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Posted: December 5, 2015 in other, Prayers
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Not by power or might…but by my Spirit says the Lord…


We cannot defeat Islamic Terrorists. We cannot know when or where an attack comes.

We cannot, as Americans expect God to care for our nation when our president has declared that we are NOT a Christian Nation. We cannot expect God to intervene when we have removed his 10 commandments, removed prayer from school, removed nativity scenes, removed crosses or allowed disrespect for parents, teachers, and all authority. We have undeniably caved to political pressure because it is easier or because of fear of reprisal. Like Peter…we have denied knowing Jesus and standing up for him. Yea, I know…so sad!

The problem of hatred will not just disappear. It will not go away because we are talking about it and we are angry. It will take a miracle! Yes, we might be able to contain some of it, but not all. When the word goes out to attack, all those jihadists that were trained in jihad camps will be set loose…it will be a day like we have never seen or imagined. It may be similar to the day that King Herrod ordered the death of all the little boys 2 years or younger. There was great weeping and much sorrow. Think about it…imagine it was one of your children…. Many will die. Any one of us could lose our life that day or lose someone we dearly love. Hatred and killing for a cause cannot be extinguished by kindness or love.

Yes, we need to love our enemy, but love is to stand for Jesus. It is to pray for those who are killing others for their cause. We must pray differently than ever before. We must pray that Jesus reveal himself to those who would kill in jihadist attacks and change their hearts and minds and desires. We must claim protection for ourselves and we must trust God to care for us and our families. We must seek divine leading in our prayers, for the enemy is wily, wise and unscrupulous….but God is able. Nothing is impossible for him. He has changed the hearts of Kings and leaders, and killers, and all kinds of people who we consider “worse than us.” The entire human race is swathed in sin of various types. Jesus has a lot to say about that, in that he said that none of us are righteous…no not one… EXCEPT we ask God’s forgiveness and turn our lives over to him. It is not an easy decision to make, but it is the only reasonable one. Without Christ….the goodness you have known on earth is the only goodness you will know. We unfortunately have a president who favors the false god allah, and only uses the Name of Jesus when he wants to manipulate Christians, using the Bible to convince us that we need to do it his way. SAD…yes it is… He has never called for prayer for the nation, but we have to understand that after cancelling the national day of prayer, he then welcomed the muslims to the white house, and he spent time with them. He bows to the imams and religious islamic leaders, but he hasn’t given any acknowledgement to the God under whom this Nation was created.

So what do we do? We gather our friends, and anyone who will join us. We gather together and seek God…Seek JESUS…seek him, and pray to him and ask him to intervene in our families, towns, cities, states and Nation. We need God back in America…We need him here now, before all hell breaks out in this country. We need political leaders who will also join in and lead in prayer for America.

Yes, there are common sense ways of dealing with evil. It must be destroyed. so we stand and we fight. We stop immigration. We gather those who seek to destroy our nation and our way of life and deport them. We track down terrorists and stop them.

God expects us to take care of our families, and he does not expect that we should put a nest of rattlers loose in our house, and if someone else does, snakesthen we need to hunt them down and get them gone! That is love…loving our families, our neighbors, friends and fellow citizens. We need to take care of each other.

Let us begin now and pray. God has said….and he is talking to Christians…If my people, who are called MY Name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then HE will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land…. This is our land…HE WILL DO WHAT HE SAYS, but we have to do our part! The time is now because if not now, WHEN?

I encourage you all to read this blog.

I got swamped
and I have been unable to finish the work for Blogging 101, so I am just now finding some of the things that have happened over the past week. One of the things that Blogger’s do is to nominate those Blogs that they find impressive, and think others would like to know about. I think that is a great idea! I know I have found some pretty sensational blogs during this Blogging 101 class.

I was nominated for an Infinity Dreams Award by NinaKimini11….Awesome! Thank you so much Nina! I have enjoyed your blog as well. Please do take the time to read her blog at Unfortunately, I am unable to find the rules for the Infinity Dreams Award, but I expect it is about the same as the others.

Next I was nominated for the Liebster Award by K E Garland. I read your blog regularly too, because I liked it. You can check out her awesome site at: Thank you so very much K E for nominating me for this distinction. I am amazed and very pleased. I hope you all reading this will take some time and check out her site as well as a few of the others that I have found amazing. Thank you again, K E and Nina.

Part of this award allows me to submit between 5 and 11 other blogs. Several of these people may have already received and agreed to accept these nominations, and if so, they may participate again or choose to repost what they have done in the past. And…there is the option of totally ignoring this! I do realize it is considerable work to complete. If it stresses you, then just don’t do it! The SKY will not fall. In the meantime, do take time to read some of the different blogs…there are amazing writers all over! Thank You once again K E and Nina for nominating me.

