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Most Moms and Dads don’t set out to damage their kids, but most do.

Every time I go to Walmart or the Mall or the grocery I see frustrated parents trying desperately to get their children, whether toddlers or school age to listen to them and behave in a way that is respectful, or well-mannered or perhaps we could say “civilized!”

The behavior is such that children pull stuff off the shelves to put in the cart, or throw themselves on the floor in a tantrum or what is referred to in the south as a “hissy-fit!”  Read the rest of this entry »

Raising hope in a broken heart or a sorrowful day or even in a “normal” day that seems to never end seems absolutely impossible.  Read on if you need a quick fix of hope!  Read the rest of this entry »

Awakening comes in a variety of ways…sometimes it is a thought that passes through our overactive brain, sometimes it comes in the words of another, sometimes we just have to trust that God will show us what to think, what to do, and when to do it according to his plan for our lives. The day I speak of below was a new beginning….a story….an interlude in life. I just wanted to share it with you. Perhaps somewhere in this story, you will recognize the need to take care of Yourself too!

Today was a different day. My friend and I spent some time in prayer. We laughed and we talked a bit
even though time was short. My friend mentioned something he had learned about Intercession. As
Christians we tend to pray for each other, ourselves and others who ask for prayer, because they know
we will.

So our conversation was about intercession…What is that….Exactly? We always “think” that it is “going
to bat” for someone. We think of it as going to God on someone else’s behalf. And it is. Isn’t that how
we pray. Do we not ask God to intervene in someone’s life, change their circumstance, fix their broken
heart, heal their body, help them to find Jesus love and peace, salvation and grace. Yes, that is exactly
what we believe “intercession” is .

To the extent that we intercede for another, we also seem to “feel” the sorrow, the sickness, the pain
that someone is feeling. It weighs us down. We struggle because we hear all the evils of the world, the
sin of others, the pain of sickness….the list goes on. The weight is almost unbearable. This should not
be. Jesus is the one who said to cast our cares upon HIM because he cares for us. Jesus is the one who
said that his burden is light. Jesus is the one who calls us to rely on him, trust in him, believe his Word
and rest in him. The weight is just too much for any human to carry. Jesus did not create us or call us to
carry the burdens.

So what we have been doing is half right and half wrong…or is it mostly wrong? It is our love and
compassion that calls us to love one another, and bear one another’s burdens. That part is right. So
what part is wrong? The wrong part is allowing the weight of sickness, needs, sin, pain, loss to be upon
our shoulders. In the process of caring for others, we have not cared for ourselves.

For the past 3 months, I have been incredibly sick. Bronchitis that led to nasal and head congestion, loss
of hearing because the sickness was overcoming me. The antibiotics, the steroids, the herbal teas, hot
toddies, essential oils, snorting salt water, heating pads on ears, coughing until I would vomit…Yea..I was
really sick. I now believe that today was a breakthrough for me.

My friend suggested that all the prayers I pray for people allow satan to attack me and attach to me
because I enter into that place where I take on their sorrows and pains and illness. It clings…kinda like
fish slime, perhaps like a plastic wrap stuck to itself, or perhaps like the grease that clings to your hands
after you have made hamburger patties. Yea…when evil sticks, it affects you in ways you must get clear
of. Gotta get it off, and if you don’t you either smell like fish or you can’t breathe or you are just
covered in feelings of YUCK.

It is important to recognize what has happened. For years, with our team of Prayer Warriors, we have
known that after ministering to people we must “Wash ourselves in the Word” or we will end up
depressed, out of sorts, ill, or distracted. The effects can be anything…and we always ended our
ministry time by asking God to cleanse us with his Word. It would depend on what scriptures he would
bring to mind and we would pray those over us. We relied on Holy Spirit to bring to mind the scriptures
we would need to cleanse ourselves. One of the things we found was that when we were out of sorts
spiritually then we weren’t able to hear HIS voice, we weren’t able to recognize the deep issues
someone might have… We weren’t always right, not everyone was healed, or not every need was met,
but many were. Many people who were troubled were set free, many who didn’t know Jesus in a
personal powerful way, trusted HIm with their lives. It was good! The Power was always Jesus, who
used us to meet others needs. We humbly recognized that without HIM, we could do nothing.

