God’s tears raining down….

Posted: May 25, 2016 in other

Today is the 25th day of May in the Year of our Lord, 2016.  Today Franklin Graham (Billy Grahams son) will be in Bismarck (State Capitol of North Dakota) for a Prayer Rally.  The time of the Rally will be between 12 noon and 1 o’clock and will be held on the South side of our Capitol Building.

I was planning to be there, but things happen and I am unable to go.  Many Christ followers from around the State will be there to offer up prayers of Praise for our great State and Nation, and seek God’s intervention in our lives.

Crime has become rampant, lying is considered, just normal, children and women are being sold by the hour for those who wish to use them, pornography is destroying marriages.  Disrespect is in the air, hate flourishes, love is not understood, but only considered a feeling, oftentimes without commitment.  Fear is in the air.

Today, Prayers will go out for this State, the people in it, those who run the government, those who have families, the hungry, and those who have lost hope.  Today, we as Christ Lovers can make a difference.  Unity in Prayer is a Winning Service to mankind.

If you can be in Bismarck today, please go.  Please join in Prayer.  Please lift up those who who so need a touch of the love and freedom of our Precious Jesus.

Today it is raining….after days of beautiful weather.  Today I believe God is weeping for the World.  the Children, the loss, the hopelessness…and He stands ready …..waiting for us to come to him, rely on him, trust him, and ask him to save our children, marriages, unborn babies, our State and our Nation….

Do something powerful and life-changing today….PRAY!

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