Here are some of my favorite Bloggers…I trust you will enjoy them as much as I have!

KE’s Questions (first answer that pops into your head and then explain):

Plastic or paper? Paper…Plates that is…saves lots of dish washing!
Book before movie or movie before book? Movie…takes less time, but if it’s good, I will read the book!
Oprah or Ellen? Neither….except for an occasional clip, which I usually like! so Either works for me!
Writing in public or writing in your home? In my home…it’s the distraction
Married or single? I like both…If you haven’t met the right should stay single…but if you have you should probably marry them.
Dog or cat? Cat….I have one named GreyCat…but my dog Ebby was a sweetheart..He has crossed the Rainbow Bridge
Healthy lifestyle or who cares? I have an app for that…It usually tells me I am needing to cut back on calories!
City or Suburbs? Neither….Country! Freedom, Peace, Quiet….
Limited choice or complete freedom? The only way to be free is trusting in Jesus…I am for FREEDOM!
Rainy day or snowy day? Snow is pretty when it is fresh…but rain brings forth life…I like that!
Writing on a device or writing by hand? HUH…Guess!

OK…my questions: Same instructions as above

Why do you write a blog?
Your Biggest Fan?
Did you like doing this?
How much time did it take you?
Your favorite sport?
Do you like to cook?
if you had 24 hours to do anything you want, What would you do?
Have you taken a blogging class?
Did you like it?
Fox or CNN?
Who do you want to win the Pres Election coming up?

Thank You again!


I am blown away…who would ever think that my blog would earn an Award? I surely never did, because I just write what I care about, and what I think, and what I think others should think….And above all the Story of Jesus and his Love for us!

I was nominated for this prestigious Award by A Writers Helper. Her blog is found at Now I don’t know her “real” name but what I do know is I love her stories. I especially love the one where she lived for 5 years without electricity, and had to carry water. I think you will find her blog entertaining, and intriguing, and it goes without saying, excellent writing! If you want to be a part of the story, then you have to visit her site and read some of her posts! Thank You so much, A Writer’s helper for this awesome award!

Part of the nomination process, is to tell 7 things about myself, that most people do not know. And the next part is to locate and post on here several other Blogs that I have enjoyed, are top quality writing, display love, and the quality of the blog. Those would be people I may nominate for this award.

The specifics of the Nomination come from Carly. This is from her Blog: “When you consider nominating a fellow blogger for the Versatile Blogger Award, consider the quality of the writing, the uniqueness of the subjects covered, the level of love displayed in the words on the virtual page. Or, of course, the quality of the photographs and the level of love displayed in the taking of them.

Honor those bloggers who bring something special to your life whether every day or only now and then.

And, have fun!” Her Blog is full of information regarding this award.

So Here goes….7 things you probably don’t know about me.

1. Sometimes, in the summer, when the nights are warm I go out into my yard, and look up into the sky and Sing, “How Great Thou Art” to God….I love that he says…The Heavens display His Glory! Yes, Yes they do!

2. I am the “crazy oil lady”. I discovered the many uses of doTerra Essential Oils, and the purity of them, and I am always telling others about how they have worked to help me be healthy, and how they contribute to a healthy lifestyle. When you tell me what is wrong with you, I say…”I have an oil that may help you!” I even have a webpage for them. That site is: .

3. I have 2 kids, 8 Grand kids, two of which are twins and 2 Great Grand Kids….And I love them all! I miss seeing them, and am so thankful for Facebook, where I can keep in contact and see their faces! I of course love a video now and again.

4 I manage a group of Prayer Warriors. We pray for people who request prayer, and we pray for the needs of our nation, states, and families. We handle emergency prayer requests. It is a no-guilt prayer group. If you get an e-mail asking you to pray, and if you do not have time at that moment, you just turn it over to Jesus for him to handle. Prayer is a great honor…We are honored to be people of faith, who trust God for Miracles! This Site has articles about Answered prayer.

5. I am a blood donor…going in today to give blood again. What an honor to have the blood of Jesus being passed on in the physical realm to someone else. Lord I pray that whoever receives my blood, will come to know the saving grace of Jesus, if they do not…and if they do, I ask for healing and wholeness for them! Amen

6. I wear flip-flops even when I shovel snow….have to be careful though, because snow on your feet is cold!

7. I always thought I would write books for a living, but God had different plans. He got me fired from a job so that I would quit arguing with him, and become what He had for me to be. That is a Real Estate Agent. Yes…that is my real job… I am honored to help people make their dreams become reality. It seems one of the biggest dreams for some people is home ownership! I LOVE my People…because that is who they become when they start out as my client!

