The Answer is Prayer-disregard the question!

Posted: February 5, 2015 in Prayers
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It’s late, I should be sleeping. Tomorrow is a busy day, so much to do and it seems the older I get the faster the days go by. Tonight, I am troubled. I am concerned about our nation, I don’t trust our president and I don’t trust our government. I am appalled

that so many of our Democrats are going to “blow off” the visit of Israel’s leader, when he comes to speak about the terrorism of isis or the daesch. How dare they put politics before our safety? What is wrong with people who won’t hear? Why is the president so angry about this….because he doesn’t want to call the terrorists, “terrorists?” It certainly causes concern that he is “ticked off” about an invitation to a leader who knows more than anyone else what is actually happening, and who these people are and what we can expect from them, because of his accumulated knowledge!

My heart is torn. The Isis threat is upon our doorstep and the president doesn’t believe the same way as the majority of Americans do. Many people believe he is muslim and that the reason he is not taking the threat seriously, is that he really is “taking it seriously” because he agrees with their goals and plans. It was his word, in his book which said that he would take the side of the muslims. That should be sufficient for us to believe, when we look and see the evidence of that. There are the little things that could make one believe that. Cancelling the National Day of Prayer for Christian Americans, and instead sponsoring and inviting muslims to participate in a day of prayer, would be one. He is the one who said that America is not a Christian nation. Yet, despite what he said, we are a Christian Nation. Why would he declare that? Oh yea…Taquiya…that is the right of muslims to lie if the lie helps islam. Hmmmm something you have to think about.

I get angry when I see the brutal slaughter of people from every faith including their own, for not believing exactly as the savages do. I want in my heart of hearts some form of retaliation. The Bible clearly tells me to love my neighbor and do “good” to those who hate me. It tells me that Vengeance is his, in the end, retaliation will only come from him. My Bible tells me that whatever I ask in prayer, in faith, I will have. It tells me that if I have faith as small as a mustard seed, I can say to the mountain…”MOVE,” and it will.

I remember that every KING, including King David had an army. It was used to defend and fight the battles that could not be fought any other way. Even back then, Israel was a target.
This evil we face today is probably the greatest mountain that we will ever have to move! I know in my mind and heart that the only answer to this attack against humanity, is prayer. The only answer is to follow the guidelines in the Bible to fight this evil. God has given us armor to wear to protect us (Ephesians 6) and he has given us direction in how to pray, what to pray and what to pray about. He has given us the sword of the spirit, which is the Word of God. We must learn to use our sword in the way a well-trained warrior would.

How, oh how, do we get people to recognize the importance of their prayers? How do we make them understand that God really does answer prayers? How do we raise awareness that God has angels who are able to go to battle, but that those angels need the strength of our prayers to accomplish the work that is needed.

Evil is snarly and gnarly. It comes from satan, and is designed to kill, steal and destroy. You know you are being affected by evil if what is happening fits any of these classifications.

We as Christians are called to share the gospel with everyone we come in contact with…to share it throughout the world. We are not told to only share with those we “feel” comfortable with, but with everyone. That means it doesn’t matter what someone else’s religion may be, we are to share the truth of Jesus being born of a Virgin, living a life not marred by sin, taking the sins of every person upon himself as he hung upon the cross, having God the Father, turn away from him, and dying. Because of that sin, he did not go to heaven, he went to hell, there he shared HIS GOSPEL with those who had never heard, from there he took the keys of hell and death from satan, and departed hell with many souls, was raised to life and then offered to every person alive, both then and all who were to come, the gift of salvation. All they have to do is recognize their own sin, and receive and accept the gift of God which is Eternal Life through Jesus Christ the Savior, and follow him.

