A prayer for the children

Posted: April 2, 2020 in other

Father God, I pray for these children. Lord, revive those who need to live and take to your bosom those who you want to release from all this earthly misery. We know that every child is loved in your kingdom and will be held and nurtured and healed. We pray for those you are leaving here who have need of food and love and people who will care for them. Father, we pray for wisdom and strength, and love for those who will care for these children. Oh Lord, provide every thing they need. Let them know that they are safe and in your loving hands here on earth. Father, we pray for those entering the tunnels and caverns. Father, we pray they will have the strength and stamina to do their job. Lord, we pray for your peace to be upon them. We ask you to let the horrors of this work be something they will be able to lay down once this is complete. Father, we ask that you will heal their eyes from what they have seen and heal their hearts from the horrors they have witnessed. Father, we pray that whatever they are in need of, YOU will provide. Lord God, what a horrible job for anyone to do, and what a sacrificial blessing for those children to receive. To be coming from the darkness into the light. Lord, we have no idea how many dead are inside, but there are many. The smell of death never leaves nostrils, it seems so we pray that you will clear the air in every person and every child that is involved in this rescue mission. Oh Mighty God… We call out for you because YOU have seen this for so long. Thank you for setting the Children free… All of them, Young and Old. Lord God Almighty we praise your Holy Name! Thank you for hearing and answering our prayers…. In JESUS NAME let the children come…. Amen

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