Transport to a dream world! YEA…lets go!

Posted: April 7, 2015 in This and That

Day 2….If I could transport myself anywhere….where would that be?

Logically….I am stressed. The day has been too full of too much. My email is running over, and people need answers to questions. Luckily I just got one cancellation which was going to eat up about 10 hours, so I am way ahead of the game. I sit in this little office, the desk is covered with papers in disarray. For some reason I can’t seem to stack papers neatly, My Jergens lotion sits on the left side of my computer, because it needs to be handy for my super dry skin….On the right sits a combination of coconut oil, and essential oils for my skin that needs extra special care. There are cords….Oh My Gosh…there are cords. One for the power to the computer, one from the printer, that doesn’t seem to work “wireless” to the computer, there is the one that charges my Ipad and the one that charges my phone. There are two ink cartridges for my printer….One is empty and one is full, except the full one is for some long lost printer so when I inserted it into this printer, I got that crazy notification telling me it was the wrong one. On my right is a bottle of essential oils, on the desk behind are 50 other bottles of various kinds of essential oils, a bag of empty roller bottles, some teeny weeny bottles, and a box full of bottles, some open some never opened….a book telling me what to do with them all, and a flyer with various oil recipes to help make life better for lots of people.

Oh my….I look again at my desk…it has a plastic container with pumpkin seeds(my favorite snack), a camera, a Television which is on Fox News, or the Cooking channel. The right side of my desk has a bottle of Hawaiian Ginger splash spay, a blue lid to the plastic container that holds the pumpkin seeds, a registration card for a vehicle, a bottle of water with apple cider vinegar in it, and a cup of coffee which is still semi-warm, and will be cold before I finish it.

My life seems to be surrounded by clutter. I suspect I have “hoarder” tendencies. My brain is filled with clutter, I can’t go on…to tell you the rest of the stuff on my desk will push me over the edge.

OK…I am going to breathe…Where would I like to transport to? How about a clean office with everything organized, a place for everything. My work would be caught up, I would be done with my taxes, All my drawers would be tidy, my books in the bookcases would be organized by purpose…God books, Oil books, Real Estate books, medical books, photo books(yes, I still have those too, even though a good plenty of them are hidden neatly in the cloud.) books on how to run my technology(all unread), and there would be the smell of warm sweet caramel rolls(which would contain NO calories)…There would be an easel set up with brushes neatly organized and paint ready to put on that blank canvas(one of my favorite fun things to do) Yes…Transporting would be fun…I think I will click my heels, and wiggle my nose…and blink three times….and I am there…and then….well perhaps a nap!

  1. kiwigrannz says:

    print your photo books before they and their memories vanish…. forget the untidy office…sounds sooo familiar! I related to your blog 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lola says:

    A fun piece! Great visuals. A fast read. I don’t know if the words were fast or I was fast. When I finished the piece it felt like I had received the words, in the same way that you explained you wrote them. Bottom line, enjoyable!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Nancy Beach says:

    Love your honesty! I totally have been where you are and know what you mean – wish you could wiggle your nose and poof – all organized.

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