No FEAR….Trepidation

Posted: September 3, 2012 in Hope, Prayers
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I refuse to be afraid….how many words are there that describe fear…Lots and Lots…..“Trepidation” is one I seem to be experiencing. It has nothing to do with God…for His Word says to not be afraid….Do not fear….

Yet I look at our Nation, this Nation that was formed because our God brought it into existence through the hearts and minds of men and women who loved him and sought a place of refuge and strength. Formed through prayers to, and direct leading from a God that loved us, and desired for us a place that was blessed and full of PEACE!

What has happened to America? How in the world have people failed to recognize what they have been given and think it will just go on forever without their help?

I am concerned for the younger generation when I see that their lives revolve around the games they play. Every minute that is available is spent playing games. Few of them watch the news or analyze the activities of the government. A dumbed down generation cannot conceivably recognize the attack against them and there way of life. Blindness to what is happening catches people unawares. One day things seem good, but all along they have been under attack, but didn’t know it. Encouraged to enjoy. Encouraged to not think. Encouraged to believe that everything is ok.

So who will stand against the criminals in our Government….Let’s start with our President. He has worked to destroy this land from the inside out, and has a whole group of people who are helping him. Truth is just another word to him that means nothing. Kinda like “it depends on what the meaning of “is” is.

Our President has declared that America is NOT a Christian Nation…He has bowed to the Muslim leaders in foreign lands, he has released classified information that has weakened the United States. In my heart and mind I know he is working to destroy this Nation under God, but even if he had done these things by accident, he should be removed from office.

I do believe there is enough evidence out there that he should be removed from the Presidency, and tried for Treason. Then locked up for a very long time…

I do believe that he will do whatever it takes to not give up power! He has issued executive orders that put him in full control of everything in the Nation…..right down to the last detail. He can order that the grain be given to the government, that people who have gardens have to turn over their produce to the government, that churches and Samaritans cannot feed the hungry, that even water to drink can be controlled by him. He has cast us into enormous debt that will cause the dollar to fail….He has ordered that he can stop all communication…PERIOD…think about it…no cell phones, no TV, no radio, no home phone service, no tweets, no e-mails…..where will you go then? There will be no place to hide, no way of contacting your family, no food….what are you going to do?

When the day comes that he decides to take it all away from us, we will not be able to communicate. He already has Home Land Sec urity watching everything that is posted on the internet. The days are short, and the day will come when he decides to take control.

It may occur before the election, if it appears that he will lose….or if he does lose the election then it may be after. Once a National Emergency is declared, the Government and the Constitution fail to exist.

This man must be stopped NOW….Where is our Congress….what are they doing? Can’t they see the “writing on the Wall?”

No…they seem to be missing in action…

..I think there is “no hope” for America unless the people begin to pray to the Lord God Almighty for themselves, for this Nation, for their children and Grandchildren, and for this America to rise up in Holiness and Patriotism to God the Father, and to Righteousness.

The only answer is Prayer….More is accomplished through prayer than through any other means. We do not want an all out rebellion in this nation and we do not want a war. We want a Nation where people are treated with respect…that they have the right to worship as they wish, and that they can speak what they think. We need a nation in which the Love of God and the Sacrifice of Jesus can be shared with the many who not only don’t know him, but have never heard of him.

I ask you today to change the way you are living. I am asking that every day you pray for this Nation and for the people. I am asking that you cast aside all the things that steal your time, and that you write and you pray and you talk about our Mighty God, and His Son Jesus. I ask you to pray for our Nation.

Without the Prayers of the people this nation will fall! It will not be pretty….those who are still alive that remember the “dirty thirties” will have a small clue, but not a clear one. Then each person was allowed to try to make their way…..should America become a Socialist/Marxist/Communist country…everything belongs to the Government and they dole it out to you as they see fit…..and in those countries where this form of Government exists, the people work so those in power can live extravagant lifestyles….and those workers are the slaves.

This is not the future I want for my children and their children and their children. I will stand and die if necessary to prevent it….but for now….

I bow before the Lord God Almighty, asking his Divine help, Asking Him to reveal truth, asking Him to show the way, Asking him to raise up Godly Leaders to govern and that will Proclaim the Name of Jesus to the World!

Please join me!


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