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Resurrection Sunday 2017

It will be Easter in a couple hours which causes me to consider the great love Jesus has for us. It is amazing to me that God would put aside his role and take on the role of man. He put off his power and took on human nature. The creator, took the place of one of his creation. How amazing is that…

Well Easter also known as resurrection Sunday, is basically the new beginning for us, and the end of his time here as a man. True it will be many days before he returns to heaven, but his resurrection is the victory that every person needs in order to “enjoy:” life after death. We go on…whether we seek the forgiveness that Jesus offers to those who ask, and seek to follow him, believing in who he said he was. The Messiah.
The Savior of the world. His gift to whoever calls upon him. His gift available, but only when we come to him and seek his mercy and his grace.

Easter is that special time where sunrise means more than morning. It means the morning that he took death and cast it aside, and set captives free, brought those who believed out of darkness and they got to go home. Can you even imagine…As a Wife and Mother, I would probably be in the kitchen fixing dinner. Possibly thinking about the child who had died or the spouse, or Mother or Father, perhaps a brother or Sister….Imagine the surprise and shock you would experience if someone you loved who had died walked in the door. Yikes…I would be questioning them and half disbelieving anything they said, but fact upon fact, they were alive.

Well, that’s what happened on Resurrection morning. It wasn’t just JESUS who rose from the dead…He brought others with him. Dead and in the grave, now alive and walking and talking. Yea, I am betting that got the attention of everyone in town and probably even in the country. There is a song…”because HE lives, I can face tomorrow, because he lives, all fear is gone…” Because HE LIVES, I too can face tomorrow. Not just tomorrow in my life here on earth, but tomorrow referring to after I die…I actually may not die, but that is for another blog post.

There is a lot more to Resurrection Sunday than Jesus. He is the most important…He is the reason we celebrate. We celebrate with Easter Eggs….Why eggs. probably because there is life in the egg. The chick is formed in the egg and when the time is right, it pecks the eggs shell and before you know it there is another life. Seem appropriate, doesn’t it.

Where the Bunny comes from…who knows. Not important, but fun, unless it is some guy in a bunny suit with a mean face. I would not want to sit on that Easter Bunnies lap. And why would you want to? Easter Bunnies never promise you gifts..

Well, moving on…I muse over days gone by. Easters that have come and gone. Easter Sunday is always spent in church, worshiping the Risen Lord. Tomorrow, I will miss Church. I will leave home about 6 AM to head to another place to spend time with My Daughter, Grandchildren, Nephew and his family. It will be a wonderful day…despite the 6 hours I will spend on the road. We will laugh…My little Sister will be there. This year we will not have matching dresses that also would match our Mother’s dress…Yes we were stair steps wearing the same dress in different sizes that our Mother made, because Easter was a special day. We would all wear a hat that we had bought at “Dottie Dun’s Hats” in Minot North Dakota. Then we would sing…”In your Easter Bonnet, with all the frills upon it, I’ll be the grandest lady in the Easter Parade.”  It was always fun going to Minot for our hats. We lived about 60 miles from Minot and we usually only went to that city in the spring when snow melt was happening. One of my fondest memories was the sound the cars made as they drove through the slush. I still, all these years later, enjoy the sound of slush. It is a wonderful time in North Dakota when the snow starts to melt and the days show the promise of Spring.

We never hid eggs outside. That would not have been good. My Dad was sure that the dogs would eat them, but of course he couldn’t tell us that. I am sure there was some lame excuse why the Easter Bunny left them in the house. Most likely we would be told that it could snow and the Easter Bunny wouldn’t want our eggs hidden by the snow or frozen. LOL…yea, everything makes sense when you are a kid.

I was at the grocery store today, and thought I should buy some candy…but decided I probably didn’t need to eat the chocolate and also thought the price was just too high. $4.50 for a little bag…huh..Nope!

Easter also brings to mind the egg decorating. I was never much good at it, but when my kiddos were little we managed…Then we hid them in the yard, and the oldest found the most…he was best as seeing them and grabbing first. We occasionally would find one or two a few weeks later. My daughter was the Egg decorator. She could decorate eggs for hours and hours. She also had the very best eggs …and then what does a Mother do with hard-boiled eggs? Well we made deviled eggs…Isn’t that crazy…On Easter when we honor God, we serve Devil-ed eggs.

