What is the answer

Posted: May 26, 2016 in other

Well, the answer is always JESUS!..

In daily life the questions we have are…. should I?  How can I fix this?  Am I ever going to get this done?  How do I change the world I live in?  Who is going to even hear what I have to say.

Today, I just want to mention LOVE.  Love is interesting!  Sometimes we meet someone and totally fall head over heals in love with them…That is a feeling or perhaps a divine appointment.  It is good, and it makes our hearts flutter and our stomachs turn.  This love will change over time…the flutters will cease and the turning stomach will settle.

At that point one has to figure out if this is a person you want to spend the rest of our lives with.  It is like any other decision we make.  We should be weighing the pros and cons.

Sometimes we just have to make a list of each and then choose the one that has the most advantages.  It is pretty much how we live our lives.

We are basically talking about love and marriage, commitment, lives spent together.

I chose my dear sweet hubby when I was 18 years old.  I am now 70….we have spent a lot of years together.  He still tells me every day that he loves me…sometimes it seems to get old…and I think…well then why don’t you do this or do that to show me.  Sometimes I think what life would be like had we never met and fell in love, and made a commitment to love each other.  Yes, it was a choice we made many years ago.

Today we are getting old.  There is less energy in us.  We are not able to do the things we once did.  I long for a night to dance to the old Rock and Roll.  We danced beautifully together…When we danced, it wasn’t long before the dance floor was totally ours and people just watched.  I loved the dance.  Still do, but now it is only in my memories and in my heart.”

I want to say to all the couples out there.  It is a “choice” who you will love.  Choose wisely, but never think that because things get a little rocky that you have chosen wrong.  Our lives with our mates, need to be a firm commitment.  A choice to love, to care for, to be kind to, to cheer on, to give hope, to laugh…Yea….Selfishness on our part is never becoming, and making ugly comments about your mate, makes you look like a fool.

So if you have “someone” in your life..it is up to you to make it work.  Just Love them and be kind.  It solves tons of problems!

Blessings to you all


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