blessing, and prosperity over our cities and nation. We decree that the words of your children will be profound, easily understandable, and they will be filled with such power that the earth shall shake in the glory of YOU!
Lord, let us remember that we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places. (Ephesians 6:12)
WE call forth divine Intervention into the plans of those who seek to take down our nation and our President. We decree they have no power in this realm.
We decree that every plan YOU HAVE, for PRESIDENT TRUMP will be fulfilled, and that your Divine Wisdom will come forth from him.
We cast away from him the rats, and the snakes and the evil entities who are trying to trap him and cause him to fall. We decree that President Trump is Safe, secure, hidden, protected, covered in the Blood of Christ, Along with his family and all those previously mentioned who are loyal to him and YOU.
We decree that all equipment the President needs will work, and even though the enemy may make a temporary gain, they will fail utterly and their shame will be proclaimed worldwide.
Though Darkness would come to America, YOU are the LIGHT OF the WORLD… and will dispel the darkness at YOUR CHOSEN TIME!
Lord, I thank you for the prophetic call to arms I received this morning from one of your chosen. I thank you that through that person you have opened the door for us to pray according to your will. We Thank you Lord.
Father, I ask that your children will feel compelled to copy and print this prayer for the days ahead, where we may not be able to transmit through our computers, and phones.

A Prayer for Today

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March 28th, 2020

Our Lord and our God! We come to you giving Praise for our President and for your safe-keeping of him, in the midst of the hatred. Lord you are Mighty and we are grateful for you and for this protection you have placed upon YOUR chosen Ones. Lord, we pray for continued safety, protection and favor for President Trump and his family and all those you have placed in position to accomplish your plans upon our earth in this time. Father we are grateful that even though the President and we your children walk through the valley of the Shadow of death, that you will open the way into the glorious light of Christ in our Nation. Our Lord, let us remember that Passover is near, and we should follow the lead of those who placed the blood of the sacrificial lamb on their doorposts, and we, in the Spirit anoint the White House and Mara-lago and all places, including AF One and everywhere our President is, with the blood of Jesus, We too take our oil of Frankinsense or Olive and place it on our doorposts, that the death angel will passover.

Father, we pray for divine wisdom for our President and his team during this time of darkness in our land. We pray that he will be as wise as a serpent and as innocent as a dove. We pray that through him and his team that equal justice will come upon America and all those who have plotted the destruction and take-over of this land will be brought into the open and that You justice will come upon them. We pray they will repent, and turn from their wicked ways, and follow Jesus, but if they refuse then we pray for Swift Justice to come upon them.

Lord, we thank you for Melania, Lord. You have given her such a gift of grace. Help all of us to learn from her. Let her strong support of her husband be a sign unto the Nations of your Love for our President and for Her and for those who love and support him. Let us remember to pray as the Spirit leads us in these difficult times.

Father, We know that the world is trying to use the CoranVirus to destroy President Trump and we decree that all their plans, their curses, their schemes, and all attempts to destroy him in any way will fail. We pray for the health of the people. We ask for healing from you either by divine authorization, (You speaking the Word) or through the use of medicines so that the people will be made well, and this disease dies immediately. We decree that this virus is cancelled from spreading throughout the land or into any and all communities.

Lord God, we thank you that the Fed is now in the hands of the Treasury. We thank you that the deep state will no longer be able to steal our funds, in any way. We thank you and praise you. We thank you that the money system will be reborn in America, and that every dollar printed will be backed by Gold or Silver or precious metals that you have placed on the earth for our Use. Here on earth it is considered very valuable, and in heaven you pave the streets with it… in its purest form that makes it translucent! Thank you for giving President Trump the understanding of how all this works.

Lord, as darkness comes upon the earth for a few days, let not our President or your people fear. We cast down fear in the Name of Jesus. Lord, we thank you that soon those days of darkness will be over, and you will reveal great truths that many do not know. During this time of darkness let us all be strength and love to those who are panicking. Let us reveal to them the plan of Salvation, that they might repent of their sins, and believe on Jesus, and follow him. Lord, your Word tells us the fields are white unto harvest! Help us to have doors opened that we might bring that harvest in.

Father, before I started this prayer for our President, you reminded me that YOU are God and you speak those things that are not, as though they are. So we take your lead Lord…. We decree that America is fully and completely Yours… That President Trump will speak your Words of Wisdom and Divine revelation to the people. That Our future is bright, as you desire it to be. That we will worship you with such fervor and power and joy that the world will be rocked! Arise, Oh God and scatter the enemies of President Trump and his team, and of your Children. Send that spirit of fear away from this earth and let us proclaim the Glory of YOU…..We decree it done… In Jesus Name. AMEN