And they called him “JustinisaFighter”

Posted: January 8, 2012 in Miracles
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Exactly 5 Years ago today a blizzard raged in Minot, North Dakota….and in the hospital a tiny baby was born with No chance of survival.

The doctors here knew immediately they could not care for this child, and the chances of him surviving were (in their minds) non-existent, and yet, they afforded the family the chance of getting this child to a children’s hospital in another state.

An air-evac plane was called to come in, but they couldn’t land…the wind was too strong and the storm was too severe.

A call went out for prayer….the plane needed to be able to get in and pick up this baby and take him to someone who could help him. The Pray-ers prayed…and God heard their prayer, because HE had a plan.

Suddenly the wind stopped and the blizzard quit, and the snow stopped falling…2 hours of time…Just time enough for a plane to land, pick up this tiny child, and leave……and as quickly as it quit, the wind and snow and blizzard returned with a vengeance.

This tiny blessing was taken to a children’s hospital where the doctor’s there decided they could do nothing for him. The checked him over and left him to die a natural death. No child with the problems this child had…. had lived….not before Justin.

Justin was a special child…sent on a special mission to this earth to bear witness to the glory and majesty of God. A Child who’s life was held in place by the hand of God. I child that couldn’t die because a miracle of God was in the works!

A child was born….and his parents sought God for strength and a miracle, hope, a chance for this baby….

As time passed God gave a scripture to stand on. Psalms 118:17 and the word was given along with one other word…and that word was “proxy”. It was an amazing promise….Psalms 118:17 says…”I shall not die, but live and declare the works of the Lord!” So the word went out, and Justin’s Mom stood on that word…“Proxy“…and the Prayer Warriors stood on that word “Proxy”. When one stands in proxy it is as though you ARE the person….so stand we did….as if we were Justin and proclaimed the Word of the Lord.

“I shall not die, but live and declare the works of the Lord!” Almost every prayer prayed, included standing as if we were Justin and proclaiming….”I shall not die, but live and declare the works of the Lord!”

Two or 3 days passed as the Doctors at the children’s hospital waited, because this child could not live….and yet he did. Finally the Doctor’s decided that there were a couple of things they could do, and did it, never expecting this child to survive the procedure since no other children had lived with the serious problems that Justin had…..And yet, He lived….

It has been a difficult time for parents. Weeks turned to months of hospitalization…every step and every treatment life changing and life threatening….

One night as a Mother prayed for her child…she felt comforting hands on her shoulders. They brought a peace and comfort she had not had before. She shed so many tears, and it seemed so hopeless, yet this Mother held to her faith. And the Warriors Prayed. When the Mother looked for whose hands had comforted her….there was no one there. We can only know that somehow on this one day in her life, God reached into the physical realm to comfort this Mother.

Today there was a Birthday Party for a beautiful 5 year old boy…..Justin turned 5 today! A special child, a gift from God, a miracle revealed! Praise God for Justin and for his Mom, his Dad and his Brother, Trevor, who was placed in this family years before to provide a special strength and hope and laughter and the glue that held it all together. This Family has been through a 5 year period of intense struggle….the struggle remains, and perhaps always will…Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.
Not all children live, because someone prayed….Not all Prayers are answered in the way we expect. Not every story has a happy part, or a happy ending. Why God allows some families to go through this kind of struggle, is unknown. We know that many a child is in the arms of Jesus….But for one child, he runs , and plays and talks and breathes on his own….because God chose to “Declare His Works” in the life of this child and this family! We are Thankful and to God goes all Glory, Honor and Praise!

Today….There is nothing more to say…except Happy Birthday Justin! And Thank You and Praise you Lord Jesus!

Keep the Faith,

  1. prayyior says:

    Praise God and humming the sweet tune of Happy Birthday Justin right now!!!!


  2. Donna says:

    Thank you for sharing. This story started my day today… Bless you PWCTA


  3. Bren says:

    Thankyou for sharing, I enjoying reading your posts. You have such a gift for writing. Thankyou for sharing without sugar coating God’s mercy. I’ve heard so many christians say that if healing did not come you must not have believed. No one knows the mind of God or what should come as a result of something we may have wanted or asked for through prayer. My Granddaughter died at the age of fifteen months, after much prayer for healing and two open heart surgeries. If God had answered our prayers for her survived, she would had lived her life hooked to an oxygen tank and in and out of hospitals. She had a condition called Turners Syndrome where only on side of her heart had grew. She died in her mothers arms while waiting for a donor heart at a children’s hospital. Her mother told me, as she held her daughter rocking her in her arms, her daughter looked into her eyes with each short gasp of air she took until she was gone. We do not know why God did not answer our pleas for complete healing, but I do know God did show his mercy to my Granddaughter because she is free from pain and at last whole.


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