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Noise in the night

Posted: April 9, 2015 in This and That
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I awoke to noise. Many people. Crying. My Mother… Other voices… shushing… don’t wake the kids….but I was awake, and I was NOT waiting for someone to decide to wake me up.

What had happened? Why are all these people here? Why is my Mother crying? What is going on….Where is my Dad? The living room is full of people. I haven’t seen this many people in our house since we had a big summer picnic in which everyone in the surrounding countryside was invited. Then the yard was spilling over with people, and the house had a few, but mostly they were women and they were gathering food and taking it to the front yard where tables were set up and the NEW Brick Fireplace, my Dad had built were ready to receive and deliver those luscious steaks.

Tonight, there were no Steaks…and there were no smiles. Somber people, speaking in hushed tones…earth-shattering sobs coming from my Mother.

Something has happened to someone, since my Dad is not here, it must be him….I find a face I recognize, “What’s wrong?”, I ask…”What has happened? Where is my Dad?” That face spoke…. Your Dad is on the way to the hospital in Minot. Minot? Why not Kenmare, that hospital is closer? We always used the hospital in Kenmare. It was only 20 Miles from home. “Was there a car accident?”…I quizzed him. He was not volunteering any information. “WHAT HAPPENED?” I demanded an answer, after all I was not a baby…I was 15 years old and not stupid.

“Your Dad was shot tonight.” he barely whispered, with a pained expression on his face. Where was he shot? I demanded answers….In Donnybrook, on main street. WHAT? What happened? Again and again…words kept coming and answers were not forecoming….and then I was put in a car along with my Sister who was still asleep and taken to the neighbors for the night. My Mother was being taken to Minot to the hospital where my Father had been taken.

No more answers….None…I asked the neighbor who we were to be staying with, but she said she didn’t know. She gave us a bed to sleep in, but there was no sleep. My sister slept alongside me. Peacefully…thank God at least she was sleeping. For me…no sleep this night. I sat with my back against the wall….no headboard on this bed. I sought the truth from the only one who knew…