I appreciate the value of this gift because Salvation came to me many years ago as a child. My Mom took me to a little Methodist Church in Donnybrook, North Dakota. There were missionaries there teaching Bible School during summer vacation. The missionaries made the time fun. We sang songs, and learned about Jesus. I loved vacation Bible School. One day they put up a picture of Jesus. The picture showed him standing by a big wooden door. They said, “ Do you see there is no doorknob?” Huh…I hadn’t seen that until they pointed it out. They then said that Jesus will never open the door to your heart, you have to ask him to come in. That was it, they said you have to ask him in….but then they added….It is time for recess, however if you want to know how to ask Jesus into your heart, just stay in from recess. All the other kids left….but I stayed. It was then I confessed some of my sins, mostly being mean to my sister, and not obeying my parents. They then led me in a prayer, asking Jesus to come into my heart. So we prayed and I did. Then they said I should go out and play because recess was about over. OH MY…..My whole life had just turned a corner and they wanted me to go play. I got up out of the chair and between the chair and the door, I spoke to God….I said, I have given you my life, and even though they said I was a new creation, I don’t “feel” any different. How could that be? I was pretty disgusted about that. What a difference a few steps can make…by the time I got to the door, God had done something unique. I pushed open the church door and I remember nothing else except that the world I knew had changed. The sky had become a brilliant blue, the clouds were the whitest white I had ever seen and fluffy, the sun was brighter than I could ever remember and the grass greener than I had ever seen. I don’t remember anything else about that day, or any other day of Vacation Bible School, except that my Mother made Fried chicken for them and I got to eat with them that day. Nothing else. The memory of that day is forever etched in my mind and in my heart. It was the first time I recognized Jesus; that I recognized God as someone I would talk to for the rest of my life. I am honored to be a member of the Kingdom of God. I am a different person because Jesus intercepted my life and made me a new person, a new creation! I am so grateful for that, because without HIM as my best friend, I would not have survived life.
The years have passed, and today has arrived. Terrorism is on the rise, the powers of darkness know their time is short and they are running rampant over the world. People are dying without knowing that Jesus has his hand and heart open, waiting, longing for them to come running to him for help and for life, holding a gift that is beyond anything imaginable.

Each of us has a God-shaped hole in our hearts that no one except Jesus can fill. The really good news is that Jesus is not a respecter of people. He will accept anyone, no matter how bad they are, or what they have done, and he will take everyone who calls upon him. What an incredible gift…The weight of sin, removed; a new life for a heartbroken, damaged person who has no hope. He is hope and life and breath. Nothing compares to what Jesus has to offer. Nothing compares to the friendship he offers. Nothing compares to the protection, the safety, and the favor that he gives. Jesus is so unique. There are many false gods…most all of them require you to give your life for them…Jesus Gave His Life For ME and For You!
Today we are still having to deal with satan and his destruction of the lives of people. The more he can kill in whatever name he chooses, without them ever knowing of Jesus Christ the savior, the more hell is filled with lost souls that can never be redeemed. Heartbreaking.

One of the interesting things I have found throughout these years I have spent on earth is that there are people in our world, people in our country…even people in our neighborhood who have never been prayed for. No one has ever asked Jesus to touch their lives and reveal himself to them. No one has asked God to show them the way to him, and no one has ever asked for blessing for them. God is a respecter of people’s privacy. He will never intervene unless asked, and if we don’t ask for those people, probably no one else will. Oh we have all cursed many of them, deciding on our own that this person or that one is not redeemable. Too far gone we think. Mixed up in criminal behavior, involved in drugs, killers of children, rapists, murderers, and terrorists. Prayer for them…not likely.

We CAN change our world. We can pray for the lost souls of the world, we can pray for those who don’t seem redeemable to us. We can stand in the gap for our friends, family, neighbors, enemies, our nation, our world and especially for those who are being killed, tortured, sold into slavery, sold into pedophile marriages, beheaded, burned to death and those of our brothers and sisters in Christ. We can pray for strength for those who are being martyred. We can pray that Jesus will come for them quickly, that they will be able to reject demands that they renounce him. We can ask God to send angels to minister to them. We can do this, we just need to.

We can cover our families, ourselves, our pets, and our stuff with the blood of Jesus, and we can pick up our Sword, put on our armor, pick up our shield and command angels to stand with us. Lord God this is our prayer. We pray for Christians throughout this world to awaken to the power in your blood and the power available to us. We stand in the gap, and declare you King of Kings and Lord of Lords and with you nothing is impossible. We stand for those who don’t know you, those who have turned away from you, those who seek death for us and have never known true love. Lord God, we ask you to reveal yourself to this world! We ask you to intervene and stop the destruction of mankind, and we pray that you will place a standard around your children and around their nations and abodes, and families, that the evil one cannot breach. We place our lives in your hands and ask you to hold us up as we stand! Let us not fail to fulfill your plan for us, and guide us into all truth. Minister to your children in harm’s way throughout the world. We pray that you will remind your children to pray with everything they have in them…all their strength, all their heart and all their mind….Let our prayers and our lives bless you Lord! We ask that you bless our hearts with the things that bring you blessing and trouble our hearts with the things that trouble yours. Teach us to pray according and in sync with your Word and in Your Power!

Give us courage to always pray in the Mighty Name of Jesus! Bring forth your Kingdom and bring forth your prayer warriors to defeat the powers of darkness that seek to overcome our world! Let us be strong and courageous as we go to spiritual war against the enemies of our God! AMEN and AMEN

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    Outstanding!! Great blog, Lloyd Ann.

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