One of my very favorite memories of Easter was when my Daughter was older, grown up, actually. She chose that day to be baptized. We went to her Church that Easter and watched as this miracle occurred. My Daughter and Jesus…both raised to life on the same day. One, many years after Jesus…but it makes my heart sing, and puts a smile on my face. An Easter doesn’t come and go without remembering this important day in her life.

Well, 4:30 AM comes early and I have to get on the road early, so I will be going to bed shortly. Why am I writing a blog tonight? Well, this is more for me…Me enjoying Easter. Me taking the time to say Thanks to Jesus for what he has done for me. Me because I just wanted to muse for awhile.  Me, because I won’t be in church tomorrow.

To each of you, we wish you a blessed Resurrection Sunday…. I hope you will make it to church, and if you do, take some time to just talk to Jesus….HE LISTENS, HE LOVES, HE FORGIVES, HE GIVES NEW LIFE…..HE IS ALIVE!

It’s been quite a week…nowhere near normal (whatever normal is). When you get right down to it…the entire last year has been nowhere near “Normal”. I think of the things that have occurred. We here in Minot have been dealing with evacuation, flooding, disaster, homelessness, financial loss, and a total inability to make most decisions because we are reliant on someone else to make a decision so that we have a chance to make the right decision….Decisions, decisions, decisions…it is enough to make you doubt your ability to figure anything out.

The decisions of others really should have no effect upon our own lives, but inevitably others decisions certainly affect ours.

I remember calling a help line once….it was an emotionally trying time in my life and I remember saying something about the demands being placed on me, and the struggle to go along with those demands or to somehow step out of the situation. The gal on the other end of the phone said….”no adult has the right to tell any other adult what to do.” It may seem to be a small statement, and it may not be, but that day it stuck in my brain like glitter sticks to everything it touches. I found myself reminding myself that I should not be the person telling another adult what to do….but then there are those people in your life that can’t seem to figure out what to do, and when you know the answer it seems important to tell them. The years have passed and I have certainly found many examples that make that statement inaccurate. A person employed is required to do what they are told to do unless it violates the law or causes them to have to compromise their principles.

We all know those people who think they know how to run our lives better than we can run our lives. We should all have a good friend that will tell us when we are messing up whether or not we want to hear it. Friends are way different from acquaintances. Proverbs 27: 9 says the heartfelt counsel of a friend is as sweet as perfume and incense. What a friend tells us we can hear but when an acquaintance tells us, we pretty much disregard it. We all “sometimes” listen to advice given whether asked for or not. I always think we should keep our advice for someone else to ourselves unless they ask. But for our friends we have to speak up when we see them heading a wrong direction.

I have been asking lately, of friends and family what they think about future plans. It’s interesting the suggestions they make. Proverbs 15:22 tells us that plans go wrong for lack of advice, Many advisors bring success. A friend of mine tweeted that word a few weeks ago…and it was at that point that I began to invite people into my life by asking for their suggestions. This same friend also tweeted Prov 19:20 which says to get all the advice and instruction you can so you can be wise the rest of your life.

So maybe we should get on the phone and talk to everyone we can talk to about what to do next. Perhaps we should go ask the waitress at the local diner what stock she would advise us to invest in. Or perhaps we should make a Doctor’s appt and ask what kind of flowers we should plant in our flower bed. Or we should perhaps call a plumber and ask about what our house is worth.

I am quite certain that any of these examples would turn into disaster if we listened to them. NOPE…wrong choice. So who do we ask? I think there may be a couple questions we should answer before we ask anyone, anything.

Is this person responsible?……. do they have a real job, and actually go there and work? Does this person live in the real world or are they only interested in video games, or do they think of everything as if it were them against the world? We need to ask ourselves…How does this person make decisions? Does this person have the ability to see 6 steps ahead, or are they the kind of people who go from one step to the next and never see that there is a cliff ahead?

