How do YOU choose?

Posted: October 2, 2016 in other

The election for President  is drawing near.  There is such a climate of personal destruction in our election process that I have to say, “It makes me sick!”

So many people argue that they are going to withhold their vote because they don’t like either of the two main Candidates.  I can certainly understand that.  However it is important for Christians to Vote.  Failure to vote (or to vote for one of the bottom dwellers in that they have NO chance of winning) is to fail to do what the Bible tells us we must do.  We are responsible for OUR Nation.

Jeremiah 29:11 tells us that if God’s people who are called by his name, will humble themselves and pray, and seek HIM, then HE will hear from heaven, HE will forgive our sin, and HE will HEAL OUR LAND.  God knows how badly it needs healing and so do we.

So how do we decide who to vote for when we really don’t LIKE either of the Candidates.  It would seem wise to me to have some “test” questions.  Questions that are so important that to vote for someone who didn’t support the majority of our questions would be ridiculous.

You can ask about who would reduce or raise taxes….but that isn’t all that important.  You can ask about who lies….but then you run into the question of who lies the most…

These are not the questions that fit on my “test.”

I am a Christ -Follower.  I believe the Bible.  I believe it is the Word of God and our determining guide in how we live our lives.  I believe that you can say anything, but your actions speak louder than words.  I believe that looking at the lives of the candidates is not judging them, but inspecting their “fruit.”  If the fruit is bad….well, I am not voting for that person.  The questions I have in my test are the basics of what I consider to be MOST IMPORTANT.

Question 1.  Do you support the killing of babies in the womb, or do you believe that all life is sacred?

Question 2.  Do you recognize Israel as a nation of God’s chosen people, and will you support and protect Israel?

Question 3.  Are you a supporter of our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms?

Question 4.  Will you protect my right to freedom of speech and practice my faith or will you force me to go against my Christian and Moral beliefs?

Question 5.  Will you appoint Justices who will PROTECT the Constitution?

That’s it friends….These are easy questions to research for each of the candidates.

The other thing you really should do is to “stand in the gap” and pray fervently for America.  Your children’s and Grandchildren’s future depends on it!

Please God…Send your Spirit into this Nation…We need you to bless us, We are doomed without YOU!  Open our eyes, let us see, Open our ears and let us hear, and RESET our hearts to do your Will and LOVE YOU as YOU LOVE US!

Blessed is the Nation, whose God is The LORD!



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