Anger is a normal reaction…

Posted: February 12, 2011 in Prayers

Anger is normal.

It happens in a split second, or builds over the day….maybe weeks, months and even years.

How you handle your anger is another thing.  I tried throwing things one time…..but what I threw was glass.  Needless to say it splintered into a million pieces.  Shards of glass all over the furniture, in the carpet, and I was left to clean up my own mess.  I decided after that, I wouldn’t do that anymore.  It was a good lesson.

Lots of times since then, I have wanted to express my anger by throwing something, but I have never given into that “weakness”.

The Bible tells us (Proverbs 25:28) that “He that has no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down, and without walls.”  (Proverbs 16:32) says that “He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty; and he that rules his spirit than he that takes a city.”

Anger happens, but out reaction to it is “choice”.  It is “just an excuse” to say things like, “I was so angry I couldn’t control myself!”  “It’s your fault that I hit you, because you made me so angry I couldn’t see straight!”  ” I wouldn’t have thrown that if you had not kept on me.”

Those are excuses that are used to cast the blame for our actions away from us.  We are the ones who choose to throw something, hit someone, curse at someone, break things, or say ugly hurting words to those we love.”

What is wrong with us as a people?  Why do we allow excuses to survive?  Why do we not talk about it?  Where do we go for help?  How do we fix this?

There are places we can go to be treated for Rage.  Rage is Anger that we have allowed to take control of us, and we have failed to rein in.  This is something we can do.  It is not Ok to blame our anger and our actions on others.  It is not OK to make excuses.  It is not OK to hurt someone with words or violence.  It is not OK to use our Anger to control someone else, to make them do what we want them to.

Our society is a power-hungry society.  It is a shame to us, when we refuse to discipline ourselves.  We are able to control our actions, and God expects us to do that.  It is our responsibility to show our children how to handle anger, to teach them that with God’s help they are powerful….they can do this.  It is much easier to learn to handle anger as a child, because the consequences are less.  Adults who cannot control their anger, end up in jail, prisons, psychiatric hospitals or dead.

Let us start a new day, and work on controlling ourselves, never, ever let someone tell you the answer is….. to cause anger to rise in your heart….to get mad…to fight….

That is not, nor will it ever be the way…..

Ephesians 4:26 tells us to –  Be angry and sin not!  Do not let the sun go down upon your wrath.

Deal with it now….decide that the next time we get angry, we will control ourselves.  This is the time to pray, asking God to help us find a way to let the anger subside, and to deliver us from ourselves.

May God’s will be Your Will…


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