I love those new commercials that are running….It starts out like if you have cable it won’t work and then you get mad and it weaves a trail that takes you from step to step until you end up with an eye patch and people who see you with an eye patch think you are tough and want to know how tough and then you end up in a ditch, in the mud and grunge….so then it says…so get rid of cable and do this….I call it following the trail…or learning how to think…in business they want you to explore the possibilities, and think “outside the box.” Most of us forget to “follow the trail”. We don’t see where a journey will go to. I have a sign on my office wall that says “Go as far as you can see….from there you can see farther.”

Ultimately, listening to others can be your downfall. How many kids, maybe you were one of them, heard their Dad say….You will never be any good. Or when you had an idea that you thought was good, had someone say…”That’s such a stupid idea!” or perhaps they said…”you aren’t smart enough to become ____________.(fill in the blank)

Listening to these things is like installing a game disk in your computer and then trying to pay the monthly bills with it. It will never work…If you want to pay your monthly bills you need the proper program. Install the right one and it can be accomplished.

When someone has the plan for you, it may or may not be the right program so you must determine if it is a program that will do the job or one that will fail or crash the system. Every computer has a delete button. When those wrong programs get installed in your brain and you think you can’t do it, then click delete and install the program from God that says….”I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!” If we would delete all the programs that have been installed in our brain that are total lies, and reinstall the non-contaminated program, we can reprogram our lives to be effective and successful.

We can practice until we get it right. When I first became a Real Estate Agent, I thought….I don’t know anything about this business…I don’t understand it and why in the world would anyone hire me to do this job? My Brokers, at that time, said…“You have all the training you need.” “You know so much more about this than you think you do“…so out I would go to try and list a house or try and help a buyer find a home…. I thought to myself…I need to do this, because I have to help these people I am called to help and I also need to make a living and there was no paycheck if you didn’t help someone fulfill their plan whether it was buying or selling. I would sit in my car and I would pray….Lord, I don’t know how to do this, but help me pretend to be a Great Real Estate Agent…As a kid I had played pretend, so I was good at it. One day I realized that I was no longer pretending to be a Real Estate Agent….I was the real thing, and I did know the answers, and I did know how this worked, and these people who God had placed in my path were helped by my training and my skill.

So what does all this mean? I think it means that we need to seek advice from wise counselors/friends/professionals, but not from fools. I think it means that even with all that good advice we can still screw up if we haven’t sought and received the advice offered by God which brings true Wisdom and understanding and that same wisdom that removes confusion. I think it means that we have to analyze the words people say to us, so that we don’t believe everything people tell us. We must instead click the “delete” button when the words that people have told us about our inadequacies or inability to do something, or about how lazy or worthless we are, or that WE will never be able to do that, or that what we think is a stupid idea…IS WRONG We have to delete it, and reprogram our minds with truth. When we know Christ as our Savior and Lord, then He will give us the mind of Christ. He says that HE loves us and he would not have died for us if we weren’t loved and OK. We have to KNOW that it was God that designed us the way we are, and it is God who can take all the garbage in our lives now and in days gone by and turn them into something good…. it doesn’t matter how bad it is, or how hopeless it looks. We have to change how we think. We have to recognize the Value we have. We are who we are, have gone through what we needed to go through to become who we are today…..and that is Good!

We have a purpose, and there is a plan, if you are still alive when you read this, God has a plan in store for your life…..Age doesn’t matter….When your work is done, you get to go home….until then, there are lessons to learn, plans to be made, hope to be given, Love to share, Children to speak truth to, Laughter to be experienced and Questions that have definite answers. Yes, we do need to ask for instructions and what we are to do….but the only one who knows the answer is Jesus, and He will reveal it and answer our request when we need the answer. In the meantime….we just follow directions, delete the lies that are told to us, and Know…that God’s Got it!

I can’t end without the scripture from II Chronicles which says, They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with Wings of Eagles, they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not faint.

Install that new program…. With God NOTHING is impossible!

Many Blessings to you all

Social Security info

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Your Social Security Card – did you know?

History Lesson on YourSocialSecurity Card
Just in case some of you young whippersnappers
(& some older ones) didn’t know this. It’s easy to
check out, if you don’t believe it. Be sure and show
it to your family and friends. They need a little history
lesson on what’s what and it doesn’t matter whether
you are Democrat or Republican. Facts are Facts.

