Sometimes we have to care for ourselves!

Posted: January 1, 2016 in Finding a way through the fog, Prayers
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Awakening comes in a variety of ways…sometimes it is a thought that passes through our overactive brain, sometimes it comes in the words of another, sometimes we just have to trust that God will show us what to think, what to do, and when to do it according to his plan for our lives. The day I speak of below was a new beginning….a story….an interlude in life. I just wanted to share it with you. Perhaps somewhere in this story, you will recognize the need to take care of Yourself too!

Today was a different day. My friend and I spent some time in prayer. We laughed and we talked a bit
even though time was short. My friend mentioned something he had learned about Intercession. As
Christians we tend to pray for each other, ourselves and others who ask for prayer, because they know
we will.

So our conversation was about intercession…What is that….Exactly? We always “think” that it is “going
to bat” for someone. We think of it as going to God on someone else’s behalf. And it is. Isn’t that how
we pray. Do we not ask God to intervene in someone’s life, change their circumstance, fix their broken
heart, heal their body, help them to find Jesus love and peace, salvation and grace. Yes, that is exactly
what we believe “intercession” is .

To the extent that we intercede for another, we also seem to “feel” the sorrow, the sickness, the pain
that someone is feeling. It weighs us down. We struggle because we hear all the evils of the world, the
sin of others, the pain of sickness….the list goes on. The weight is almost unbearable. This should not
be. Jesus is the one who said to cast our cares upon HIM because he cares for us. Jesus is the one who
said that his burden is light. Jesus is the one who calls us to rely on him, trust in him, believe his Word
and rest in him. The weight is just too much for any human to carry. Jesus did not create us or call us to
carry the burdens.

So what we have been doing is half right and half wrong…or is it mostly wrong? It is our love and
compassion that calls us to love one another, and bear one another’s burdens. That part is right. So
what part is wrong? The wrong part is allowing the weight of sickness, needs, sin, pain, loss to be upon
our shoulders. In the process of caring for others, we have not cared for ourselves.

For the past 3 months, I have been incredibly sick. Bronchitis that led to nasal and head congestion, loss
of hearing because the sickness was overcoming me. The antibiotics, the steroids, the herbal teas, hot
toddies, essential oils, snorting salt water, heating pads on ears, coughing until I would vomit…Yea..I was
really sick. I now believe that today was a breakthrough for me.

My friend suggested that all the prayers I pray for people allow satan to attack me and attach to me
because I enter into that place where I take on their sorrows and pains and illness. It clings…kinda like
fish slime, perhaps like a plastic wrap stuck to itself, or perhaps like the grease that clings to your hands
after you have made hamburger patties. Yea…when evil sticks, it affects you in ways you must get clear
of. Gotta get it off, and if you don’t you either smell like fish or you can’t breathe or you are just
covered in feelings of YUCK.

It is important to recognize what has happened. For years, with our team of Prayer Warriors, we have
known that after ministering to people we must “Wash ourselves in the Word” or we will end up
depressed, out of sorts, ill, or distracted. The effects can be anything…and we always ended our
ministry time by asking God to cleanse us with his Word. It would depend on what scriptures he would
bring to mind and we would pray those over us. We relied on Holy Spirit to bring to mind the scriptures
we would need to cleanse ourselves. One of the things we found was that when we were out of sorts
spiritually then we weren’t able to hear HIS voice, we weren’t able to recognize the deep issues
someone might have… We weren’t always right, not everyone was healed, or not every need was met,
but many were. Many people who were troubled were set free, many who didn’t know Jesus in a
personal powerful way, trusted HIm with their lives. It was good! The Power was always Jesus, who
used us to meet others needs. We humbly recognized that without HIM, we could do nothing.

For many years, I have administered a Prayer Service. People would e-mail me, call me, text me their
needs or requests for others and I would send the prayer requests out to a group of Awesome Prayer
Warriors who faithfully pray for those needs. They bless so many with their prayers, they go to the
throne of God on behalf of so many people they have never met and may never know this side of
heaven. I am honored to be able to connect the two. I have been blessed immeasurably by those who
need and those who pray. It has been wonderful to watch the miracles of God. I have been surprised by
the swiftness of Answered prayer, and how God has worked out the impossible. He gets all the glory,
but for my part in it, it is just incredible and I am honored to have even a small part.

Intercession then is merely connecting. It is like a car coming to an intersection and not knowing
whether it should go straight or turn left or right. As people who pray for others, our job is not to stop
that car and hold on to it. Our job is to direct it to the place it needs to go and send it on its way.

Our job is to speak the Words of Jesus…Be healed in the Name of Jesus! Rise up and Walk in Jesus
Name. Release her/him and let her/him go In the Name of Jesus! Once the work is done…let it go.

At no time, not ever, not today or tomorrow, not yesterday or in years to come will it ever be the
pray-ers responsibility to heal or fix or restore or make things new. The pray-er is not responsible for
the result. That is Jesus Job…All of which was completed at the Cross.

As people who pray…we do what we are called to do…Intercede, pray, speak words of healing and
wholeness and pass it on!

I pray your days are blessed and your prayers bless others!

In that most Powerful Name….. JESUS


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