OK…so you know much more about me right now…and it is time to tell you the blogs that I most enjoy.

It’s a Panda Life…. I especially love the letter about the hummingbird! Very good story…and you would never know(unless she told you, and she told me) That she has never seen a hummingbird!

M J Chatters… I especially like her article, “You’ve got to stand for something!” It brought tears to my eyes.

Darlene’s Corner I especially like her story… “Nightmare!” Yep it brought more tears.

There are many more blogs out in bloggerville that will touch your heart, make you cry, bring forth laughter, and teach you about history, love, hope and peace…It is an adventure…I hope you will go explore!

There comes a time in our lives, where we either make a difference or we don’t. We have, on our Side…the God of the Universe, to which NOTHING is impossible.

The riots in Baltimore are an act of Satan. He came to kill, steal and destroy? Recognize the signs?

What about the earthquake in Nepal? Destruction and death…stealing of a future for those living there…Most of us miss that…we think an earthquake is just what happens when plates shift, and the result is an earthquake…sometimes followed by tidal waves, mud slides and on and on. Who caused the plates to shift and the earthquake to happen? It for sure wasn’t God…so must have been Satan. He is the one who came to kill, steal and destroy. Fits the criteria, doesn’t it?

How about raging muslims who are killing Christians, and others who disagree with them, their god foremost in their minds. Who is their god? It is the god who says to kill infidels(anyone not believing as they do), they steal the lives of little boys and girls to asuage their pedophilic desires. They destroy everything in their way. ***light bulb*** their god is none other than satan, under a different name. GOD gives life, hope, love….can’t be GOD!

So what do we as Christians do about it? Do we run and hide, when God’s written Word tells us to be strong and courageous. Our God calls us to “fear not!” Our God calls us to pray for those who despitefully use us.

There are ways to pray effectively without “just” pleading with God to do something. In Psalms 149, we are told that it is our honor to do the work of God.
So how do we do that? Our job,…well read it here: Psa 149:5 Let the saints be joyful in glory: let them sing aloud upon their beds.
Psa 149:6 Let the high praises of God be in their mouth, and a twoedged sword in their hand;
Psa 149:7 To execute vengeance upon the heathen, and punishments upon the people;
Psa 149:8 To bind their kings with chains, and their nobles with fetters of iron;
Psa 149:9 To execute upon them the judgment written: this honour have all his saints. Praise ye the LORD.

These words can be taken literally, or Spiritually. If need be we must be literal in our place, to take care of, protect, hide, secure…those who are in danger, by any means necessary to do so. Even if it means physical protection!

We, however, are NOT in Baltimore, nor are we in Nepal, or in Syria, Iran, Iraq, and all the other places where people are being put to death, in the most horrible of ways.

It then stands to reason that our job as Christians may not be Physical…It may be that we must go to battle in the Spiritual Realm…which will ultimately change the physical realm.

So here is one plan…Let’s Pray! Let’s Pray the way Jesus Prayed. Let’s Pray the way Elijah Prayed. Let’s Pray how David Prayed.

Let us not “think” this is just prayer…good thoughts for people. Prayer is not, nor has it ever been “just” good thoughts for people….It is a systematic, faith filled, committed, trust in God to change circumstances according to HIS directions.

Once we have recognized that we are not fighting against other people…the bible says “flesh and blood,” then we have come a long way toward recognizing how to pray. If every request we make of God is based on his way, then things will come to pass according to HIS WAY.

In Baltimore, then we can pray in specific ways to deal with “satan” who is in charge of the evil actions of people. First, let’s pray for the Pastors, and other Christians in the area. Lord, we ask for your hand of protection upon the Pastors and your children who live and work in the Baltimore area. We cover them with the blood of Jesus, just as you instructed the Israelites to put the blood of an innocent lamb on their doorposts so that the death angel would pass over, and not take the firstborn of their families. We ask you to remind them to put on the full armor of God from Ephesians 6. We ask you to make them strong, courageous and unafraid. We declare and decree according to your written Word, that YOU are their “high tower,” and You will keep them safe under your wings or feathers. We pray that you will fill them with your Holy Spirit and Power, and give them prophetic words, and words of power from your WORD. Remind them of who the enemy is. Let they stand strong and “rebuke the devil,” and he will flee. Rebuke, Rebuke, Rebuke in the Mighty and holy name of Jesus…and Love, Love Love because that is the bridge to JESUS!

