He’s already there….

Posted: March 31, 2011 in Prayers


Oh Lord God, you have shown us your Greatness, your mercy and your Grace.  You have shown us the hope that is within You….and therefore within us.  We look and we see your miracles…the precipices that we find ourselves at…one more step and we are off the cliff, but you send your angels and they keep us from falling….

You send your Holy Spirit to show us how to pray….You sent your Word (Jesus) and gave us life…..and you send your Word (Bible) from which we gather your strength and your beauty in the things of the world.  We are reminded of the Promise…Psalms 118:17  “I shall not die, but live and declare the works of the Lord”.  Awesome Holy Spirit delivered words, to stand on in the midst of troubles.  Awesome words that move us into the spiritual realm instead of this earthly one, so we can stand on truth instead of what we see with our physical eyes.

You Lord, are our strength, and our hope, You are our light in the darkness, you are the voice in the night that says….we are safe in your arms.  You are He who loves us with a love that is beyond our ability to even understand.  You are our strength, and when we think we can no longer go on, you fill us with your Spirit and with YOUR TRUTH, and we KNOW that nothing is impossible for YOU!

We wonder about our lives, and the troubles that seem to never end.  We are reminded that you care so much about our character, that we not give up, that we follow the path you have laid out before us.  We are grateful that we cannot see around the corner, for if we could, we would self-destruct with our inability to handle it….and yet we arrive around that bend in the road and you are already there. Providing us with all that we need to continue on.

Yes, you are Awesome, Lord and we love you for it!  We are Thankful for all the stories of troubles, and how you have come to the rescue of your people.  We are thankful….We are thankful….Yes…we are thankful!

This is my prayer for this morning…it comes when I learn of another sickness, another battle, and it calls out to others to join in believing…..trusting….encouraging others to continue on…to find the strength and the peace and the love that we need to share with each other.  You can make it through this day…because God is already here, and he has your best interests at heart.  Hang on and keep moving forward….”With God all things are possible…..and NO Thing is impossible!

*** I just want to mention a website that declares God’s Glory in the words of one woman to another.  The words that dispel fear, that encourage, that bring peace in chaos.  There is a scholarship program….All you have to do is post to your blog, mention the site and send it in.  So if you have a blog….share your heart….and post the site….God may choose you to be the one who wins the scholarship and your path has either become new or has been enlarged.  Even if you are not the one chosen to receive, the gift of sharing your heart with others will bring you joy….and hope!  Blessings to you all…


The She Speaks Conference is about women connecting the hearts of women to the heart of our Father God and that your heart is to serve Him and His daughters, as He leads.


She Speaks Conference website: http://shespeaksconference.com/

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