Will you stand in the gap for America?

Posted: November 6, 2016 in other

Wow, do I ever wish I was perfect!  I wish that I could live just one day without failing God, his principles, loving who I should, praying what HE expects me to pray….  I shall forever be Thankful that HE accepted me, just as I am, HE forgave me, He gave me new life, HE made me a new creation.  Even though in my eyes, I will never be perfect…In HIS EYES, I am perfect, because I am made righteous in Him!   WOW…Is that Wild?  Yes, YES, it is!  The good news…Is that “Whosoever shall call upon the Name of the LORD “JESUS” SHALL be saved!

Well, tonight I am praying about our nation and our election coming soon…in just days.  Some of you may have already voted, but many have not.  Whether you have voted or not, America needs your prayers.  Our Nation was created as a Nation whose God is the LORD!  Our current president has declared that America is “not” a Christian Nation.  WRONG!

We are a Christian Nation, and now as CHISTIANS, or CHRIST FOLLOWERS, we have a duty and God expects us to put our Armor on and go to battle.  The Victory is at hand, but the powers of darkness wish to take this nation down the road to total destruction.  If we as Christians sit idly by, that will happen, but if WE as Born Again believers in Jesus Christ will put our armor on and fight this fight, America will not fall or be destroyed by evil.

There are things I have learned over the years…I am 70 years old now, so I have been around since before electricity was in every home.  We had a telephone that hung on the wall and our home phone number was  ding ding diiiiiiiiing ding.  2 shorts a long and a short.  Yea…that was a long long time ago.

Those are just worldly things.  What I have learned in the spiritual realm is much more important.  I have learned that angels surround us, that they fight our battles and that the prayers of the SAINTS (that’s us) empower them with strength.  I have learned that we have a responsibility to pray the WORD OF GOD!  The Word of God is powerful and effective and EVEN more powerful than a locomotive.  WE can always ask God to hear our prayers…HE ALREADY DOES…Yet he Wants more from us.  He wants us to step out in courage, and proclaim TRUTH.  HE wants us to find a scripture and claim it for us or for our Nation.  Why don’t we just do that?

In my last posting I shared how we should be choosing who we would vote for.  If you are interested, then you can read it, but for now, I will not go into that again.

Every since 911 I have been claiming the scripture from 2 Chronicles 7:14  IF MY PEOPLE, who are called by MY NAME, will humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and forgive their sin and will HEAL THEIR LAND.  Well, we are at that point.  Either we do that now, or we will be living in dread and fear for the rest of our lives on earth.  Many of us will die, many of our children will be destroyed, and we will be hiding in dark corners in order to worship our God.  So LORD GOD…today I claim again that scripture, and remind you of your Word, and that you will fulfill YOUR promise.  Christians throughout the Nation are bowing humbly before you…We ask now that you fulfill your promise to us in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

Please join me in proclaiming and claiming some of these Words of God…

I Declare that no weapon formed against America shall prosper, and every tongue raised against us, we condemn.

I claim the promise that God will provide all our need according to His Riches in Glory by Christ Jesus.

We declare and agree with Scripture that Children are a gift from the Lord, and they will no longer be killed in the womb.

We stand in agreement that all the plans of the enemy will be revealed, and we claim deliverance from the plans to destroy us.

We declare that JESUS in KING, and He reigns in America!

WE Claim America for God, for His Word says….Blessed is the Nation who’s God is the Lord.

In the Name of Jesus we take back all in America that satan has stolen, and we command that he(satan) repay it 7 times over.

We declare that even the ROCKS will call out that JESUS is LORD IN AMERICA….

Ask God how you should pray….Then share that with others and PRAY, PRAY, and PRAY!






  1. Cristi Starling says:

    Father God, I stand with LloydAnn. I trust YOU to honor Your promises. I stand with the rest who are humbling themselves, seeking Your face, and declaring Your healing on this land.


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