After the Flood…..

Posted: July 21, 2011 in Hope, Minot
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My StrengthWell, Lord…here it is….Another Day…One just gone and another started! A new beginning! It seems that we don’t think of our days as a new beginning, but rather a continuation of the last one, at least during this time of flood clean-up. Does the mess never end? And then what? Most of us are just wondering, Will there be funds to fix our homes? When will we ever have a roof of our own over our heads again? Where is the money coming from to feed our families? Will we ever be able to go back to work? Why wouldn’t the cost of clean-up done by ourselves be considered in any payout by FEMA? So many questions, yet so few answers.


My Flooded House

My Flooded House

I can tell you Lord, this is the time when we need to be talking to you. It is the time when we need to accept your Word as truth, and believe it. You say to your children that YOU shall supply all their need, according to your riches in Glory by Christ Jesus. You say, that your way is easy and your burden is light. You say that nothing is impossible with or for YOU. You say that we should cast all our cares upon you. You say that You are our high tower and that we are safe under your wings. You tell us that your angels watch out for us, and that they keep us even from stubbing our toes. What awesome promises you provide for those of us who are hurting. We just have to turn our hearts and our thoughts to you, and you will take care of us.

Why is it that it is so difficult to pray right now? Why is it so difficult to seek you, and to listen and hear your words of hope? Why is it so hard for us to put our emotions to the side, and trust you?

We know this flood did not come from you…we know it was a comedy of errors and misjudgements that caused it….we know it came from the pits of hell, and yet you allowed the destruction. We wonder about that….How could a loving God allow that to happen even in the midst of the many, many prayers for our City, area, people?

Would I be understating if I told you that some of us are very angry? Or that there is a bitterness trying desperately to rise up and consume us? How do we deal with that Lord? How do we put this anger away, and dump the bitterness?

Your Word also tells us to praise you in all things…..and if that is the direction we need to go, then we will do that….and try to find the areas we can be thankful for, and the peace that comes in knowing there is nothing we can do to fix this. IT IS, all up to you! It is You who we must lean on, and trust in, and find favor with.

Anyway, Lord….here goes: Lord, I am thankful that no one was killed or badly injured in this flood! I am thankful that some people got their belonging out of their homes. I am thankful that we had a home for so long and that you blessed us with that. I am thankful that during times of trial we will seek you, when we finally realize it IS all up to you. I am thankful for the things we got out of our houses. I am thankful for the many, many people who have taken time from their leisure time to help others. I am thankful for the people who have given money to help others, and I am thankful for the homes that so many people have opened to friends, family and strangers. I am thankful, that some people have had funds to move their families to another place, and that there is a place where those who have lost their homes can go for shelter, and a hot shower. I am thankful for the churches and others who have provided food for so many. I am thankful that even though there is tons of “red tape” that our government is helping. I am thankful that there is a food bank, and funds for dislocated people through Social Services. I am thankful for the supplies that have been donated, and am thankful for the many people who HAVE donated something, whether it be money or labor or prayer or food, or whatever. I am thankful that you hear and answer our prayers. I am thankful that the bridge on the bypass did not collapse with cars on it, and I am thankful for the many city employees who have gone to work and worked so faithfully to help so many. I am thankful for wisdom for the Mayor and city officials as they have had to deal with this catastrophe, and I am thankful for the many contractors who dropped everything to try and defend against those raging waters. I am thankful for the many people who filled sandbags, and for those who helped others get their stuff out before the water came. I am thankful to those who have opened their garages, and houses to store belongings in. I am thankful for rubber boots and masks and protective clothing. I am thankful for oil and pesticides and scum and sewage being in the waters because, they have kept the mosquito population lower, and I am thankful for the animals that have survived. I am thankful each time I see a bird in the flood stricken area, because I remember the stories of Noah and when he released a bird. I am thankful that you placed your rainbow in the sky as a promise that YOU would never destroy the world by a flood. I think of the 40 days of rain and how much water that must have been to cover the earth, and all the trees and mountains. I think of the new life that came when the flood was over, and I am grateful that we too will experience new life. I am thankful that this flood is over, and that so many people have been able to get back in their houses….even if it is with tears and sorrow. I am thankful for the joys that occurred in those homes, and the families that have grown closer because of this disaster. I am thankful that my house was in the flood….I am thankful that I too, lost most of my belongings to the raging waters and that I live in uncertainty. Lord, I am most grateful that I can be a part of those who are homeless, and empty. Lord, if it had not happened this way, then I would not have as much compassion for others. I would not know how they felt and what it was like. So Lord, Thank You for taking it all. Thank you for relieving of the burden of “stuff”. Thank you for setting me free to be who you have for me to be.

Lord, I ask that you will heal hearts, and bring peace, give strength, courage and faith in Jesus to all those who struggle with the mess, and the trauma, and the loss. Lord, I ask that you will show me what EXACTLY what my part in healing this Flood area is, and how it is supposed to work. I ask you for your Wisdom to know the right direction, and the path. Light all our paths Lord, so we don’t stumble now. Direct our steps, and guide us through this wilderness. Open the doors to heaven and pour out a blessing upon these flood ravaged people and areas, that we will not even be able to hold. Reveal yourself to us in ways we never knew, and in words we have never seen nor spoken, and in sounds we have never heard.

Lord you are….The LORD of Lords, and King of Kings, and we bow before you and ask you to not only heal our city, our area, but also our land. Forgive our sin and lead us to you, so we might know you as never before. Heal our sickness, and deliver us from the powers of darkness that sought to destroy us….and cannot because YOU love us and care for us in the midst of our “world-shaking” troubles. Yes, in this World we will have trouble but YOU, Our God, shall deliver us from them all! We give you all our Praise Lord…and we trust YOU to be our Knight in Shining Armor! Amen in Jesus Name! AMEN


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