For many years, I have administered a Prayer Service. People would e-mail me, call me, text me their
needs or requests for others and I would send the prayer requests out to a group of Awesome Prayer
Warriors who faithfully pray for those needs. They bless so many with their prayers, they go to the
throne of God on behalf of so many people they have never met and may never know this side of
heaven. I am honored to be able to connect the two. I have been blessed immeasurably by those who
need and those who pray. It has been wonderful to watch the miracles of God. I have been surprised by
the swiftness of Answered prayer, and how God has worked out the impossible. He gets all the glory,
but for my part in it, it is just incredible and I am honored to have even a small part.

Intercession then is merely connecting. It is like a car coming to an intersection and not knowing
whether it should go straight or turn left or right. As people who pray for others, our job is not to stop
that car and hold on to it. Our job is to direct it to the place it needs to go and send it on its way.

Our job is to speak the Words of Jesus…Be healed in the Name of Jesus! Rise up and Walk in Jesus
Name. Release her/him and let her/him go In the Name of Jesus! Once the work is done…let it go.

At no time, not ever, not today or tomorrow, not yesterday or in years to come will it ever be the
pray-ers responsibility to heal or fix or restore or make things new. The pray-er is not responsible for
the result. That is Jesus Job…All of which was completed at the Cross.

As people who pray…we do what we are called to do…Intercede, pray, speak words of healing and
wholeness and pass it on!

I pray your days are blessed and your prayers bless others!

In that most Powerful Name….. JESUS




I don’t want to write today, nor did I last week or last month. I have put this off for way too long!  I heard His voice a month ago and He said…”Tell them”  “They need to know what you know.”   It is clear, this assignment is from God and it is a “help” piece.  A “how to” for Christians who have their children in public school or schools where they are taught specifics of cultures contrary to Christian beliefs.  The children or young adults are required to learn a different culture, recite strange words, sing strange songs, and commit to a strange god.  We are seeing it all over the nation,   kids are being taught different religious beliefs that are in direct opposition to the Word of the Lord.


Public Schools teach what they will, right or wrong and kids who do not know their rights or those who “want” a good grade because they know it will affect their ability to get into a “good” college are bamboozled into doing things they may not even know are contrary to the teachings of Jesus.  In the school system children seem to be taught to do what the teacher says and not question an assignment.  We as Christians must teach our children to question everything, whether it is right or wrong and what the consequences of their actions will be.  A dumbed-down society will always have followers, because that is how it is designed in order to get compliant citizens.  As Christ Followers we are commanded to question everything.


There is something that Christian Parents can do to protect their children.  The Bible teaches and gives specific instructions for dealing with the “soul ties” that are enacted when their kids repeat certain phrases, and sing certain chants, and bow before other gods.


The very first thing you must KNOW is that GOD and allah are not the same God.  Allah requires his followers to die for him and will reward them in the afterlife.  God the creator, came to earth as a man (Jesus) and died for his people, so they would not have to die for their sins and could spend eternity with HIM.   Huge difference!  HUGE!


Satan is a liar.  You have to know that!  Christians are those who have declared that Jesus has come from God to earth, lived as a man, died to pay the price for their sin, then defeated death and hell and rose again.  He is the one and only true God.  He is the only God who welcomes anyone and everyone.  He is alive and when asked by the individual, will forgive their sin and enter their hearts and lives and create a new being.  He will guide them, protect them, encourage them, provide for them and lead them all the days of their lives.  He will teach them and speak through them the words of TRUTH.  He will deliver them from evil and call them home at the end of their earthly life.


This God, will never ask them to go on a killing spree to kill anyone who doesn’t believe in him.  He will never ask them to lie about who he is in order to gain new followers.  He is the God who gave the Ten Commandments for the world to live by and have an orderly society that lived in peace. Those 10 Commandments were designed to show us that we would never be able to live a life that wouldn’t break any of them.  We have all failed in that respect. However they have become the basis of our laws.


Failure of the human race is why Jesus came.  He came that we could be with Him in life and in eternity, if we would ask.  It is called Grace.  We are saved by Grace, not of ourselves lest anyone boast!  (Ephesians 2:8-9

For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith–and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God–  not by works, so that no one can boast.)



