Really? Who “really” could change my life?

Posted: April 13, 2015 in Prayers

Day 6 – Someone who has affected your life, that you have met in the last 4 months. Is that easy? Who have I met that I have spent even a short time chatting with? Is it someone whose path has crossed mine and there was little interaction? Is it someone who I saw from a distance, who caught my attention and I watched? Who could it be? Perhaps there is more than one. Yes, people who have changed how you think, how you act, or how you are. Let me introduce to you Rachel….

Rachel, came to our table in the restaurant to find out what we wanted. A waitress! Rachel is not her real name, because I don’t know her real name. Her smile was half-hearted, her hair disheveled, although you could tell she had tried to get it to stay up, away from her face. Not curly, not straight, just a slight unmanageable wave, coming loose from it’s tie. She was pleasant, but seemingly distracted. Perhaps she had too many tables to care for, but it didn’t seem like that was it. Something else was bothering her. You could pick it up in the slight slump of her shoulders. Just a hint of defeat, something going on in her world. Something that laid heavy upon her. She was…maybe 20’s or 30’s…since I am not a good judge of age, I just have to guess at that. Her service was good, except for the iced tea she forgot, and she got my order wrong, but it was OK…(she gave me the senior citizen sized order instead of the regular). Probably a blessing in disguise. I didn’t complain, it just didn’t matter, this would not be my last meal, and I was in no danger of starving to death.

Even knowing that money can’t fix everything, Ileft a substantial tip….hoping that perhaps, somehow she would know that someone cared. That was the last I saw her, except in thoughts. My memory keeps bringing her to mind. I can’t fix her, but I can help her. I may never see her again and it doesn’t matter. The crossing of paths was enough. It was enough for me to take time to pray for her. Here is my prayer for her.

Lord, I do pray for Rachel. You know what she needs. You know what is affecting her heart. You know what is happening in her life outside of work, and you know if something is occurring inside of work. Today, Lord Jesus I ask you to bring her comfort, to reveal clarity to her situation, to give her peace in the midst of chaos. I ask for healing for her hurts, for her wounds, and for her heart and soul. I pray that whatever occurs she will find joy in life and a relationship with the only one who cares for her more than she cares for herself. I pray Lord that she will find hope in each new sunrise. I pray she will find happiness in the laugh of a child, the song of a bird, or a drifting tumbleweed crossing the road in front of her. I pray she will find someone to hold her tight, and that she will make right choices. I pray she will find joy in being a blessing to others. I pray that she will be blessed financially, and that you will speak to her in a way that she recognizes as beyond “worldly”. I pray for healing for her body, her soul and her spirit. I pray that she will become a new creation, and when she does, I pray she will find a life full of plans for her future, a path designed especially for her, and that her life will be blessed with more than she could ever hope or dream.

Yes, Rachel made a difference in my life. A passing stranger, a unique appointment planned ahead of time to touch her life that would change her future….and mine.

  1. ninakimani11 says:

    Woow, That’s so kind of you. I pray too that God see her through her entire life. It was a well Writen Article.


  2. Ish says:

    Really kind of you!

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  3. mareagain says:

    Thank you for your post, it lets me see/know why I didn’t start “Writing 101” on the times I saw it before. I wasn’t ready to open my eyes to see how I turned my back on God. & I was living in sin. But the Lord knew I was ready to run from Satin’s deceitful ways & return to living my life for Him. Please pray for me: to live my life pleasing to Him. Thank you.

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    • prayyior says:

      God’s timing is always perfect…absolutely, I will pray for you….and be sure to forgive yourself, when you ask Jesus to forgive you, he does….but satan will try to tell you that you don’t deserve forgiveness. Sometimes we believe his lies…If Jesus forgives you then you are forgiven so be sure and forgive yourself and let it go! Walk on dear Sister in peace and in the love of Christ!

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  4. That’s cool. What I like is we so often disregard those who are there everyday, who are more often just ships passing in the night. But I remember all the kindnesses from people who worked at the supermarket when I father was still with us, and I still have good memories of his sense of happiness at the time these busy people took to stop and say hello. very nicely written.

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  5. K E Garland says:

    you’re such a positive energy and this shows it

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