Life is too short to play games with God!

Posted: September 16, 2012 in Miracles, Prayers
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I was reminded when talking to a friend that we must seek God to find out what we are to pray. We seek, We ask…he answers. That night, when I asked, I immediately heard “Matthew 8:6 and when I went to that scripture and read the whole story, it “became” the Holy Spirit inspired Word or “Rhema” Word of God.

I am reminded again that it is arrogant, stupid and pointless to pray without asking God how to pray for someone or something.

If we pray from our own knowledge, the things we read and what we know, we become like cymbals just making noise.

Time is much too short to waste it playing games with God. We must ask first, How to pray, What Scripture we can claim or stand on and then pray that and claim what HE gives us.

It is not “ok” to just talk….we absolutely must listen! If we are afraid to listen to what God has to say to us, then we need to get our life straightened out.

Laziness is our worst enemy! We don’t want to take the time or WAIT for his response. listen We want to NOT stop and listen, we want to do it our way. We want to just claim the scripture we read, and then we expect God to do what it says and what we want. Total Arrogance! Prideful behavior has no place in God’s Kingdom.

The Word of God is only filled with power and majesty when it is breathed on by Holy Spirit or directed to enter our heart, mind, soul or body. The word of God is not magic….We should not expect it to be……it is Living and the results of Living Word, Holy Spirit inspired, are not magic either….but rather Miraculous!

Let us get serious…and expect God to provide “EXACTLY” what we need….to “SAY” what we need to hear….and to do it with all the Love in his heart for us. We have a Father in Heaven that cares deeply for us and wants the Very Best for us…so let’s not just “find” a scripture and use it, but let’s seek our God and let him provide….What we need, when we need it! He is just way smarter than we are!

Blessings to you and your loved ones!

  1. susanblume says:

    Listening is the part we often leave out. Good point.


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