Baltimore can either become the place where martial law will eventually be put in place or in the Name of Jesus we quell the powers of darkness and send them scurrying away in shame. For let it not surprise you, that those evil spirits of death, rebellion, lawlessness, blasphemy, murder, killing, dis-respect, and all other facets of evil, will RECOGNIZE the Name of JESUS, and his POWER. They will recognize that The King of Creation is in control.

As for the people who are fulfilling the acts of evil. We must love them, but that love does not mean allowing them to run rampant upon the city. They have chosen to follow satan, whether they know it or not, and each person is responsible for the choices they make. If they have been “fooled” into this destructive mode, then it was still their choice. We have laws and rules for a reason. It is the only way our society can work expeditiously.

We must also pray for those who have lost their homes, their apartments, their pharmacies, their senior living centers, and other losses. We must pray that God will heal their hearts, and bring them through the chaos, with faith, and peace in their hearts. We must pray that their hearts will not fail them for fear. We must pray that God will pour out his peace, blessing and mercy upon them, and take care of their financial needs as well.

We must pray for the Police and Security and Military personnel that are trying to bring peace. We must pray for their protection, for them to not become bitter, that their lives and bodies will be preserved. We must pray for their families. It is very hard to have a loved one go into harm’s way and maintain peace in their hearts. FEAR has to go in the Name of JESUS!

I think there are not enough words in the world to cover every aspect of the trials this nation and Baltimore in particular, are dealing with. So I would ask that you take the time to ASK GOD, how HE wants you to pray and for whom he wants you to pray….and then pray accordingly. Even if it seems strange, because our God doesn’t just use a specific formula for any adversity…He is a specific God with Specific plans. Obey his Word, Hear with your ears and with your heart and just follow directions.

In the end, it is up to the Christians of this Nation to save this Nation through the prayers God has for us to pray. We can change things….But we have to pray and we have to seek Jesus with our whole heart, with our whole mind and with all our strength. The future is up to us…. We make the choice….and must accept the consequences!

Love you all!

Day 6 – Someone who has affected your life, that you have met in the last 4 months. Is that easy? Who have I met that I have spent even a short time chatting with? Is it someone whose path has crossed mine and there was little interaction? Is it someone who I saw from a distance, who caught my attention and I watched? Who could it be? Perhaps there is more than one. Yes, people who have changed how you think, how you act, or how you are. Let me introduce to you Rachel….

Rachel, came to our table in the restaurant to find out what we wanted. A waitress! Rachel is not her real name, because I don’t know her real name. Her smile was half-hearted, her hair disheveled, although you could tell she had tried to get it to stay up, away from her face. Not curly, not straight, just a slight unmanageable wave, coming loose from it’s tie. She was pleasant, but seemingly distracted. Perhaps she had too many tables to care for, but it didn’t seem like that was it. Something else was bothering her. You could pick it up in the slight slump of her shoulders. Just a hint of defeat, something going on in her world. Something that laid heavy upon her. She was…maybe 20’s or 30’s…since I am not a good judge of age, I just have to guess at that. Her service was good, except for the iced tea she forgot, and she got my order wrong, but it was OK…(she gave me the senior citizen sized order instead of the regular). Probably a blessing in disguise. I didn’t complain, it just didn’t matter, this would not be my last meal, and I was in no danger of starving to death.

Even knowing that money can’t fix everything, Ileft a substantial tip….hoping that perhaps, somehow she would know that someone cared. That was the last I saw her, except in thoughts. My memory keeps bringing her to mind. I can’t fix her, but I can help her. I may never see her again and it doesn’t matter. The crossing of paths was enough. It was enough for me to take time to pray for her. Here is my prayer for her.

Lord, I do pray for Rachel. You know what she needs. You know what is affecting her heart. You know what is happening in her life outside of work, and you know if something is occurring inside of work. Today, Lord Jesus I ask you to bring her comfort, to reveal clarity to her situation, to give her peace in the midst of chaos. I ask for healing for her hurts, for her wounds, and for her heart and soul. I pray that whatever occurs she will find joy in life and a relationship with the only one who cares for her more than she cares for herself. I pray Lord that she will find hope in each new sunrise. I pray she will find happiness in the laugh of a child, the song of a bird, or a drifting tumbleweed crossing the road in front of her. I pray she will find someone to hold her tight, and that she will make right choices. I pray she will find joy in being a blessing to others. I pray that she will be blessed financially, and that you will speak to her in a way that she recognizes as beyond “worldly”. I pray for healing for her body, her soul and her spirit. I pray that she will become a new creation, and when she does, I pray she will find a life full of plans for her future, a path designed especially for her, and that her life will be blessed with more than she could ever hope or dream.

