When your brook dries up….

Posted: March 29, 2012 in Hope

It is in the wee hours of the night that God seems to get our attention and we actually listen. Isn’t it something when you fall into bed exhausted, you sleep for an hour and you come instantly awake. Is that you God? Am I supposed to be praying for someone? So you pray for whoever comes to mind….but you still don’t sleep….OK, might as well get up, because laying here is just nuts. First you grab something to eat, and then you sit down and either click on the TV or grab a book or a Bible. I click on the TV. This night I happen on an inspirational channel…Whatever. So you watch and pray about what am I supposed to learn from this? Sometimes certain words ring true, you feel Holy Spirit kind of shines his light on something. In this instance the speaker was talking about where you are blessed. He said that when you are where you are supposed to be, then you will find a blessing and prosperity there. OK….so I know I am where I am supposed to be. Yes, I do know there are times when I wonder if there isn’t something else I am supposed to be doing. Perhaps I do, but I don’t see how I can make a living doing it, so I just put it in my “maybe I will consider this later” file.

Sleep comes and morning, too soon, then another day and another night.. Tiredness seems to seep from my pores most nights and when I crash, I crash! A week passes and there in the middle of the night….I awake again. Same routine….“Is that you Lord?” “What do you want me to do?” No answer so I get up to grab a snack and click through. “How crazy is this Lord?” “This is exactly the same program I watched last week when you woke me in the middle of the night.” Hmmm OK.. there is something here I am supposed to be getting from this. “When you are where you are supposed to be there is blessing and prosperity.” Is this what I am supposed to be getting? Am I not where I am supposed to be?

I remember that once long ago, I worked a job I hated. The money was good and for the first time in a very long time….I was caught up on bills, and I could feed the kids…..so I stayed there but complained to God. Every time I prayed about it, and complained I would hear him say…..”quit….until one day, I said to God….(probably not a good choice) “I am not quitting this job, no matter what.” “I need this money to take care of this family!” “I am just not quitting!” Whew….what a relief…finally the decision was made. For the first time in months I felt no stress!

In the next few minutes I reveled in the peace until….Riiiiiinnnngggg… my phone demanded I answer. “Hello,” I say…. “What,” I ask…even though I have heard the words clearly. “You’re fired!” was the only lasting memory I had……a cold clamminess touches my skin….my brain screams “NOOOOOO”, my heart races….SHOCK, then Unbelief seems to explode within me. fear claws wrap around me….! Only then do I realize what I have just told God, not 20 minutes ago….“I am not quitting, no matter what!” Wrong choice…..oh my……seriously wrong choice…..

“OK GOD”, “you have my undivided attention.” “What is it you want me to do?”

A brook is different from a river. A river flows year round, but a brook doesn’t flow indefinitely, at some point or another they cease…first the flow dwindles, and then it stops. There is no more. We should have known. Should have been watching.

It is time to seek God for the new direction, because he has one ….we just have to hear his voice….seek Him…He will lead us where we need to go, and years later we will look back and realize that God KNEW OUR FUTURE…..and he is leading where we need to be, in order to be all He wants us to be “for He knows the plans he has for us… plans to give us a future and a hope.” and we know that a new brook awaits, but this time, I will not get too comfortable there.

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