Social Security Cards up until the 1980s expressly stated
the number and card were not to be used for identification
purposes.Since nearly everyone in the United States now
has a number, it became convenient to use it anyway
and the message, NOT FOR IDENTIFICATION, was removed.

Franklin Roosevelt, a Democrat, introduced the Social
Security (FICA) Program. He promised:

1.) That participation in the Program would be
Completely voluntary,

No longer Voluntary

2.) That theparticipants would only have to pay
1% of the first $1,400 of their annual
Incomes into the Program

Now 7.65%
on the first $90,000

3.) That the money the participants elected to put
into the Program would bedeductible from
their income for tax purposes each year,

No longer tax deductible

4.) That themoney the participants put into the
independent ‘Trust Fund’
rather than into the
general operating fund, and therefore, would
only be used to fund the Social Security
Retirement Program, and no other
Government program, and,

Under Johnson the money was moved to
The General Fund and Spent


5.) That the annuity payments to the retirees would never
be taxed as income.
Under Clinton & Gore
Up to 85% of your Social Security can be Taxed

Since many of us have paid into FICA for years and are
now receiving a Social Security check every month —

and then finding that we are getting taxed on 85% of
the money we
paid to the Federal government to ‘put
away’ —
you may be interested in the following:
———— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— —-
Q: Which Political Party took Social Security from the
independent ‘Trust Fund’ and put it into the
general fund so that Congress could spend it?

A: It was Lyndon Johnson and the democratically
controlled House and Senate.

———— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— —
Q: Which Political Party eliminated the income tax
deduction for Social Security (FICA) withholding?

A: The Democratic Party.
———— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— —–
Q: Which Political Party started taxing Social
Security annuities?

A: The Democratic Party,withAl Gore casting the
‘tie-breaking’ deciding vote
as President of the
Senate, while he was Vice President of the US

———— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— –
Q: Which Political Party decided to start
giving annuity payments to immigrants?

A: That’s right!

Jimmy Carter and the Democratic Party.
Immigrants moved into this country,and at age 65,
began to receive Social Security payments! The

Democratic Party gave these payments to them,
even though they never paid a dime into it!

———— — ———— ——— —– ———— ——— ———
Then, after violating the original contract (FICA),
the Democrats turn around and tell you that the Republicans
want to take your Social Security away!

And the worst part about it is uninformed citizens believe it!
If enough people receive this, maybe a seed of
awareness will be planted and maybe changes will
But it’s worth a try.






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He is the ending and the beginning!

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I wrote this yesterday…but had difficulty getting it to post so here it is…the Very First Day of the New Year, 2017.
This is the last day of 2016. The end of a year. This year has been filled with much joy, much sadness, and challenges galore.
I AM NOT LEAVING THIS YEAR, WITHOUT MAKING A DECREE FOR 2017. I think each of us should…Why? Because WE are the powerful of God on Earth. We get to change the world and make a difference in people’s lives.
The same POWER that raised Jesus from the grave, Lives in us!
I am reminded of the scripture that says “not by power or might but by my SPIRIT!” says the Lord.

I am reminded that “such as I have I give you.”

I am reminded that Jesus didn’t ask God to heal someone, he spoke to the illness and commanded it to be gone.
One of the last things that Jesus said before he ascended into heaven was that “We would do even greater things than HE DID…. Now, doesn’t that just blow your mind? Well, it certainly does mine, anyway.
If Jesus made that statement then it certainly behooves us to take him at his word. Perhaps we are praying too much, although that is NOT possible because we are to “pray without Ceasing.” What I mean is that we certainly need to pray. We need to praise God, we need to be thankful for the many gifts he has given us. Just think about breathing….without HIS AIR that HE CREATED…we would be dead. Yes, so very much to be thankful for. So yes, we need to pray. We need to ask for his Wisdom, for his strength, his guidance, his love, his mercy, his guidance, his understanding, we need to ask for his heart and for the things that break his heart to also break ours. Those are prayers.
Those things that need doing in our world are the things we need to “decree.” We have been given the authority to change our world and we need to start doing that. Seek his guidance on this and then begin to make those “decrees.” Consider wisely, but let’s see what we can come up with. Lord Jesus, lead us in this endeavor. Teach us to change the world around us, teach us to change ourselves. Teach us to hear your voice, and speak your words, and bless those you have brought and are bringing into our midst. We are going to “step out of our comfort zone.”
Ready? I am going to add some decrees…then you add yours. 2017 is a new year, and God has great plans for all of us.
I decree….
My God shall Supply ALL of my needs, according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

