Those crazy irritants…

Posted: March 1, 2011 in Prayers

It is “strange” how days begin! You have plans….then something unusual happens that the whole day is changed. Why would something so large or so small affect the plans you have made for yourself?

What part does God play in those ordinary days we have become accustomed to? Did the unusual occurrence keep you from an accident, an injury, something that would have changed your life for ever? Will you ever know? Probably not!

So how do we handle those little inconveniences…those irritants? Do we trust that God has our best interest in mind? I think about the fellow who was not at work because on this one day he got a blister on his foot from a new pair of shoes….he stopped to buy a bandage. Others died, but he lived, because of such a minor inconvenience. Someone was caught in traffic and couldn’t get there in time….late for work….On time for life.

It seems we lose our cool when inconveniences pop up in our life, but if we are children of the Living God, we should be thankful for all those little inconveniences, and unusual happenings. Part of the plan of God is to have us where we need to be in order to accomplish the plan HE has for us.

One cannot read the promise of Jeremiah 29:11 and not find them face to face with attitude about how we react to various inconveniences, and unexpected occurrences and not realize that this just might be a protection device in the hands of God.

Attitude is so important. Be thankful in all things….We can Trust God, for he knows what is best for us.
Just think about it!


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