down the mountain

Posted: July 6, 2011 in Minot
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already the trip down the mountain has begun, and the raging floodwaters have stolen my home here on earth….Praise God for the todays ahead of me…

  1. Darilynn says:

    I praise God each day for people like you in my life. What a cherished, gift from God you are.

    To say I am so sorry for your loss is not nearly adequate. My heart aches for you all. But I stand firm that there is a PLAN and HE will provide ALL your needs BEYOND what we on earth can envision as “adequate” or “sufficient.” For the Creator has his arms wrapped around you all and there is no greater strength, power, tenderness, wisdom, love, understanding than what He embodies. He will show you the way even when we are foggy, heartbroken, and clinging to hope. I too praise God for the todays ahead of you. AND I are so thankful for all the yesterdays He has given me to fully get to know God through you.. Praise be to God!


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