2017 will be the year when abortion is stopped and babies will be safe in their Mother’s wombs.
President Donald Trump and V. President Mike Pence will point the way to Jesus.

That our Congress will turn to Jesus Christ for answers.
Our Nation will look to Jesus as Savior and Lord and thousands upon thousands will receive forgiveness for their sin and welcome Jesus into their hearts and lives and follow HIM.
That WE will know the truth, and the truth will set us free.
That any in our current government, including the current President will either turn their lives over to Jesus and follow HIM, or be removed from office, because of their treasonous activities, including the
attempt to destroy Israel.
I will expect miracles.
I will grow my relationship with Jesus.
I will speak words of God’s truth to others.
I will believe and walk in the truth of the Word of God.
I will declare and decree those things that I hear you telling me.
I will come to you first…and not as a last resort.
And Lord…I decree that as for me and my family….WE WILL SERVE YOU!

I now dispatch angels to carry out this decree.

Ok my dear friends…the ball is in your court!
I pray the blessings of Christmas be upon you throughout the year, and the hope of the New Year, and
the plans YOU have for each of us be completed. Amen and AMEN

Dangerous times – Pray

Posted: November 11, 2016 in other

Riots are going on around the nation. There is anger and unrest.  It now appears that a good portion of these people who are on the streets are being paid by a Soros funded program, given the fact that Craig’s list has a job offer to people to be paid 15 to 18 dollars per hour, with overtime.  Many other incentives including a fuel rebate to those who have to travel to the site.  The job offer indicated the job was for Trump protesters.

What exactly does that mean?  It means that someone powerful, rich and  who expected a Democratic win are in the process of doing everything they possibly can to prevent Donald Trump from taking office.  Did you know that if the President declares martial law, it would suspend the transition of power and Obama would stay in office indefinitely.  Could it be the plan is to cause such a ruckus in the country that the current President could justifiably call for martial law?

Because we have these facts, we need to pray strategically to prevent the disruption of the transition and the swearing in of the new President.

God has delivered us, and brought Donald Trump and Mike Pence to the highest office in the Land.  God places the people he chooses to head a nation.  There are calls on Twitter for the assassination of both Trump and Pence. So strategically we must pray for certain things.  God can do whatever he wants, but one of the things he expects us, as Christians to do is to put on our Armor (Epesians 6) and do battle for the heart and soul of the people and for the Nation we live in.  We are responsible and we cannot just sit idly by and let things happen as they will, when we have the Word of God to lead and direct us to further the Kingdom of our Lord and Savior.

The Urgent steps we need to take now are to pray.  That is how we do battle.  The Word tells us it is not by might or by power, but “BY MY SPIRIT,” says the Lord.

So we begin with the protection of both Trump and Pence.  I would ask that you join me in this prayer for that.

Heavenly Father, we give you thanks for all you do for us daily.  We thank you that we live in a nation where the people have a say in who serves as their president.  Lord we know that you are the one who places leaders in our nation.  We come to you asking for your hand of protection on our Nation and on the President Elect and Vice President elect.  We know that evil seeks to destroy those who uphold laws, and have a spiritual compass that coincides with You and your Word.  Lord, we dispatch angels, Big Angels of protection and Angels of Ascent to President Elect Trump and V. President Elect Pence.  We ask that you will also give their Secret Service Agents great wisdom to know where the threat is coming from, and also to have a “head’s up” if or when an attack comes to be able to be there in front of the danger.  We pray for their lives, Lord.  We ask you to protect them too.

We ask Lord for angels of Ascent Lord because you are the High tower and we ask that your angels will lift Trump and Pence into that high tower where they will be safe in your care.

