Merry Christmas Jesus!

Posted: December 13, 2011 in Christmas
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When it is time for this Holy Day…..I wonder, what can I do or say that touches your heart? Thank you God for coming here, taking on the heartbeat of a human baby, for coming into a world where everyone was looking for you, and so many never noticed. Thank You that the Shepherds noticed! Thank you for Angels that declared your Glory and your Entrance into the world that would cost you your earthly life.

I cannot even think of your birth without thinking of your words….those most important ones that tell us there is “no other name given under heaven, by which we must be saved, except for Jesus.
I think you knew that people wouldn’t like that much….they much prefer their own way to heaven, and have convinced themselves that they are right. It is interesting that just because we believe something does not make it so.
Given any choice under heaven to choose our own God…I do choose Jesus! That birth that caused angels to sing and reveal themselves, and that manager prepared in advance for a tiny baby. Humble beginnings….You Lord did not come as a KING…You came as a babe. Defenseless, needy, unable to care for yourself…so much like us. We can do everything we know to provide for our security, and yet we cannot save our own lives. We do not have the ability to lay down our lives and bring ourselves back to life. We have no ability to go to hell, and come out of there with the keys to death and to hell. We have none of your qualities, and abilities except what you have given us.
Lord you grew up here…just like each of us, except you never sinned…..You were pure, and good, merciful, kind, You Lord are more than a SuperHero. You are the only SUPERHERO. No other name given under heaven by which we must be saved! Who ever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved. What an incredible gift to bestow on all the people of the earth. You take us all, paying no mind to the sin you paid for on the cross, and all we have to do to obtain your mercy is ask for forgiveness. You are a no guilt God….You aren’t here to pile guilt on us for our sins…but you say “come to me all you who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest.”

Your Word tells us that YOU will never leave us or forsake us….Your word tells us there is only one way to eternal life and that is through you….it is interesting that life doesn’t end at death, it goes on. The only thing that matters at death is where it will be spent.

I find it sad Lord, when people say….” They don’t believe in you. How can the facts be disputed. What is the probability of you not existing given the fact that 700 or more years before you arrived here, there were stories of how and when and where you would be born. There were stories of how a simple thing like a tree would be so important in the end of the story.

Thank you Jesus! Thank you for coming to earth…thank you for not failing in your mission as any one of us would have. Thank you that you finished your work here on earth, thank you that in the midst of the pain of your death you did NOT call out for angels to come and take you down from that tree. Thank you God that you took our sin, and gave us the greatest gift of all…. Thank you that merely by asking we can have a relationship with you. Thank you that you care about us, that you pray for your children…and that you have gone to prepare a place for us, and Thank you Jesus that you are coming again!

Joy to the World…the Lord is Come…Let earth receive her KING!

A King in a manger….His creation surrounding him…
The little mouse in the corner, the cattle, sheep, angels, people….and a star to show the way! Let us look for you Lord, in the glory of the heavens for your word tells us that the heavens declare your glory! Let us look for you in the kindness of a stranger. Let us look for you in the flood, and in the quiet of the night….let us look for you in the smile of a child!
Father God….thank you for coming to this earth, taking on the form of your creation, revealing yourself, forgiving us, healing us, delivering us from evil. Thank you that no matter who we are, we are all eligible to receive you! No one is excluded…Whoever shall call upon the Name of the Lord, shall be saved! Thank You Jesus!

holy-familyThis Christmas Lord, we pray for a miracle in our own lives…that we might ask, that we might reach out and accept your free gift of relationship with you! We ask for Peace in Israel. We ask for healing for the nations. We ask for hope for America. We ask for protection for your Children. We ask for Pastors to Speak your truth, and only your Truth. We ask that children will be born whole and healthy. We ask that each child born will find you, and we ask that You will enter the lives of people and be real to them.

Love Lord…we pray we might understand Love. That we might share your love and your light. We pray for divine understanding and courage. We pray for communities that have been shaken, whether by flood, violence, earthquake, tornados or any other disaster that has come upon them. We pray for those in Government. We pray they might look for you. That they might hear your voice in any of the many ways you use to converse with us. We pray that no person will doubt who you are. Lord Jesus you have declared yourself to be God and if you did that, and it were not true, you would be a liar and a fraud or a totally deranged person…but you aren’t! You are real and Holy and perfect…
I think I am rambling Lord…I am tired…so many are tired. We thank you Lord, that one day you will set this world straight. You will fix the inconsistency in life, and you willl make us whole.

And they found Mary and Joseph and the babe lying in the Manger……

My Prayer for you is that you will have a blessed and deeply meaningful Christ Day!

Merry Christmas!


  1. Cathy says:

    Again I say well said LA. Thanks for the reminder that it’s REALLY all about HIM!

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  2. I love the comment of your site. Obviously you have a very valid point, however I can’t get over how great the site design is.

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