Christian Women failing God by not voting….

Posted: October 25, 2012 in Hope, Prayers
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So what is the answer? Why do women and Mother’s decide NOT to vote, when their Children’s futures are at stake? I hear…well I don’t like either of them…but I have to ask…Do you want your children growing up under communism? Do you have any idea how much destruction to their lives will happen if Obama gets another term in office. He has executive ordered almost total control of the nation, including water, internet, TV, all forms of communication including your cell phone…He can TAKE THEM ALL OVER AT ANY MOMENT…and you want to give him more time? You maybe don’t like Romney…what because he is Mormon? He is an honorable man who loves America…Just because he believes different and he doesn’t support everything you want, should not mean you let the bad guy win by default. God will hold us accountable if this country is compromised.
This is like the guy who’s house was flooded and the waters were rising…First a boat came along…and the guy said…no thanks…I am waiting for God….the waters rose more, and flooding raged and he had to climb to his roof….along comes a helicopter to pick him up and he waves them off….I have prayed…God is going to rescue me….In the very next moment a torrent of water washed over the roof and the man ended up in the raging waters and ultimately died….He got to heaven, and there was God…Why didn’t you rescue me, he wanted to know…to which God replied…I sent you a boat and a helicopter…..why did you not accept my way of rescuing you?

So if you weren’t planning to vote….stop thinking that this man is not from God…He was sent to Rescue America….If you refuse to accept God’s gift, then you may very well regret it….and so will all the rest of us!

Now Please go VOTE!

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