As Parents, it is your most important job to teach your children who Jesus is, what He has done for them and lead them to him.  If you do not do that, then the god of this world will teach them another way, and it is the wrong way.  It will end in despair for both you and them.  If you are one of the parents that is teaching that kids should make their own decision as to a religion….When they are older, then you need to evaluate your relationship with Jesus Christ.  Have you never made that decision to follow HIM?  Have you never asked forgiveness for your sin, and never invited him into your life?  If you haven’t then you need to seek the truth for yourself.  First care for you, find that relationship with Jesus, then you can teach your children truth.  Until then you may call yourself a Christion…but perhaps it is in name only.  You see…Being saved by the blood of the lamb(Jesus) not only saves your soul, but gives you a relationship with Jesus.  It is give and take…He teaches, you receive.  He guides, you obey. He listens, you talk.  He talks, you listen.  He loves you and you love HIM.  Jesus will never impose his will on you.  He desires you come to him, call upon him and love him, but he will never make you.  It has to be your choice.  So if you have never done that, do it now.  He will hear and answer you.  He will give you “new” life.  Call upon him…HE WILL ALWAYS ANSWER…HE will always hear your heartfelt call.

Getting back to the purpose of this message.  Satan is a liar and he is a legalist.  There is no “grace” in him.  He is out there trying to keep your kids, you and everyone else from knowing and trusting Jesus.  He does it in so many different ways, most of which are by deception.  It is the “believing” of the lie that always gets us in trouble.  It is the believing of the lie that causes bitterness and hatred, unforgiveness, revenge and the multitude of evils that exist in our earthly world.  Then there is “fear!”  Let us never forget “fear!”

In our world today, we have the schools teaching about a religion.  The head of that religion is referred to as the only god, the one true god.  You KNOW the one, I am speaking of.  The girls are directed to wear flowing garments that cover them from head to toe.  The men and boys are taught that girls and women are to be used for their purposes, that they can be beaten, and that they cannot go out in public without a male family member.  They are also taught that it is ok to fulfill their manly desires on both babies, toddlers, male and female, and if it is against the rules of their unholy book, then it is the victims fault.  All this (the real truth) is not taught in schools.  Only the parts that call for prayer 5 times a day facing East or Mecca, only the part that calls for them to recite certain phrases in Arabic, which the young people have no idea of what is being said.  BUT…..and it is a big BUT….the result is a commitment to the false god allah.  When those words are spoken, then the liar attaches to that young person and a soul tie has been created according to the legalese of the false god or satan.  With that, satan believes and will defend his right to that person…body, soul and spirit.  Satan does not give up his hold on anyone without a major fight and without the power of the law or the King of Kings.  According to the law…anyone who makes the commitment IS NOW OWNED…and cannot be free again.

That is a lie….once again coming from the king of lies.  GOD knew this would be happening in the years after the Bible was written and made provision for it in His Word.  You will find it in Numbers 30:1-16.

This specific scripture is speaking of oaths taken by those who “someone” has authority over.  So it could be a wife, a son, a daughter, someone not competent.  Those who are responsible for themselves, will go a different route, but for now we will deal with a child who did not understand what they were doing to themselves, or did not realize the consequences of their action or thought it WAS the right thing to do, or even that it just seemed fun or an assignment.

Satan will not like what you are about to do, so your home and family may be under attack at this point.  You will need to seek God’s guidance in what to do to protect yourself and your family.  You may want to start by putting on the full Armor of God found in Ephesians 6.  You may also want to pray for the Blood of Jesus to cover you and your family, pets, animals, crops and stuff you own.  What this does is similar to when the Israelites were told to sprinkle the blood on their doorposts in Egypt, so the death angel would pass over them.

Since you have opted to renounce a commitment made by your child or person under your authority you are now also responsible for protecting them from the wrath coming against you by the evil one, in whatever manner he decides will scare you the most. (Remember he came to kill, to steal and to destroy)   Remember to be strong and courageous and not be afraid.  Your God is more than capable of caring for you and protecting you.  He is your “high tower!”  You are safe under his wings.   He will command his angels to keep you from falling.


The Scripture talks of oaths made, and bonds which are made to GOD or to someone else which has bound the soul of the person.  By reciting the Arabic words or prayers the soul is bound.  The father or Mother or personal Guardian of that person has the legal right to nullify the contract the speaker has made.  It is the authority of God that allows it.  You need to take action immediately, once you learn of their commitment to the false god.  If you do nothing then their soul remains bound.  It can still be revoked, but only by the person themselves and only through the grace of God. It may be very difficult for them to do that since they are “under the influence” of satan, also known as the “false god!”

Directions for releasing your loved one from satan’s grasp:  YOU must declare out loud, that according to the Scripture, (read it out loud) that I, in my authority as Father, Husband, or Guardian cancel the soul tie that the person made to (name that entity).    It can be done for a wife, a daughter or a child.   Then thank God for his Word and for severing that soul tie, and releasing that person from the bonds of evil.  Praise God, and ask him to secure the heart of this person and secure the soul of this person.  Ask for divine guidance for this person and lead them to Christ at that time, if possible.  Keep in mind that everyone has free will to do what they choose.  You cannot force someone to come to Christ, but you can sever the satanic ties, and ask God to call them to him, and trust him to do that.

