A few thoughts for the day!

Posted: March 19, 2012 in Humor, Interesting

I am not sure why I have decided to write today….I guess the news, and the leftover flood debris, the inability to have a magic wand to make the mess leave or Calgon to just take me away! (I don’t have a bathtub either….well, I do have one, but it is in the garage and not hooked up to water) Whatever the case, I have things to say, and you are welcome to listen. If however you have better things to do than read my musings, then go do it! I am not sure you will gain anything by what I have to say…but I am going to say it!

* I am so thankful that Jesus came and gave me the gift of eternal life, his presence in my life and hope just because I asked, and because I knew I had screwed up so many times, I could never save myself.

* I am disgusted with the mess in my yard…I want to know what to do with all these old flooded cars, trucks and other debris.

* I want the Corp of Engineers to just once say….“we are sorry“…“we didn’t manage the river, and we are very sorry your home was destroyed.” JUST ONCE!

* I want the government to “get a brain!”

* I want the President to quit playing games with the people because he believes we are dumb! I believe he thinks if he holds back on helping with the gas prices, that he will push us into such a corner that when he “finally” signs off on the Pipeline, and finally allows more drilling (all before election in November) that we will forget all he has done to destroy this nation and we will vote for him one more time… Sorry Mr President….I didn’t believe you or vote for you before, and I won’t be conned or fooled into voting for you this time either.

* I am tired of the politics as usual in Washington…..I want the Senate and the House to start acting like AMERICANS instead of like Democrats and Republicans. Fix this mess you have created.

* I am tired of bureaucrats not seeing the devastation they cause by all their “stupid” laws. Leave us alone and get out of our lives!

* I am tired of stupid women who take up the mantra of “free birth control” because it prevents abortion. How ridiculous. Birth Control prevents conception….but so does abstinence.

* I do NOT want to pay for anyone’s abortion….period!

* If someone wants to kill their child I should not be forced to pay for it!

* It is a no-brainer….If we quit paying for abortion then a good number of people will not have one.

* The argument that if abortion is not legal then women will do it themselves or go to some back room place and have it done….they might die….OH MY….it is okay to Kill but not ok to die in the process. Which life has more value?

* I really like coffee…just plain, no cream, no sugar, nothing fancy…just coffee! I resent paying 5 bucks for a fancy cup of coffee…

* I have never used 5 hour energy drinks. I am appalled that they want you to drink one every day (or so the ad goes on TV) NO WONDER….they get 20,000 People drinking one every day at an average price of $1.95 cents, in one months time those who bought have now spent at least One million, one hundred and Seventy Thousand Dollars…..Do you really want to contribute to this?

* I am convinced that my GreyCat came to me as an absolute gift from God! And I am convinced that any cat wouldn’t do, but God had this one, and he was the only one that was intended for me.

* I am glad that God shows up in my life even when I think he has totally forgotten about me.

* I am especially glad that I don’t know the future! If I had known the future, I would have run screaming off a cliff!

* I am grumpy that I don’t know the future, because I think I can probably run my life better than God, and I like my plan better! I am amazed that I find myself telling God what he should do about this and about that….and then I remember….I am especially glad I don’t know the future, and very glad that God does.

* I am thankful for what appears to be “SPRING” ….I have a basic distrust of the weather and fully expect a blizzard in May.

* I saw green grass in my flooded yard yesterday! I found myself shouting in joy! I wonder if my pine trees will survive….

* I am concerned that if they die, I have to have them removed…at 500 bucks a tree and at least 70 trees it could get expensive, but then I remember that I have a chainsaw, and since my house is already flooded, would it really hurt anything if a tree happened to fall on it? Probably not…but I also know I have watched people “fell trees” since I was a kid, and I can do this without losing the roof and the 2 by 4’s that hold it up….

* I wonder who wants to buy an old 1959 (I think) dump truck? Who wants to buy a Tow Box for a tow truck…I would sell the truck too, but it was flooded…the box didn’t get wet though so it is OK…

* I hate that they only give tests for Concealed carry permits on Saturdays….I want to go and see my new Great Grandchild….but I need to do this.

* I hate that I can’t figure out why the action on my 38 Special keeps jamming!

* I love going shooting with my friend Karlee….she makes me laugh!

* I don’t like being the BANK…..I don’t want to bail you out of jail and I don’t want to pay for your doctor appointments. Your lack of planning, causing an emergency situation, does not automatically entitle you to use my money to fix your problem.

* I want a do-it-yourself dental kit…so I can fix my broken tooth, without anyone seeing it, and thinking I should floss more or better, or “aren’t you brushing every day?”…..Yes, I am…leave me alone!

* I like the sound of Geese….they have been flying north for days. I was especially impressed when the fog was so thick I couldn’t see more than a few feet and the geese just used their radar and kept flying….I am sure that geese make honking sounds so that they don’t run into each other, and so the young ones don’t get lost…..Ever lost a kid in Walmart or the mall….If I was a goose I would honk too!

* I love it when someone comes and changes the blade on my Sawsall, when I didn’t know how to do it….Thanks Mike! (and he did it in 2 minutes flat counting time to get it, and unwrap the new blade)

* I hate it when someone says they are going to come, and I wait all day for them, and then evening comes and I have to go somewhere so I go, and then they call grumpy because I am not home.

* I can’t believe that MY KIDS are so old! It makes me crazy! It was only yesterday that I sent them off to school with homemade oatmeal with fresh cream in their little bellies. Where did the years go to?
* I am certain I am not done with this…but right now I am….not that I have run out of thoughts, but because if you have read this far, you probably need a break!

* Actually that is not totally correct….I have an appointment for a pedicure….why? Because Jackie is having one before she goes to Visit her friends and family and because Mike is and I want to watch, and because I can no longer do it myself, because I am getting too old to get my feet close enough to my eyes to see what I am doing. I will let you know how it goes! Maybe.

* Oh…and one more thing…..I am really glad that my kids have sex….because if they didn’t I wouldn’t have Grandkids, and Great Grandkids….and that is how I am ending this today! I am so thankful for my Grandkids and my Great Grandkids! Thank you God for SEX! AMEN

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