Yes, Rachel made a difference in my life. A passing stranger, a unique appointment planned ahead of time to touch her life that would change her future….and mine.

Moving Forward…just makes sense!

Posted: April 6, 2015 in Prayers

It’s a new day! profound thought, isn’t it? Today my goal is to remember things. I think the art of remembering is tying things together. Attach a thought that you want to remember to something solid. We are reminded that it IS a new day because the Sun comes up! We are reminded about many things by other things.

When I was just a teen (yes, it is hard to remember that, it WAS a long time ago), but it was a time when Charcoal grills had just hit the scene and we had one. It was great except it took forever to get the charcoal started, once you accomplished that…the food was good! Except for chicken. Chicken was always a problem. Whenever I see burnt chicken I am reminded of how much my Mother HATED burned food, especially chicken, but my sister and I always wanted to grill chicken. Because our Mother would complain about the burnt chicken, by Sister would tell her…but that is how we like it! LOL For some reason, we never could get it done before it burned. I now know that grilling chicken is an art. Either you grill it until it is nicely browned and put it in the oven to finish it off, or you drop it in some water and pre-boil it before you put it on the grill or you bake it first and finish it off on the gas grill. Charcoal has lost it’s charm in my life. Moving on is part of life, and moving on means enjoying the immediate gratification of instant heat. Gas grills “rock!”

I wonder how it is that we forget so easily? It seems that we make the same mistakes again and again. One of the things I don’t like about those mistakes is the fact that you don’t realize it is the same mistake until you have “done it again!” Perhaps if we tie that mistake to a locking object we will stop making that mistake and never have a “do over!”

I remember having to memorize things in school. I practiced the art of Planting those things in my brain. I would say…I have to remember this. And then I would go over it until I got it right…It is kind of like the “save” button on your computer. Get it right…or mostly right and then hit “save.” You can always change it, but for the moment you have the words locked up, and with any luck you won’t accidently delete them. Remembering is exactly the same. You have to make a point of storing those items in your head, otherwise they will be like thoughts…here today and gone in two seconds.

There are certain words we want to remember for specific occasions. When someone is complaining about their life, it is hard to say the right words. Sometimes you just want to tell them that they are their own worst enemy. Quit saying all the negative stuff, and move on. Stuff happens, not planned, you didn’t cause it, you can’t fix it, and in a hundred years it is not going to matter. This works, if you are a good friend but a casual acquaintance needs a little more finesse. Perhaps it would be best to say…”I am so sorry that happened to you.” or “I can appreciate that!” Yep, sometimes it is best not to say… “too bad, so sad.” This is a person you don’t want to offend, and would like to get to know better, or perhaps develop a relationship with. Words are important and taking someone’s hurt and dis-respecting it does not bode well for the relationship.

As the years pass we learn some of these things. It is good to remember them, store them in our brain for the next time this scenario plays out.

I think the hardest situations to deal with are those who are always complaining. It makes you not want to be around them. Sometimes you can see the problem a mile off, and would surely like to tell them what to do, but maybe that is not your concern.

Bitterness in people is tough…it usually stems from something that has hurt them deeply that they cannot get past. A betrayal is a biggie. You have to have experienced that in your own life, without a doubt, most people have! It hurts….it is not something that can just be glossed over. You literally have to acknowledge it, recognize how it hurts you, and how sad it made you feel and then you must forgive it. You don’t have to forget it, because it would be totally stupid to allow yourself to be betrayed a second or third time by the same person, but you have to forgive, otherwise it becomes a big stumbling block in your own life. Unforgiveness only affects you. The person who hurt you will not be affected by your lack of forgiveness, and will probably never ask you to forgive them…so you have to take it upon yourself to NOT hurt yourself over and over again by the actions of someone else. Let it go. Release it… lay it down, refuse to let it eat away at your heart. Closure is not when judgment comes to another. It only happens when we forgive. The Bible is pretty clear about forgiveness. It says that if you don’t forgive others, then YOU will not be forgiven. Yikes! So forgive and move on…Let it go.

If you can’t remember this, then it will be an issue for a very long time… Memorize this, and remind yourself of it whenever this bridge needs to be crossed again. Here is a quote for you, plant it in your brain for future reference! Ready? Here it is:

“Hating someone, holding a grudge or failing to forgive, is like burning down YOUR OWN HOUSE, to get rid of a rat!”

That’s it for today! Blessings to you all…Thanks for reading my musings.