I read a quote the other day.  Where it came from and who wrote it I do not know but it so aptly describes our battle…  Satan whispered, “You are not strong enough to withstand the storm,”    I whispered back…..”With Christ, I am the Storm!”

A new year dawns….go forth in peace, stand without fear….Put on your armor….Trust in Jesus…Fight the battles that come to you and Declare that Jesus is King of Kings and Lord of Lords! Take some time to Praise the Lord!  Because HE LIVES….We can face tomorrow!

Blessings to you all,



What next?

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Not by power or might…but by my Spirit says the Lord…


We cannot defeat Islamic Terrorists. We cannot know when or where an attack comes.

We cannot, as Americans expect God to care for our nation when our president has declared that we are NOT a Christian Nation. We cannot expect God to intervene when we have removed his 10 commandments, removed prayer from school, removed nativity scenes, removed crosses or allowed disrespect for parents, teachers, and all authority. We have undeniably caved to political pressure because it is easier or because of fear of reprisal. Like Peter…we have denied knowing Jesus and standing up for him. Yea, I know…so sad!

The problem of hatred will not just disappear. It will not go away because we are talking about it and we are angry. It will take a miracle! Yes, we might be able to contain some of it, but not all. When the word goes out to attack, all those jihadists that were trained in jihad camps will be set loose…it will be a day like we have never seen or imagined. It may be similar to the day that King Herrod ordered the death of all the little boys 2 years or younger. There was great weeping and much sorrow. Think about it…imagine it was one of your children…. Many will die. Any one of us could lose our life that day or lose someone we dearly love. Hatred and killing for a cause cannot be extinguished by kindness or love.

Yes, we need to love our enemy, but love is to stand for Jesus. It is to pray for those who are killing others for their cause. We must pray differently than ever before. We must pray that Jesus reveal himself to those who would kill in jihadist attacks and change their hearts and minds and desires. We must claim protection for ourselves and we must trust God to care for us and our families. We must seek divine leading in our prayers, for the enemy is wily, wise and unscrupulous….but God is able. Nothing is impossible for him. He has changed the hearts of Kings and leaders, and killers, and all kinds of people who we consider “worse than us.” The entire human race is swathed in sin of various types. Jesus has a lot to say about that, in that he said that none of us are righteous…no not one… EXCEPT we ask God’s forgiveness and turn our lives over to him. It is not an easy decision to make, but it is the only reasonable one. Without Christ….the goodness you have known on earth is the only goodness you will know. We unfortunately have a president who favors the false god allah, and only uses the Name of Jesus when he wants to manipulate Christians, using the Bible to convince us that we need to do it his way. SAD…yes it is… He has never called for prayer for the nation, but we have to understand that after cancelling the national day of prayer, he then welcomed the muslims to the white house, and he spent time with them. He bows to the imams and religious islamic leaders, but he hasn’t given any acknowledgement to the God under whom this Nation was created.

So what do we do? We gather our friends, and anyone who will join us. We gather together and seek God…Seek JESUS…seek him, and pray to him and ask him to intervene in our families, towns, cities, states and Nation. We need God back in America…We need him here now, before all hell breaks out in this country. We need political leaders who will also join in and lead in prayer for America.

Yes, there are common sense ways of dealing with evil. It must be destroyed. so we stand and we fight. We stop immigration. We gather those who seek to destroy our nation and our way of life and deport them. We track down terrorists and stop them.

God expects us to take care of our families, and he does not expect that we should put a nest of rattlers loose in our house, and if someone else does, snakesthen we need to hunt them down and get them gone! That is love…loving our families, our neighbors, friends and fellow citizens. We need to take care of each other.

Let us begin now and pray. God has said….and he is talking to Christians…If my people, who are called MY Name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then HE will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land…. This is our land…HE WILL DO WHAT HE SAYS, but we have to do our part! The time is now because if not now, WHEN?

It is a strange, vacant feeling that has come over me tonight. It is almost a duplicate of the day we were going to have to evacuate our home, because the dam was being opened and the floodwaters would come. Too much water, in too many dams, and incompetence were causing us to have to leave, not knowing if there would even be a house left when we returned.