Lord we give you all Praise and all Glory, We ask all these protections in the Beautiful Name of Jesus Christ!  Amen and AMEN

Other spiritual battle stragedies you may also pray, and I encourage you to…

Persecute them (the powers of satan) with your Tempest and make them afraid with Your storm. (Psalms 83:15)

God has given us the authority to bind and loose.  Therefore we loose confusion into every demonic confederacy direct against the life of Trmp and Pence, their families and churches in the name of Jesus.

Divide and scatter them that are joined together against our President Elect and his Vice President.  Break and divide every confederacy against them.

Loose confusion, and let them attack each other in the Name of Jesus. (2 Chronicles 20:23)


We also pray for the protesters to stop the violence.  It is wrong to destroy property, beat up people who voted for Trump and Pence.  It is wrong to set things on fire, and whether they are being paid to do this or not, we condemn these actions in the Name of Jesus.

Lord we ask for angels to be sent to every protest in the Nation.  We ask that your angels will form an “arm in arm” circle around them and prevent them from hurting others and damaging the personal property of others.  We stand in the gap for our nation and release shame upon these spirits of disruption and destruction.  We rebuke all destruction from our gates in the name of Jesus.(Isaiah 24:12)

For the people, Lord we ask that your angels will cause a sleepiness to come over every one of them, and they will just want to go home.  Lord, help them to see the folly of what they are doing.  Protect them from the spirit of fear which has come upon them, and let their hearts be at peace concerning the transition of the Presidency.

Lord we trust you!  We Thank You and We Praise your Glorious Holy Name.  Amen and AMEN

Please take the time to seek the Lord for other strategies you need to pray about and how to pray concerning the things happening in our nation.   Holy Spirit, we often don’t know how to pray and the Word tells us to pray without ceasing…We ask you to pray for us as we work and as we sleep and as we go about our daily lives…..Show us how to pray, and how to stand in the gap for our Nation and the plan You have for our lives.

Please encourage all of your friends to pray with you.  It is important, it is crucial!

I pray the peace that passes all understanding is upon you and you are covered by the blood of the lamb.  Lord Jesus, protect those who stand in the gap and pray!


Will you stand in the gap for America?

Posted: November 6, 2016 in other

Wow, do I ever wish I was perfect!  I wish that I could live just one day without failing God, his principles, loving who I should, praying what HE expects me to pray….  I shall forever be Thankful that HE accepted me, just as I am, HE forgave me, He gave me new life, HE made me a new creation.  Even though in my eyes, I will never be perfect…In HIS EYES, I am perfect, because I am made righteous in Him!   WOW…Is that Wild?  Yes, YES, it is!  The good news…Is that “Whosoever shall call upon the Name of the LORD “JESUS” SHALL be saved!

Well, tonight I am praying about our nation and our election coming soon…in just days.  Some of you may have already voted, but many have not.  Whether you have voted or not, America needs your prayers.  Our Nation was created as a Nation whose God is the LORD!  Our current president has declared that America is “not” a Christian Nation.  WRONG!

We are a Christian Nation, and now as CHISTIANS, or CHRIST FOLLOWERS, we have a duty and God expects us to put our Armor on and go to battle.  The Victory is at hand, but the powers of darkness wish to take this nation down the road to total destruction.  If we as Christians sit idly by, that will happen, but if WE as Born Again believers in Jesus Christ will put our armor on and fight this fight, America will not fall or be destroyed by evil.

There are things I have learned over the years…I am 70 years old now, so I have been around since before electricity was in every home.  We had a telephone that hung on the wall and our home phone number was  ding ding diiiiiiiiing ding.  2 shorts a long and a short.  Yea…that was a long long time ago.

Those are just worldly things.  What I have learned in the spiritual realm is much more important.  I have learned that angels surround us, that they fight our battles and that the prayers of the SAINTS (that’s us) empower them with strength.  I have learned that we have a responsibility to pray the WORD OF GOD!  The Word of God is powerful and effective and EVEN more powerful than a locomotive.  WE can always ask God to hear our prayers…HE ALREADY DOES…Yet he Wants more from us.  He wants us to step out in courage, and proclaim TRUTH.  HE wants us to find a scripture and claim it for us or for our Nation.  Why don’t we just do that?

