A time to begin again….

Posted: July 27, 2014 in Finding a way through the fog

Have you ever been through a time when it seems that no matter what, you can’t get excited about Jesus? You can’t

pick up your Bible and read? You think about Him less than you used to? Time and troubles have invaded your space and now is different than before?

The things we need to remember is that no matter what…..the plans God has for our lives will be completed! When we need to know something important then he will find a way to get our attention! He will not leave us or forsake us even if we wander away from him. His love for us never changes and HE is excited about us!

Things we need to remind ourselves is that NOTHING surprises God! Nothing…. Nothing..no not that either!

I am really glad I don’t know what the future has in store for me… I would become a raving maniac, scared out of my mind…hiding away someplace hoping it missed me and my family and the friends I have and the people I care about and love! God in his Wisdom…said follow me. Just follow me! Trust me! So instead of spinning my wheels and going nowhere..I can say..I am not worrying about that.. I will trust Jesus! Hello. Hello….am I talking to myself here? Yep.. Sure am and I have to remind myself regularly that God is in control! That nothing will happen without His permission.. It is a test.. Just a test preparing me for a future with Him and the battles He will have me fight!

So what to do? Oh what to do? Well, seek God comes to mind! We all know how to do that, we just don’t! But we should work at renewing our side of the relationship daily. I have been in a place where I have failed to do that! I was troubled by it and didn’t like where I was but didn’t seem to be able to do anything better. Last night before I went to sleep, I talked at Him… Holy Spirit.. Enter into me and rearrange my heart and my thoughts so that I choose to spend time with you, to laugh with you and to “feel” the closeness we used to have! I wanted to want that relationship to be restored! I wasn’t getting there on my own, but our God is a supernatural God and nothing is impossible for him! So I put it in his hands and here I am today telling the whole world about it!

So for today, that is what we do…ask for a renewed relationship! Say “Jesus” when you are thinking of God and call on Holy Spirit who is available very second of every day to lead us, teach us, encourage us, laugh with us, cry with us, go with us, be with us, see with us and smell with us… Let us seek to know Him better daily…hourly.

And when we can’t do it ourselves ask HIM!

Blessings and wisdom from our god be upon you all!


Message to my followers.. If anything I write makes sense to you or if you disagree with what I say, let me know…sometimes it just “feels” like I am talking to air!

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