That day, there were so many things I needed to do. Things I needed to grab so they wouldn’t be destroyed when the waters came. Papers that needed to be taken with. The car titles, the title policy and abstract for the house, loan papers, checkbooks, insurance policies. Then there were the other things. Pictures….family keepsakes, family history, help with loading out what could be loaded. Piling “stuff” on top of other stuff.

So many things to do…but I was absent, vacant….missing in action. Where was I? I was there in body…but still totally gone. Here it is…once again I am absent, vacant, missing in action, in shock. The only real difference is I have no idea what is coming… All I really know is that trigger that would mark the beginning has just occurred.

On the wall hung a white board…on it was written a message to the water that my daughter had written, refusing it permission to come up… was prophetic in a way…the water only was going to encompass the lower part of the house. It stopped an inch or two below the sign.

I had prayed for the land. I had taken the kids and marched the entire perimeter of our property, claiming it in the name of Jesus. Praying for it, Pleading the blood of Christ over it, Praying for us, praying for the animals….actually I am not really sure what all I prayed for…but I prayed. The flood would not touch my house. Despite the dream, I was certain the water would not get into my house.

Five years earlier I had received a call from my friend Susan. She woke having had a dream that she was standing in my house and looking out….all she could see was water. It wasn’t moving, the water just sitting there glinting in the sun like a mirror, picking up the colors of the sky and trees. Hmmmm

The warning had come…I knew I was supposed to move away. God had another plan…I wasn’t sure what it was, but I was not supposed to remain in this house. The house should have been sold. As strange as it sounds, God did not want me here for this flood that was to sweep through here.

I tried repeatedly to make people in my family understand that we were supposed to move. No one would listen. This was our home. I tried again and again…but nothing. I should have been more forceful, more determined, more demanding….shoulda coulda woulda…too late. I missed the blessing.

The evac sirens would be going off anytime now. When the siren sounds you must leave immediately, your life will depend on it. Make sure you have what you need, but when the siren sounds you must get in your vehicle and leave your property. We were all concerned. We would have to cross the river to get out. Our safe place was south of the city…. There was only one road still open, and they were fighting to hold it. Miles of traffic was backed up, all waiting to cross the bridge. Some would go south, others would go north. Two way traffic. The Bulldozers and heavy equipment were moving huge boulders into the river by the bridge to try to hold it in place. Those huge boulders were being moved by the water, and were not going where they were needed. My Grandson was standing just off the side of the bridge…his company needed him. He would not be able to leave now. He would be required to stay until it was shored up or it was gone. Danger hung in the air. The smell of fear was real. It emanated from most of the people. High levels of adrenaline was causing unending stress, strength and courage. Amazement! Sorrow! Fear!

The evacuation happened on the 22nd of June 2011….This time four years ago, we were safe, living in a camper at the lake….watching every minute as the tv showed the water that was taking over our homes and our community. The sun set and the water came…by morning…well by morning everything in our lives had changed for the worse. Perhaps changed so much that we may never go home again.

BUT….I did come home. A month later, when the water had gone down, I came home. It was a strange world. I had to wear boots to reach the house, because it was still surrounded by water. It was a land of make-believe. The sun glinted off the water, the reflections of the trees and the clouds and the bright blue sky made it beautiful to behold…the damage, however was done.

Months later I sat in a chair on the driveway, praying. Oh God, what am I to do?

I heard his voice very clearly that day. “You are encamped here, until I move you!” just like the Israelites were encamped under the cloud…I too was encamped. So I stayed where I was. God arranged for the house to be rebuilt, and whenever the money ran out, he would send a little more.

The main floor got finished so we could live here again, but the basement didn’t…in fact there are still boards over the basement window openings…funny…

The feeling of that pre-evacuation time is here tonight. Something else is happening. The message was given about 5 years ago….just as the dream foretold the future, this message came clearly today.

Yes….this time I know I will NOT be leaving my house. I am encamped.

Tonight the siren came again…Oh not the siren we all heard when it was time to leave our homes. It was the warning…it is time…..Clearly the warning signal occurred. The trigger had been shown and the sign had been revealed on world news.

What is the future? How long? How soon? All I really know is that Jesus will never leave me…leave us or forsake us. And I….WE…YES…..WE can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. My task….KEEP the faith, Trust Jesus… be strong and courageous.

The trigger that marks the beginning, has been given.
I stay where I am.
Make sure there is oil for my lamp.
I pray.
Jesus takes care of me….you and so many others. Praise God!

OH, and most important….Jesus is coming again!

Keep the Faith…