In my last posting I shared how we should be choosing who we would vote for.  If you are interested, then you can read it, but for now, I will not go into that again.

Every since 911 I have been claiming the scripture from 2 Chronicles 7:14  IF MY PEOPLE, who are called by MY NAME, will humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and forgive their sin and will HEAL THEIR LAND.  Well, we are at that point.  Either we do that now, or we will be living in dread and fear for the rest of our lives on earth.  Many of us will die, many of our children will be destroyed, and we will be hiding in dark corners in order to worship our God.  So LORD GOD…today I claim again that scripture, and remind you of your Word, and that you will fulfill YOUR promise.  Christians throughout the Nation are bowing humbly before you…We ask now that you fulfill your promise to us in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

Please join me in proclaiming and claiming some of these Words of God…

I Declare that no weapon formed against America shall prosper, and every tongue raised against us, we condemn.

I claim the promise that God will provide all our need according to His Riches in Glory by Christ Jesus.

We declare and agree with Scripture that Children are a gift from the Lord, and they will no longer be killed in the womb.

We stand in agreement that all the plans of the enemy will be revealed, and we claim deliverance from the plans to destroy us.

We declare that JESUS in KING, and He reigns in America!

WE Claim America for God, for His Word says….Blessed is the Nation who’s God is the Lord.

In the Name of Jesus we take back all in America that satan has stolen, and we command that he(satan) repay it 7 times over.

We declare that even the ROCKS will call out that JESUS is LORD IN AMERICA….

Ask God how you should pray….Then share that with others and PRAY, PRAY, and PRAY!






How do YOU choose?

Posted: October 2, 2016 in other

The election for President  is drawing near.  There is such a climate of personal destruction in our election process that I have to say, “It makes me sick!”

So many people argue that they are going to withhold their vote because they don’t like either of the two main Candidates.  I can certainly understand that.  However it is important for Christians to Vote.  Failure to vote (or to vote for one of the bottom dwellers in that they have NO chance of winning) is to fail to do what the Bible tells us we must do.  We are responsible for OUR Nation.

Jeremiah 29:11 tells us that if God’s people who are called by his name, will humble themselves and pray, and seek HIM, then HE will hear from heaven, HE will forgive our sin, and HE will HEAL OUR LAND.  God knows how badly it needs healing and so do we.

So how do we decide who to vote for when we really don’t LIKE either of the Candidates.  It would seem wise to me to have some “test” questions.  Questions that are so important that to vote for someone who didn’t support the majority of our questions would be ridiculous.

You can ask about who would reduce or raise taxes….but that isn’t all that important.  You can ask about who lies….but then you run into the question of who lies the most…

These are not the questions that fit on my “test.”

I am a Christ -Follower.  I believe the Bible.  I believe it is the Word of God and our determining guide in how we live our lives.  I believe that you can say anything, but your actions speak louder than words.  I believe that looking at the lives of the candidates is not judging them, but inspecting their “fruit.”  If the fruit is bad….well, I am not voting for that person.  The questions I have in my test are the basics of what I consider to be MOST IMPORTANT.

Question 1.  Do you support the killing of babies in the womb, or do you believe that all life is sacred?

Question 2.  Do you recognize Israel as a nation of God’s chosen people, and will you support and protect Israel?

Question 3.  Are you a supporter of our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms?

Question 4.  Will you protect my right to freedom of speech and practice my faith or will you force me to go against my Christian and Moral beliefs?

Question 5.  Will you appoint Justices who will PROTECT the Constitution?

That’s it friends….These are easy questions to research for each of the candidates.

The other thing you really should do is to “stand in the gap” and pray fervently for America.  Your children’s and Grandchildren’s future depends on it!

Please God…Send your Spirit into this Nation…We need you to bless us, We are doomed without YOU!  Open our eyes, let us see, Open our ears and let us hear, and RESET our hearts to do your Will and LOVE YOU as YOU LOVE US!

Blessed is the Nation, whose God is The LORD!